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January Montage Competition

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KSIxAsuma 77

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This thread will be open from JANUARY 6th - JANUARY 27th, Voting will be open to the community.


Reply below and adhere to the following format:



Link to Montage:

Short Description of the Montage:


A few ground rules:

Any editing programs (free or paid) can be used for this competition.
Copyrighted music is permitted. 
You can submit the montage using any method of your choosing (i.e. YouTube link or OneDrive). 
You must use your own game clips.
It can be any game, any game type, any theme. 
All montages must be longer than 45 seconds to be eligible to place in the top 3.

Thank you and good. any questions feel free to message @KSIxAsuma 77 or @KSI Soap 7

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