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KSI Fenny 7 AAP Hall of Fame Nomination


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  • Chief Operating Officer

Department: AAP

Gamertag: KSI Fenny 7

Link to Profile:  @Fennyishere




Nominee’s Current Rank:

Has Nominee been in this department for at least six (6) months? Yes

Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year? Yes 


Awards: AAP DOTM, OS Level 1 




Why does this member belong in your Department’s Hall of Fame? Please explain. During her time in AAP Fenny was a pivotal driving force and factor in AAP. From day one she came in busted her butt and it was that hard work and determination that got her promoted to Senior Staff fairly quickly and during that time she still continued to work her butt off to ensure everything was going smoothly in the department all while holding up her responsibilities in Clan Ops Fenny to me is a name synonymous with AAP for all her hardwork and contributions which to me is fitting for her induction to the AAP Hall of Fame

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Coming out from under my rock to witness so this should show you how much Fenny deserves this as I don't witness for anybody! Hahaha 


On Fennys joining the AAP department she was hyper active with regards to driving all staff members to want to achieve more by being an example as to what a good staff member should be. 


Long before Fenny occupied a senior role was reaching out to myself and StarSet alike to do more for the department, she would ask to complete the various trackers we use for the dept and compile the OTM Vote Assists- to which when she was given the green light her response would be "good, I have already done one" lol. 


Fenny then moved into her well deserved senior spot and kept the same momentum working along side Bane ensuring that the staff was all completing duties in a timely manner while always keeping the channels of communication open between myself, StarSet and AAP Staff. Fenny and Bane would share their duties and worked well together making sure me and StarSet had little to worry about. 


Should Fennys work be recognised while in the AAP? Yes it absolutely should do! Should Fenny be inducted to the department HoF? Yes she should.

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I am willing to drop my vote. Fenny did an amazing job in AAP. She was quickly promoted to senior staff after joining the team. She was juggling the senior staff and was extremely reliable when doing any task she was assigned. Although she got busy at the end of her time in AAP, she was still a prominent voice and someone members turned to for help. She was a powerhouse from the beginning and was always willing to help the new members as well as able to do whatever was asked of her. No doubt she did phenomenal things while.she was here.

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