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So You Think You Can Write - November 2019

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So You Think That You Can Write - November 2019


Topic: Write about your most anticipated Video Game that let you down, and how you would change it?


Welcome all KSI Family!

This month's topic is: Write about a Video Game that you anticipated and once it was released it let you down. 

  • How would you fix it? 
  • What would you have done differently to make the game live up to it's hype? Take the negative aspects of this game and describe how you would make it great.

*Member voting is back! We want the members of KSI to have a say in who wins. A poll will go up as soon as SYTYCW closes on the 25th of November. Members will have 5 days to vote for their favorite submission. The three submissions with the most votes will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

This topic will close November 25th @ 11:59pm EST

Voting will run from November 26th - Novemer 30th. Copy and paste the template below.

  • Gamertag
  • Division
  • Name of Video Game(Any Platform)
  • What makes it broken?
  • How would you fix it/make it better?



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Honestly, I’m sad to say but it’s either Modern Warfare multiplayer, or Fallout 76. But since it’s more recent. Let’s go with Modern Warfare. (Side Note: I actually like the campaign and spec ops. Just multiplayer is the letdown)

The worst part about MW multiplayer for me is the maps and play speed. 

The maps aren’t anything like traditional 3-lane CoD maps. Because of this, it’s possible to do things like camp & spawn camp like never before. Maps like Piccadilly epitomize the next level spawn camping that’s possible in MW. Particularly in Core matchmaking. While Hardcore isn’t as bad since it’s pretty much one shot kill, spawn camping is still relatively easy if you have a good spot. By raising the pace of play & releasing better DLC Maps, players will be able get out of spawns and back into the actual battle faster. Instead of being gunned down by a ghost looking at you from a dark room behind a partially open door. That’s what I’d like to see happen going forward.

I also think that when Developers publicize their focus on integrating new players / old players who haven’t played CoD in forever. And they ignore the people who like CoD in general and want to see quality games come back to the franchise. They can lose sight of making quality maps & gun play in favor of catering to one specific audience, instead of trying to balance out all of the gamers who will play Modern Warfare. 


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Gamertag: KSI Jynxie 7

Division: Eternal Souls

Name of Video Game(Any Platform): ANTHEM

Mind you this game disappointed me so much I haven't played it in 6+ months

What makes it broken? When you played through it at release, it had buggy cut scenes that at times would shut off older xbox's as they couldn't handle the stress of the graphics. Your matchmaking would be broken, putting you in random matches where you would be severely under powered, not to mention the connection issues at the release. People preordered a game they couldnt even log into, just a loading screen of doom. Not to mention with it coming from Bioware, players can expect massive customization and were left with male or female with a few small variations of the faces.

How would you fix it/make it better? Obviously fix the prior mentioned but  I would have also released more open world content and expanded on the storyline of each main character we came across sooner. The game for those who struggled through all the issues of release, though beautiful aesthetically, needed more things to do. For those who have moments where they just want to press on solo or work at mastering their javelin, I would have put out more solo challenges or even mastery rank ups to that you can improve your skill in your favorite javelin and be rewarded with a piece of gear for doing so. Possibly would have made the javelins feel more class specific like the hype seemed to label them as, yes you can tweek them to death but to many it seemed in the previews that javelins should be more class specific as to make is to your team has to work as that, a team. 


Though what do I know, maybe I should give the game another chance since I uninstalled in my frustrations.


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Gamertag: KSI WHISKEY82

Division: DM

Name of Video Game(Any Platform): Fallout 76


As any fan of the series will tell you, Fallout was a deep immersive game with and amazing story-line and a massive following. Which is why myself and myriads of fans were titillated at the promise of Fallout 76's multiplayer prospects. The Fallout series up until this point has always been a single player game and the fan base yearned to be able to campaign with friends.Then disaster struck. Bethesda bit off way more than they could chew in making the game an MMO experience as opposed to a 3 to 4 player co-op campaign. First off they made the game online only thus alienating the majority of its core fan-base who followed the single player series. Secondly, the game was boring lacking any real direction and killing any impetus I had in attempting to even finish the main story-lines. The missions were disjointed and often times you would stumble upon and start a second or third part of a mission without ever having found its predecessor. Performance issues riddled this game upon launch and still wreak havoc for a game that seemingly even Bethesda gave up on, as it is clear there is minimal effort in reversing its core balance issues and other problems. Modders in the PC community have done more to fix the game than Bethesda, and that's tragic.


Here is my opinion on what SHOULD have happened with this game. It should have been release a year later for starters. Companies with deadlines and such, I get it, but you're simply not going to make an impact on an ever increasingly critical gaming community by releasing a game like this way before it was finished with its developmental stages, We've just been hurt too many times before to laud a game with high praise that isn't even ready to reach the masses yet. Also, scrap the MMO idea. Baby steps Bethesda. Give us the game we all wanted in an online co-op campaign. It would have been easier to make, polish and fix should issues have arrived. Last but not least, listen to your community! We the people, the gamers of the world, we have a voice and we matter. After all it is us you are trying to appease and profit from! We will tell you what we want and whats wrong and even how to fix it. Damn it Bethesda, you let us down. That is 100$ wasted on a game I played for a dismal seventeen hours before sadly putting away for life. We the gamers, deserve better.

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