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The KSI Timeline Project

KSI’s vast history is illustrious but mostly unknown. After officially starting in 2003 KSI has weathered countless storms and stood strong through many stories. These tales are our history. For better or worse, they comprise the unwritten chronicle of KSI. The News Team would like to begin the process writing down our KSI history for all to see. So everyone can understand the significance of past events and how they’ve shaped who we’ve become as a community. 

The goal of the timeline will be a comprehensive journal of KSI’s complete history. 

Like Rome this project will not be finished in a day. This will take a few years to collect and interview past members to get a more in-depth record. 

If you are interested in helping with this project here are somethings you will need to know:

1. Researchers will be able to search Forums archives and look through each divisional history and squad history.

2. Information wont always be 100% correct, and will need to be validated. A lot of Information wasn't always recorded in detail back in the day.

3.  A lot of information has been lost, but we still have members who can help fill in the blanks. Researchers will be interviewing older members.

4. Must have good communication with KSI Tea 7/ KSI Hatter77 and the rest of the team!



If this is something that interest you then please put in a News Application! or contact @Hatter 77 @KSI Tea 7

Here is the application! 


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