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Fall Classic 2021 Winners!!!

KSI Akame 7

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Fall Classic 2021 Warzone Duos Placement Results

1st - KSI ATH3NA 7 and KSI Devil from Soverign Legcacy Division

2nd - KSI x Scorpio and KSI Killeraug from Eternal Souls Division

3rd - KSI Wolfpup and KSI Spark from Chaos Syndicate Division


SL - 5 Teams

WD - 7 Teams

ES - 5 Teams

CS - 1 Team

BoD - Kakashi


FC: Apex Arenas 3v3 Kill Race

1st: (WD) KSI Akame 7

2nd: (ES) KSI Inked 7

3rd: (SL) KSI Revan

4th: (CS) KSI Kanao 7

5th: (ES) KSI Zakrasil

6th: (WD) KSI BigMack92

7th: (SL) KSI Napster8


FC: GTA V 3v3 Sumo Results

1st: (CS) KSI Uppish 7

2nd: (WD) KSI Hatter77

3rd: (ES) KSI VENUM 7

4th: (ES) KSI Moisty6136


FC: Rocket League 3v3 Results

1st: KSI NoBE 66 (SL)

2nd: KSI Fenny 77 (CS)

3rd: KSI Napster8 (SL)

4th: KSI Gambit 7 (ES)

5th: KSI Echo2365 (ES)

6th: KSI iChief (CS)

7th: KSI Kakashii 77 (BoD)

8th: KSI OddBa11 (WD)


FC: Knockout City 3v3 results

1st: (CS) KSI Infid3l

2nd: (CS) KSI T StackG

3rd: (SL) KSI ATH3NA 7

4th: (ES) KSI Barb 7

5th: (WD) KSI Hatter77

6th: (ES) KSI Frieza 7


FC:Prominence Poker Results


2.KSI Tripped

3.KSI Barb 7


FC Rainbow 6 Seige 3v3 Bomb

1st. KSI ANTI Jr (WD)

2nd. KSI Zakrasil (ES)

3rd. KSI Sungazer 7 (CS)


Fall Classic 2021 Search & Destroy Results

1st Place - (WD) KSI AtomXGen

2nd Place - (ES) KSI Gambit 7

3rd Place - (CS) KSI KingdomX

Particpation ES - 2 Teams

WD - 2 Teams

CS - 2 Teams

SL - 1 Team

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