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2021 AAP Of The Year Awards

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Loyalty Paradox

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Welcome to the 2021 Of The Year Awards!

This is a yearly event which is designed to have members from all over the community recognized for their achievements in the community within the calendar year.

To nominate someone for one of these awards they need to have held a rank prior to today.

Before you nominate someone think back throughout this entire year, from January until now, and find the person you can think of that best filled each Rank & Position in this community, from Member all the way to Senior Leader.



1) No Favouritism 

i.e. - This person is my friend, as such he should get this award

2) You cannot self Nominate!

3) Be as descriptive as you possibly can be! Tell us absolutely everything you know your nominated person has done within the year of 2021.

4) Fill as many categories as possible! - Don't be shy!

5) You can only nominate one person per category, and you can only nominate one category per person

6) Please only post once and if you are going to add in nominations, please edit your topic. If you make a second post, we won't count it.


Please fill in the below template for your nominations to be eligible:




Forums Account Link / @:

Reasons they deserve this award:


Categories For nominating:


Senior Leader (Board Of Directors, Senior Directors):


Division Leader:








Forums Staff (Mods, Senior Mods, Admins):

Department Head:

Department Member:

Member (Overall best member of the community for the year):


So to sum up, when you are doing your nominations, select a category from the list above.

Then fill in the template from below

For example:


Category: Senior Leader

Gamertag: KSI ShotDrop 7 

Forums Link: @KSI ShotDrop 7

Reasons they deserve this award: Reasoning with lots of facts, as descriptive as you can be as to why this member deserves this award!


This will close on the 15th of December.

Good luck and happy voting all! 


- KSI Paradox7 and the AAP Department.

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Senior Leader (Board Of Directors, Senior Directors):


Director: KSI Shadow007 @KSI Shadow007  He is the dedicated director I have ever met if you actually need help he is there explaining it always asking if you need anything.


Division Leader:


Co-Founder:KSI xIrish 7 @KSI xIrish 7 He is very understanding when it needs to be. Very helpful and knowledgeable about KSI



Captain:KSI Tripped @KSI Tripped

He works very hard and very helpful I couldn't ask for a better captain in samurai. He is always help members out. I have been gen twice in my time of KSI never had a captain that wants to same goals as me for the squad. Always willing to learn new things and always have ideas to made our squad better then ever. I will say this about him he is a great leader in samurai

Lieutenant:KSI xFlamingo @KSI Flamingo he has done any amazing job if it by workshops to gamenight. Just being there to talk about the Squad. 








Forums Staff (Mods, Senior Mods, Admins):


Department Head:


Department Member:


Member (Overall best member of the community for the year):



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CEO-@KSI xKing 77 I believe that King deserves of the year for CEO because of his work in ES. When I first joined in July of this year not fully understanding what I was joining he took the time to help me gain a better understanding of not only the Community but his vision for ES and KSI. He helped me realize that I could best assist KSI to be better by becoming an officer and offer my unique brand of insight and help ES and Hydra to grow and become strong. If it had not been for him and several others I do not believe I would still be here. I know you have had so much on your plate and soon to become a dad for the first time. You are more than you give yourself credit for and I am proud to call you friend. I cant see there being a KSi without you my friend.

COFO-@KSI Gambit 7 Where do I begin about this young man. Gambit is literally the life of the party. He reaches out to new and old KSI members he teases us and goads us into reaching for and becoming better. If Gambit had not mentored me the way he did I dont know if I would be in the position I am now. As he says I have the "it" factor whatever that means but his tutelage and drive to quickly move through the ranks I am not sure I would be GEN. it took all I could do to keep up with this young man as we moved through the rank structure and he taught me as we went and made me think as if i were already 2 steps ahead of my current rank. He is a wonderful person who it has been a pleasure to get to know. He has taken the role of mentor a step further and has become a member of my family his children are on my shopping list and his wife is adorable. KSI would not be the same without him.

Captain-@KSI Nagisa although its traditional to name people from your own squad to the of the month or of the year awards and both of my captains are amazing I cant help but want to recognize Nagisa. Despite dealing with his own issues and problems he helped me learn how to game he helped me get to know our squad and has always been available when i had questions even though our squad has split and he is no longer a part of hydra he is still apart of our division of ES. I have watched him struggle with the decision to step back into the officer core and once he did to assist his squad as they struggled. He is continuing to try to help his squad grow and recover. He is being a mentor to several of his young officers and continuing to be a friendly ear for me when I just need to vent to someone who understands what comes with this position. KSi would not be the same without him

Forums Staff-@The ChadMinI recommend you for the Forums and your join area. Despite not ranking up through clan ops he still makes his presence known. He has made himself available to help when needed and has given advice freely. He has also mentored me as i trained to be a join mod while simultaneously working as a captain and most recently becoming gen . He has continued to encourage and be understanding despite the fact i am currently busy with clan ops he is allowing me to slow down in web ops instead of having to step down. i consider him not only as a mentor but as a good friend. Throughout my time in KSI his presence has been needed and a voice of reason when situations arose and advising me as necessary when I was unsure how to handle situations. KSI would not be the same without him.

SSGT_@KSI BIKRMOMA SSGT- you were so unsure of joining our strange little family but once you decided to you took us by storm. Learning everything you could and asking questions and participating in everything you could. Not only do you help our squad by being so active you have become like a sister to me and I highly value your friendship. You have taken the time to take nearly all the workshops needed to move up throughout all the ranks even before becoming an officer so you would understand what is asked and what is expected of each rank. You help keep myself and Gambit humble by your thirst for knowledge and your passion for our squad i couldnt picture someone else to be the epitome of what a SSGT should be. For this and many more things I truly believe that you deserve of the year award.

LT-@KSIEZCHOCLAT LT- When you first joined our squad and stated you were interested in becoming an officer I was unsure of how or where you would fit in. As I got to know you I have come to value your insight your drive and passion for wanting to make Hydra the best squad in KSI. You continually ask questions and despite your work hours you are one of my most active officers and I am most pleased to watch you bloom and grow as you move up through the ranks. As much of a hard time you give me you also push me and help me be the best general I can be. Because of your passion and your drive I can truly see you moving as high up as you decide you want to just remember as you do that your story started here in Hydra and we will always be your first family.

Corporal-@Killermolly8 where to begin with this young man. Despite his disabilities he out games me every time!! He is a sensitive and wonderful young man who despite the problems of the real world making it difficult for him to be as fully active as he would like and through the loss of his brother he still remains a positive young man in our squad. He is usually one of the first to greet me when I go online if he is on and one of the last to say goodnight. He checks in on other members and jokes around with the best of them in our squad. Although currently he is a corporal in our squad I would say he has become an integral part of our squad like the kid brother everyone finds adorable and wants to help. He may have only been part of KSI for a relatively short time he is definitely a member that makes being part of KSI fun.






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Category: Director

Gamertag: KSI Shadow007

Forums link:  @KSI Shadow007

Reasons they deserve this award: Shadow has always been there for anything I've needed and for anyone else that's needed it from what I see. He personally even showed and taught me some ways about what I was doing wrong when coming up to CPT as a LT still and I respect him so much more for just showing me what was needed and being blunt and honest and helping me see what needs to be done and to help other officers and not just wait n see if they will but to show them and help them and explain when . Besides that I just always feel he's there for any need no matter how busy he may be he takes care of it and I have nothing but respect for him as a director. 


Category: General

Gamertag: KSI Babytank

Forums Link: @KSI Babytank

Reasons they deserve this award:  babytank has been the life of the party lol. I never seen such a squad be so happy and comfortable hopping in the gens party and being able to either talk bout there day whether its how good of a day it was or bad . I loved it right away when I joined samurai because I felt it's how it should be in a gaming community everyone hanging out laughing gaming. We all get along and have a good time. And when time come she puts the joking aside and gets down to work and does what needs to be done for her squad. I've had my own altercation with her but we always help each other out and just want the same goals for this squad and to see it grow and I'm so thankful for a great gen over my squad. For that I feel she's well deserving of this OTY award. 


Category: Lieutenant

Gamertag: KSIxFlamingo

Forums Link: @KSI Flamingo

Reasons they deserve this award: flamingo flamingo... I helped train and watched flamingo grow and grow from member to SSGT to LT and he did excellent and learns and double checks and asks and just continues to do good. Great at recruiting and hosting workshops and passing his knowledge and training potential officers and SSGT and ready to do anything . I feel he's definitely worthy of LT OTY.


Category: Department Member

Gamertag: KSI Bane 7

Forums Link: @Bane 7

Reason they deserve this: bane has been wonderful in AAP very helpful in showing me Senior Staff duties and even reaching out to the new AAP Staff showing them what to do and reminding them and always reminds all of us of things and just a very helpful positive person to have in the department and always pushes out announcements for AAP. I just feel hes always on top of it all. Always ready to lend a hand or show you how to do it right instead of get mad at you for failing. Just a great Senior Staff member overall for sure. 


Category: Member

Gamertag: KSI BigMack 92 

Forums Link: @KSI Big Mack 92

Reason they deserve this award: there's been plenty of members deserving of member OTY but big mack excells. Always so eager to learn more and do good. Recruits and works on it and interacts with members always and helps members with anything he can . He does very well as a SGT and hopefully an officer soon. I expect to see him doing great things. 

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Senior Leader

KSI Swag 77 

@KSI Swag 77

Swag has always had an incredible impact on his members and leaders no matter what his position is. He has dedicated most of his adult life to KSI, but his dedication has really shown in his most recent role as Chief of Staff. Swag Takes the time to get to know every member on a personal basis. He is constantly looking to innovate and improve the KSI experience for his members and is always one party invite away. He has shown tremendous character and integrity in his role as Chief of Staff, and always makes decisions with the members in mind. Since Swag has taken command, the attitude of clan ops has taken a significant turn for the better. He stresses the most important part of KSI to his leaders, which is to have fun. He's truly a pivotal leader in KSI and I'm excited to see where he's able to take clan ops.

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Category: cofounder 

Gamertag: KSI Gambit 7

Forums Account Link / @: @KSI Gambit 7

Reasons they deserve this award: he is dedicated to being a person with the community always making you feel welcome has massive responsibility and still has time to teach game listen laugh and has a family both in KSI and out   He’s in officers party and sgt party recruits party having fun laughing training playing just being there. I’ll tell you if this gentleman gives you anytime to hang play or training you wouldn’t be disappointed at all!

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Division Leader

Gamertag: KSI Uppish 7

Forums Account Link / @KSI Uppish 7

Reasons they deserve this award:KSI Uppish 7 has always helped me with any issue that has come my way. He stays active with his members despite how busy he is and is always fun to be around. There have been a few times where I’ve just spoken with him about things going on in real life and he was always there to listen. He’s helped me with multiple situations whether it was KSI-related or not. There are a few reasons why Uppish deserves the award but to give a few ones that stick out to me. We can go to any event and I promise you will see Uppish’s name 10,000 times, Uppish is constantly pushing out the forum's challenge and hyping up the events every chance he could. Uppish plays a big part in why people in CS are as active as they are, whether it’s party hopping between every squad, showing up to officer and squad meetings, or even hosting game nights now and again. When you think of CS he’s one of the first people that comes to mind, he’s joyful while being a doody head at the same time. He’s there when you need him and is always on top of his game. And he does all this while working 12 hour shifts on the regular, “breaks are for sissy’s” is the man's motto. His work ethic shines in CS and there isn’t a reason he doesn’t deserve this. Uppish is extremely hands-on since he’s been DivLead with Calamity and every other squad here,while still managing the Division as a whole.. He’s always worked great with the officers in CS and he’s constantly learning new things and thinking of new ways to better the KSI experience for every member, officer and 7 here. Pushing us all to become better officers and to perfect our craft. His goofiness and drive haven’t changed much since he’s taken on his new role, he’s still jumping in parties, helping people with one on ones regardless of whether it’s training or just some advice. Overall Uppish is just the GOAT.



Gamertag: KSI Grogu 7

Forums Account Link / @KSI Grogu 7

Reasons they deserve this award:KSI Grogu 7 is easily one of the greats when it comes to the leaders in CS. He has helped guide me through many tough times whether it was keeping my head on straight while dealing with a struggling squad or even just day to day struggles of being an officer. He has played a major role in bringing calamity out of multiple rough patches. He has kept our officer core motivated even when it seems impossible and is extremely active in our day-to-day activities. He’s always joining random parties or helping organize officer goals for the week as well as delegation for a day to day process.He helps keep us in check when we need it while also building us up every chance he gets. Grogu is in it for the pure growth and betterment of this community. He is one of the most understanding people in KSI I’ve met. The man knows what he’s doing and his opinion on any matter is extremely valued by myself and many others. If he says he’s got you, he’s got you. He’s never one to disappoint and is without a doubt in the top tier amongst the KSI divisional 7s staff, Grogu makes everything his own and is extremely meticulous and wise while completing tasks or making decisions. He leaves his mark wherever he goes. Grogu was always there to help even when he was the Gen in Wrath, with advice or even just to chill out and think some things over. Since taking on CoFo he’s been one of the main leaders I go to and trust with anything. During my training as acting Gen Grogu helped guide me in the right direction by showing me how to set proper goals in place on a squad-based level, as well as communicating with my squad professionally while keeping it friendly. There isn’t a single reason he doesn’t deserve this award and I’m sure many others would agree.

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Rank: General 

Gamertag: KSI MercX

Forums Account Link:  @KSI MercX

Reason they deserve this award:

KSI MercX has been an excellent leader and General, his straight shooting style of dealing with issues has avoided many issues due to his clear communication and lack of condescension. It is very obvious he takes his position seriously and wants nothing but the best for his squad and KSI as a whole.


Rank: Captain 

Gamertag: KSI T StackG

Forums Account Link:  @KSI T StackG

Reason they deserve this award:

KSI T StackG has been a great encourager and motivator, a strong leader for his squad. you will almost always find him online and filling out his officer duties, overall an excellent Captain.



Rank: Lieutenant 

Gamertag: KSI Walrus

Forums account link: @KSI_Walrus 

Reason they deserve this award:

KSI Walrus has shown that he is a dedicated officer and KSI member, he always supportive and encouraging to both his fellow officers and all other KSI members. Always making a point of welcoming new members and making them feel included without neglecting any of the other KSI members 

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NoCEO - KSI xKing77 @KSI xKing 77This younger man I cant say enough things about him he there if you need even through his own tough times he is the always willing to help and is such a good listener even if its not about ksi he there. 

Cofo- Gambit 7 @KSI Gambit 7This yong man has done a lot and has been one of my bigest motivations he push you and tells you stuff that is true and so honest . Yes what he says sometime hurts but he does to help you realize what you need to do and he is so kind  to everyone.

Captain_ KSI Nagisa @KSI Nagisa

This young man  is a teooper even through his own issue he finds a why to push through it all. Nagi has been my mentor since i been in KSI  he has pushed me  and gave me confidence when i had know . He knew that i could do it . He is one of the biggest reasons i stand  where i stand today.

SSGT_ KSI chanting @KSI Chanting

THIS YOUNG MAN i have only know fow  a little bit but he as give me adivce to help better my career as an officer. He has become a good friend  of my . He always as anwers to my many questions but i have learn a lot from him.


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Category: General

Gamertag: KSI MercX

Forums Account Link / @KSI MercX

Reasons they deserve this award: because He is the best General I have seen we can always communicate he is open minded and accountable. He is a very knowledgeable and a great leader and great teacher he represents what KSI is and should continue to be.


Category: Captain

Gamertag: KSI T StackG

Forums Account: @KSI T StackG

He is always there when you need him He is a great teacher and leader and he does things above and beyond what people expect of him he represents KSI in the best possible ways and does his work and even more.

Edited by KSI_Walrus
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Category: Lieutenant




Endless... Endless is the amount of effort I see being put in by Chocolate. I'll be quite honest, and say, that I envy the drive that pushes him forward. Each and every coming day brings new challenges to the table. These tasks are like a rough wind beating against a stone. As the wind continues, the stone will erode and eventually cease to exist. The stone is ones will to continue if you hadn't guessed yet. Each person is made from a different material. For example: I view myself as if my spirit is made of limestone. It can handle some wind, but it will erode with enough pressure. On the other hand. Chocolate is a hardened steel ingot. I can only assume this is from working experience, and I'm sure others are used to the work as well, but it's different for Chocolate. Even when he was a staff sergeant, he never ceased to amaze me. While I was recruiting a few a week, he was pulling in many more. I would promote people, but never as much as Chocolate. We were at the same rank, yet I felt the need to follow his lead. The beacon he created through his resolve undoubtedly lights the runway for those who follow. With the amount of announcements he sends out, you always know what is happening and what will happen. As I sit at my desk look at discord, I can not help but see KSIEZCHOCLAT racing beyond our standards into a not so far away light. Chocolate, please continue to lead the way and continue to be the kind man you always have been. Thanks

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