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KSI Starset 7

April 2020 OTM Winners

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The results are in and the staff has voted. Here are your Of The Month Winners for the month of April.


Senior Leader - KSI AIRBORNE 7 @Airborne
Director - KSI Grifful 7 @KSI Grifful 7
Division Leader - KSI Swag 77 @KSI Swag 77
Co-Founder - KSI Rogue 7 @KSI Rogue 7
General - KSI Kakashii 77 @Kakashii 77
Captain - KSI BLITZ11 @KSI Blitz11
LT - KSI Weeaboo @Ken Kaneki
SGT - KSIxRoyal @KSIxRoyal
Forums Staff - KSI Starset 7 @KSI Starset 7
Department Member - KSI Uppish 7 @KSI Uppish 7
Member - DrinkYourDamTea @DrinkYourDamTea


The AAP would like thank everyone for voting and congratulations to the winners.

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