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Mr. DropShot

Spring Break 2020 Winners!

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Tournaments and Events would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who viewed, participated, or supported Spring Break 2020!


2020 Spring Break Winners


Rocket League 3v3 Soccar: 

KSI xKami 77 (WD)


KSI Krabs (WD) 


Apex Legends Speedrun:

KSI xFondu (WD)

KSI X Reign (WD)

KSI DaKeech (WD)


GTA 5 Offense Defense 2v2:

KSI Uppish (DM) 

KSI Jak Knife 7(DM) 


Rainbow Six Siege 3v3: 



KSI Eko Fate (DW)


Destiny 2 4v4: 

KSI refined (DM) 

Holton1 (DM)

Ea9leEYE18 (DM)

LuckIrish17 (DM)



KSI Rogue 7 (SL)


Modern Warfare 4v4: 


KSI AtomXGen (WD)

Bio Zhi (WD)

KSI Cable (WD)

YoureUnderFire (WD)


Modern Warfare Donor's Gun Game:

Bio Zhi (WD)


Closing Ceremony $10 Raffle Winners

KSI Starset 7 (DW)


KSI EzeD24 (DM) 


If a correction needs to be made please contact KSI DropShot 7 directly. 


All Winners will receive a $10 Microsoft code as their prize. Winner of the donor's event will be able to choose merchandise valued up to but not exceeding $60 from our merchandise store. Please contact KSI Ace 7 on the forums, xbox, or discord to claim your prize before May 1st. Failure to do so will result in your prize being used for future Annual Events.



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