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So You Think You Can Write - September 2019

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So You Think You Can Write - September 2019

Topic: Your Event, Your Way

KSI has quite a few great annual events now - Spring Break, Spirit Week, Donors Weekend, Fall Classic, Turkey Bowl and the Awards Show. For members, these events are probably some of the most exciting aspects that come with being part of KSI.

This month, we want to hear from YOU! If you could create your own annual event, what would you call it? When would it be held and what would it be like? What kind of tournaments would you have? Be creative! :) 

  • Submissions earn your division points toward the 2019 Div Cup! Encourage your squad mates to post!

*We're doing things a little differently this month. September's SYTYCW submissions will be voted on by the members! A poll will go up after the SYTYCW thread closes on the 25th. Members will have 4 days to vote for their favorite submission during the Fall Classic weekend. The three submissions with the most votes will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, as well as bonus Div Cup points.*

  • This topic will close September 25th @ 11:59pm EST.
  • Voting will run from September 26th - September 29th. Copy and paste the template below. Good luck!




Event Name:

Event Date(s):

Event Details:

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Gamertag: KSI Zordon


Event Name: Movie Nights

Event Date(s): Last Saturday of every month.

Event Details: On the last saturday of every month All of KSI would be invited to watch three(3) movies. The first would be family based (mostly cartoons).

The next movie would be viewers choice with a rating that doesn't exceed PG-13. Last, would be A horror movie. With the help of sources like https://www.watch2gether.com. This is an easily attainable goal and a great way to bring our divisions together without having another event based on competition. 

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Gamertag: KSI RogueLSG88

Division: Sovereign Legacy

Event Name:

  • Winter Jam
  • Summer Bash

Event Date(s):

  • 1st or 2nd week / weekend in January for Winter Jam
  • 2nd week / weekend in August for Summer Bash

NOTE: (Move Donors Weekend to 2nd Weekend in October)

Event Details: About 4 days of events (Thursday - Sunday), Maybe 2 games a day

Games Include:

  • PUBG 3 man or Squads Custom on Vikendi (winter map) 3-4 teams per division
  • PUBG Duo HARDCORE (2 players in a party together and on the same "team" but Map is set to Solo, this means no Ping System, no ability to revive teammates, and no teammate indicators on the screen or map so communication is HIGHLY REQUIRED) 5 teams per division
  • R6 Siege 3v3 Secure - 2 teams per division
  • R6 3v3 Bomb - 2 teams per division
  • Rocket League 3v3 Tournament (Bracket System like NCAA Basketball, Winners of the Championship game are 1st place, the Runner-Up is 2nd place, and the 2 teams eliminated in the "Final Four" play for 3rd place) - 2 Teams per division
  • Minecraft (Winter themed build)
  • Karaoke, COD, Halo, Apex, etc

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Gamertag: KSIxTHOR

Division: DM


Event Date(s): First Sunday of every month

Event Details: A topic will be chosen such as is cereal considered a soup (nothing political just fun topics, topics will be chosen by T&E staff)You have to pick your side and their will be judges, each person will get a chance to present their arguments or reasons why the judges should choose your side. Once all of the arguments have been presented 3 judges (which will be voted on) will deliberate and pick which side won the argument.

Edited by KSIxTHOR

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Gamertag: KSI Harmony 7


Event Name:Power to the People!(Member appreciation Week)

Event Date(s):Whenever the people decide!

Event Details:

-When we have the Annual Events there is always a flow that happens. The Upper Leadership of KSI gets together to iron out the details. What if the members had a huge voice in one of the Annual Events? 

-Members would vote on everything! First a thread would go up and the members could enter the games and game types they would like to see the most for the Events in the comments. After 1 week a poll would go up with the top 7 games and their game types commented. This poll would run for 1 week then the top selected games would be the ones that are hosted. The members would then, gather teams and bring their friends together. The teams could be comprised of members and 7's from any division. Points would be given to the Divisions based on member participation. 

-A Participation Poll would be placed up. Instead of warring each Division against each other the poll would ask "How long have you been in KSI?" Then there would be set time frames as the choices for the poll. In the comments each member could add a brief description of why they joined. The award would be called "Power to the People"! 

-A separate poll for the time/dates that are not already occupied by other Events would be placed up to see what time of year would work best.

-Once information is gathered T&E staff would run the Events similar to most Events. The fun part would be random commenters on KSIlive would be pulled into the party and asked a few questions about themselves, squad, division, etc... each day on live stream! Also, if possible a giveaways for KSI fancy merch would be great too.  

The expected outcome: The goal of this Event is to give power back to the members of KSI and let them feel like they are as important as they truly are. Without the members there is no KSI. The BOD and all of the Departments have no ground to stand on without the excitement and backing of our member base! Also, to show the members that the different Divisions in KSI are necessary; they do not define who we are and what we are capable of if we band together for the good of the community. Most of all they would come into the mindset that they want to have fun and winning is a consolation prize!  

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Gamertag: KSI Skarzx 77

Division: Director

Event Name: SummerSlam aka Members Appreciation Week OR Hall of Fame Week 

Event Date(s): 1st week in June

Event Details: Basically starting on Monday and ending on Saturday, all daily duties by officers and leaders will be postponed. Each day will have 2 events hosted as well as multiple live streams complete with giveaways. One issue I see is sometimes their are only 1 event that a division can play or get a team for, so trying to be as diverse as we can be would be ideal. This would require a lot of work from T&E and Productions but would be awesome to see it done.  Each day will be catered to a theme to appeal to everyone so it would go like this:

Monday : Fast & Furious Day 

Forza 6 Racing - 6 p.m est

GTA 5 Race - 8 p.m est

GTA 5 Carshow - 10 p.m est (Stream giveaway **2 KSI Hoodies/1 KSI Backpack)

**During the stream you will be asked to post something in the chat** 


Tuesday: 1 Man Army 

Bo4 FFA - 7 p.m est

PUBG - 8 p.m est

Apex Legends/Fortnite - 9:30 p.m est 


Wednesday: Duos

Rocket League 2v2 - 6 p.m est

Duet Karaoke - 8 p.m est

KSI Trivia - 9 p.m est (Stream 3x $20 xbox gift cards Giveaway)

**During the stream you will be asked to post something in the chat** 


Thursday: 3s a crowd & 4's a crew

R6 3v3 Bomb - 6 p.m est

Bo4 S&D 4v4  -  7:30 p.m est (Stream Giveaway 2x xbox $$ for games of their choice)

Smite 3v3 Joust - 8:30 p.m est 


Friday: Fight Club/Master Chief !! 

Halo 5 (Any game mode) - 8 p.m 

Bo4 Melee Only FFA - 6:30 p.m 

**Voting Poll for Custom Game, Most votes wins** - 7:30 p.m est

Forum Challenge and King/Queen of the Week voting poll opens 

**During the stream you will be asked to post something in the chat** 


Saturday : Closing Ceremony

Prominence Poker BOD vs Members (4 Directors or higher vs 4 non officers randomly picked from all divisions) - 6:00 p.m est

Divisional Shout outs 

Giveaways during stream

Announce Winner of Karaoke 

Announce Winner of Forum Challenge

King of the Week 

Queen of the Week 

KSI or Div HOF winners


1 Lucky winner will be randomly chosen out of all the viewers who posted in the chat when prompted during the streams. Each member has a chance to be entered 3 times (1 time for each time they entered the prompt.) **The streamer will write down the names of everyone as they enter the prompt** 

This winner will receive the ULTIMATE KSI reward - 

1. Their very own group on the forums complete with their ability to add a custom sprite 

2. Any 3 items of their choosing from the KSI Merch Store 

3. A Custom award created for them to give out to anyone or that members can ask for as part of staff awards in AAP. 

4. $60 xbox gift card




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Gamertag: KSI MeShell 7

Division: DM

Event Name: The Department Showdown

Event Date(s): First weekend of February

Event Details: Each year Departments will have the opportunity to compete in their own tournament! Departments work tirelessly to make the Annual Events run as smoothly as possible. During The Department Showdown, department members will be able to compete in events without having to stress about anything except for going for that DUB (that means W for Win)! The Department Showdown will be hosted and streamed by the lovely Board of Directors, and any Department Head or Co-Head if they so choose to opt out of the competition. 


Day 1: Friday

  • Black Ops 4 - Extreme Gun Game @ 8:00pm EST
  • Department Poll Opens @ 8:00pm EST

What better way to start off The Department Showdown with a good ole game of Extreme Gun Game... Emphasis on the EXTREME. KSI Soap 7 and I have played this game since the Black Ops 2 days. Instead of going back one weapon per setback, an individual will be set back FIVE weapons per setback! 

There will also be a poll that members throughout the community can participate in! Instead of voting for the best division, members will be able to vote for their favorite department! 


Day 2: Saturday

  • Brawlhalla - 2v2 Dodge Bomb @ 4:00pm EST
  • Karaoke - Duets @ 8:00pm EST

Gotta throw in some free Xbox One games... And Brawlhalla sure is competitive and FUN! I've come to find out that large teams for Dodge Bomb don't really work out. Turn damage up to 300% and lives up to at least 10 otherwise the games will end faster than you could say "yolo". 

Karaoke is always a blast. Duets can be interesting over the Xbox with that short delay. Plus, what's the probability that every in each department has a very good singing voice? This event would be amusing for sure!


Day 3: Sunday

  • ROBLOX - Epic Mini Games @ 4:00pm EST
  • PUBG - 3v3 @ 8:00pm EST

The final day will end with ROBLOX and PUBG! Epic Mini Games on Roblox will kick off the Sunday events - each person will attempt to win as many minigames as they can within a certain time period. And what better way to end the event with a PUBG Custom Lobby with teams for every department! The PUBG event will truly show which department has the best teamwork!


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Gamertag: KSI Barb130

Division: ES

Event Name: New Years Co-op

Event Date(s): January 1

Event Details: Have an all day coop playing party. It would incorporate any game that has some coop mode.  

So in a Terrorist Hunt scenario you might have 4 or 5 teams playing the same scenario and whatever team finishes with least amount of damage of the fastest wins.

Any type of building game there could be a build-off like we have done with Minecraft.

The other detail that would be good would be to have events running all day let;s say starting at 11 AM and going until 12AM. This way we get people who live in other time zones a chance to play.

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Gamertag: KSI UppishB592

Division: DM

Event Name: The Marathon

Event Date(s): Doesn't really matter. Probably during the summer. Maybe the last week of June or something.

Event Details: Ladies and Gentleman! This will be the most EPIC Gamenight OF ALL TIME!! Throughout the week, each Division takes one 24 hour shift. With officers from various squads taking 3-6 hour shifts (depends on people's schedules etc). The festivities will take place on a variety of games, across all genres. Whatever the current host (or what the party) wants to do.

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Gamertag:KSI Jynxie 7

Division: Eternal Souls

Event Name: KSI Pride Event

Event Date(s): The weekend after the OTY

Event Details: We all drop our Division Names, Squad names, Departments or what we are that makes us competitive and for one week we have just a KSI Pride competition. Teams can be made up from anywhere in KSI, so friends who are in normally competitive divisions can play and compete for fun as friends. Not for pressure of Div Cup points, but for remembering the reason we joined KSI, playing with games and having fun.

Day 1:

Pub-G: Teams of 4  @ 2pm

Halo: Swat FFA @ 5pm

Blops4 4v4 @8pm

Day 2:

Brawlhalla FFA @ 2pm

Prominence Poker FFA @ 5pm

Rainbow 6 Seige 3v3 Bomb @8pm

Day 3

Rocket League: 2v2 @ 2pm

Uno @ 5pm

Overwatch 3v3 @8pm




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Gamertag: KSI DCRUNK

Division: Sovereign Legacy

Event Name:Valentine's Day Massacre

Event Date(s): Dates are the weekend before Valentine's Day

Event Details:

Thursday 2/6/20

Rainbow Six Siege 5 v. 5 Bomb 7 p.m. EST

Karaoke 8:30 p.m. EST

Friday 2/7/20

Rocket League 3 v 3 teams 7 p.m. EST

PUB G - War Mode 8:30 p.m. EST

Saturday 2/8/20

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 5 v 5 Domination 7 p.m. EST

Smite 3 v 3 Joust 8:30 p.m. EST


Sunday 2/9/20

Uno 4 p.m. EST

Prominence Poker- 5: 30 p.m. EST

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gun Game 6:30 p.m. EST

Closing Ceremony 8 p.m. EST

Awards earned:

Struck by Cupid's Arrow- received if you win a tournament during the Valentine's Day Massacre event

Aphrodite Award- received if you donate during the Valentine's Day Massacre event

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Gamertag: KSI December 77

Division: N/a

Event Name: "Winter Games" or "Winter Comp"

Event Date(s): Sometime in February. A good mid-way point between the Awards Show and Spring Break.

Event Details: ONLY WINTER THEMED EVENTS! Casual and competitive - celebrating the best season. (that's right, Winter's the best)

Possible Events:

  • STEEP Ski/Snowboard/Wingsuit Tournament
  • Overwatch matches on the Blizzard World
  • PUBG matches on the Vikendi
  • Minecraft Skyrim themed build-off
  • BO4 Tournament on Nuketown, Icebreaker and Summit
  • Halo 4 matches on Longbow
  • Halo 5 matches on Glacier


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Gamertag: KSI JonahAlex12

Division: Demonic Mayhem

Event Name: Officer Showdown

Event Date(s): Once every 6 months instead of 2 weeks of weekend warfare

Event Details:

All the officers in the same square will get together to face off against another squads officers. The game of the event will be voted on by members in advance to give time to prepare. The whole event will be streamed and updated on live. Scoring will work like football and every squad will face against all the others per division. Once finished each squad with the highest score will face off against the winners from other divisions in a different game voted for by the winning squads. The scoring for this will work the same as previously untill a winner is crowned and named as the winner of the officer showdown event!

I think this is a good idea for an event because I believe it will help get squad members more passionate for their squad and rooting for their officers. It will also get members engaged with KSI Live while they stream the games.

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Gamertag: KSI VENUM 7


Division: DW


Event Name: KSI Ultimate Fighter


Event Date(s): The day of the OTY Ceremony


Event Details: So this will be a tournament type event the game of choice is UFC it will be a 32 person tournament. Where the modes an weight classes will be determined through a generator we would have modes such an a Classic MMA Rules, Stand and Bang, Knockout Out Mode, an Grappling an Submissions only. Now weight classes would be randomly generated so nobody theoretically has the advantage. The qualifying rounds which consist of two rounds will be single elimination an 3 rounds depending on the modes. Once we hit the quarter and semi finals the fights will then become 5 rounds with every type up for grabs. Now once we’re down to the final two the finals will be open to the combatants an this means each finalist picks two modes an two weight classes an the first one to win 3 matches will become the inaugural KSI Ultimate Fighter. An yes the finals will be streamed on the Twitch channel. Now for prizes I think a award by the name of the Ultimate One would work perfectly

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