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So You Think You Can Write - October 2019

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So You Think That You Can Write-October 2019

Topic:Create your Own Halloween Persona

Welcome all spooky and non-spooky KSI friends!


-Create your own Halloween persona or Create a unique Legendary Scary Movie Villain and tell us a story featuring your character. This character can be a hero/villain/horror movie character, whatever you would like. 

Is your character the new villain of Camp Crystal Lake? Do they haunt the hallways of an abandoned school? Feel free to be as spooky as you want.

*This month we will be bringing back member voting! We want the members of KSI to have a say in who wins. A poll will go up as soon as SYTYCW closes on the 25th of October. Members will have 4 days to vote for their favorite submission. The three submissions with the most votes will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

  • This topic will close October 25th @6:00pm EST.
  • Voting will run from October 26th-October 29th Copy and Paste Template below

Maximum word length=200

  • Gamertag:
  • Division:
  • Character name:
  • Character abilities/gadgets/what makes them menacing:
  • Their story:


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Gamertag: KSI Nebula 7

Division: DW

Character name: Nebbi

Character abilities/gadgets/what makes them menacing: He doesn't have any super powers, except one he says is one. He can stand Menacingly. He can't do anything a normal person cant, Except that. It's not even a Super power. Hes Broke so he doesnt have any Gadgets, his main Catchphrase is, "It be like that Sometimes." Then he runs off into a door because hes Legally Blind. 

Their story:

Let me break down this Story for ya:

The main Character of this Story, is FadeZ. He was walking home one night while eating some Nuggets he got from Wendy's, then BOOM! In a Dark Alley, Nebbi is standing there. Arms Spread like hes about to do something unbelievable. FadeZ stood there in Shock, frozen in terror. He stuttered over his Words saying softly, "W...Who are you?!", Nebbi stood into the Light saying, "Hey, Do you have like, a Phone I can use to call my Mom? She should be worried about me.", FadeZ screamed in Terror, Throwing his Nuggets at Nebbi and sprinting away. The Nuggets Slammed into his Nose, Nebbi replied instantly, "AHHH, Bro! He hit my Noggin Bro! What the Heck!", while he saw FadeZ run away he said softly, "It be like that sometimes." FadeZ stopped and Replied, "It do." With a Shocked Look in his Face.


And yeah that's what happened I guess, it's a true story you should definitely ask @FadeZ 7

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Gamertag: KSI VENUM 7

Division: Divine Warriors 

Character name: SKENUM

Character abilities/gadgets/what makes them menacing: Super Human Strength 

Their story: It was a cold All Hallows Eve an all the people in town were preparing for the festivities in the coming days but this night was different because he was lurking in town longing for companionship an he thought this year would be different because it had been 20 years since he was run out of town due to his grotesque appearance due to chemical burns he suffered when he was a child so this year he thought he'd be given a chance an nobody would recognize him due to everyone wearing costumes an masks so he slows creeps his way into town an everyone sees him an their like hell yeah man awesome costume as the night goes on things are going well hes invited to many costumes parties an for once in 20 years things are looking up for him until Bobby Jackson sees him an tells out FREAK to him an every starts to take notice an joins in on the name calling him names an it's getting to him an he yells stop an bobby gets in his face an says what are you gonna do freak an then SKENUM musters a crooked smile but none the less a smile an reachs up an tells Bobby you wanna the experience of being a freak like me being run outta your home for 20 years an bobby tells him I'll never be you an laughs in his face an SKENUM grabs him by his enormous ears an rips them off an throws them an tells him who's the freak now an bobby runs away an the crowd cheers for SKENUM an finally accepts him back home

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Gamertag: KSI WHISKEY82

Division: DM

Character name: Beetus

Character abilities/gadgets/what makes them menacing: Long lingering scares. Can only be fought off with needles.

Their story: Beetus is real and he claims the lives of roughly 1.6 million people a year. He thrives during all Holidays with Halloween being his favorite haunt. People welcome him into their homes and his ominous threat is real, despite they never even notice he has been there until they are much older. The weapon he uses is sweet by design, not at all painful despite the crippling effects and horror he can inflict. He takes the feet and sometimes legs of his victims as souvenirs before taking their lives. He marches on invisible and undetectable leaving a wake of death in his path. He prays on those with little willpower to defend themselves before finally consuming them as if they were an overly sweet treat. The only known way to ward him off is eating healthy and exercising daily. He has no interest in those with strong able bodies. Beetus does have a face however, and a more common name we all may recognize. Diabetes.


Stay safe out there. Eat healthy and workout!

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Gamertag – KSI PAT2909
Division – Eternal Souls
Character name – Slaine
Character abilities – Lightning fast reflexes, Unimaginable Intelligence, Immortality as well as healing abilities. And a weird fixation with cheese
Gadgets – An ancient artifact that negates healing abilities on immortals, A shotgun with incantations on the outside with various spells on the ammunition, A best 100 cheeses of the world book and a Blade so sharp that it can cut your soul.

The story:

It was unusually warm outside for this time of year with the rain covering the smell of the sewers. The sound of the music coming from the bar across the street was starting to annoy him but he knew he had to be there to see if it was true, but right now he was going to eat the piece of stilton he had in his pocket from the airport. Slaine an old Vampire from medieval times with a hatred for his own kind, ever since they turned on him for protecting his human family which cost him his left eye, that’s why he wears the artifact around his neck. He has been hunting those responsible for centuries, and now he finally found the leader of the high counsel, but first there’s work to do…

Edited by KSI PAT2909

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Gamertag: KSI Skarzx 77

Division: N/A

Character name: Skarzx

Character abilities/gadgets/what makes them menacing: Razor sharp claws, stealth and in "ghost form" the ability to still attack people.

Their story: Skarzx is the modern day boogieman with a "freddie Kruger" like presence except in real life not in dreams. The legend goes that Skarzx (pronounced "Scars") is a serial killer that was active in philadelphia in the 1800s. He would snatch up people and leave claw marks behind in the shape of a "S" as a calling card. The people taken would never be found again.  After Every house in the town was attacked, the Townspeople gathered together and hunted Skarzx until they came across a small hut in the middle of the forest outside of town. They set the hut on fire and from the flames you hear a harsh screech cursing the townspeople and vowing to return. 

For a few years Everything was quiet, until a new couple moved into town and moved into a new house that was buily. When halloween came around the family celebrated with their neighbors retiring to their home for bedtime as the night grew late. But that was the last time that family was ever seen again. When the town investigated the house a few days later, they found the house torn apart with claw marks everywhere and no sign of the family that was celebrating with neighbors just a few days ago.


From there the legend became that on halloween, you must carve a "S" on every side of the house or Skarzx will return and get you. The S is suppose to symbolize the house has already been "attacked" and Skarzx spirit will ignore the house.

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Gamertag: KSI RezMeIn5

Division: Demonic Mayhem

Character name: Voiceferatu

Abilities: Much like a vampire, he has the ability to steal the life energy of somebody else and use this to keep himself immortal, though with a much classier way to achieve this than sucking their blood. He uses his voice almost as a compulsion to gain this energy from others when they interact with him and give him permission to take that energy without them knowing.

Story: Strange phone calls happen all the time, hangups or nobody being there when it's answered maybe. But this is about one of the strangest for Jason Doe, and it's all true. One late Halloween night Jason was home alone, when his phone rang. It was a restricted number, usually he didn't answer those but he felt a strange urgency to the way the phone rang and so he did. "Hello, can i help you?" The voice on the other end was soft and polite, with an old world charm that spoke of education and culture. "Yes, can I have a few minutes of your time young man?" Thinking it was a telemarketer, but unable to hang up without being rude, Jason replied yes. "Thank you." The well mannered man on the other end said, and abruptly hung up without anything more. As Jason put his phone down he couldn't quite put a finger on why the call was so strange besides the abrupt end to it. He did feel just a little older though, one step closer to his life running out, as if he had indeed given the stranger a few minutes of his time left to live.

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Gamertag: KSI FrostKitty6

Division: Malice Division

Character Name: Layla and Klaus 

Character abilities/gadgets/what makes them menacing: The siren, Layla, would lure men in using her beautiful singing voice and then kill them. The sailor, Klaus, was very good at being persuasive and could convince people to come to his lighthouse. 

Their story: Klaus is a handsome sailor who takes care of the lighthouse making sure the ships pass by safely. One dark and stormy night, he heard a beautiful song and went to go check it out, only to find a beautiful woman sitting at the end of his dock. He became mesmerized by her voice and with a flash of lightning, he realized that she wasn’t a mermaid, she was siren! Layla turned around as she smirked knowing she captivated the man already. In between the flashes of lighting, they saw pieces of each other and fell in love despite their differences. Layla knew she could use Klaus’ lighthouse for her purposes and every year on their anniversary, Klaus would trick boats to come closer and crash at the shore of his lighthouse. He would claim he wouldn’t know what happened, but he was well aware of his actions and he didn’t care. He would do anything for the woman he loved.

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