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This month participants may answer 1 of 2 prompts! Please feel free to leave us with any feedback or suggestions in the thread above:

1.What's your favorite game to play to relax and why?

2. What is one thing you would like to see implemented into the community? How will this benefit the community?

Note: You are free to write however much you like, but it must be a minimum of 200 words or two paragraphs 

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So I’m just going to say it right here right now. Minecraft if my favorite game to play and relax. I'm going to explain why with three reasons. 

Once I get home from work it's so nice to just plop myself onto my bed, boot my Xbox up, and log onto Minecraft. The stress of the work day and the craziness of my life just seams to melt away with every block I break. 

Minecraft is super easy, meaning it truly doesn't require much thinking or anything that other Games might require you to do. Minecraft in all honesty is just simple and it allows for anyone of any age to play without trouble. 

The Game of Minecraft allows you to play with friends and family, but it also allows for solo play. Truly this game allows for a friendly environment, filled with Adventure and crafting. Being able to share the experience with friends and family make it even more worthwhile. 
Inoculation I'd just like to say this is why Minecraft is my go to stress relief. Any time I’m feeling down Minecraft is there. It allows me to relax and enjoy myself.

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