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SB: Donor's Event - Gang Beasts (04/03/22)

Brnk Atom

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Donor's Event: Gang Beasts (04/03/22)

This event is a part of KSI's Spring Break 2022! The event will begin at 8PM EST on the dot. Late arrivals will not be permitted entry into the tournament. 

NOTE: This event is strictly for Donors only. Donors are those who have donated throughout the year and have the 2022 Donor Award on the Forums. 

We would like to sincerely thank all of our members who have subscribed, donated, and shown their support to KSI.  All Donations go back into funding events such as these creating prizes for our hardworking members!


To signup for this event, participants must have the 2022 Donor Award on the forums by the time the weekend kicks off. This award can be applied for in the AAP section, and to be eligible, you must have donated in one of the following ways: 

  • Donate $10 to the KSI Paypal. 
  • Subscribe to the KSILive twitch channel with a Tier 1 Subscription for two (2) separate months in the 2022 Calendar year. 
  • Subscribe to the KSILive twitch channel with a Tier 2 or Tier 3 Subscription for one (1) month in the 2022 Calendar year. 
  • Donate a minimum of 1000 bits to the KSILive twitch channel in the 2022 Calendar year. 

Donor's can sign themselves up here and do not require a 7 to do so. 


Please use the following format: 


1. Gamertag of Donor:


KSI cannot control game lag, or any teams connection status.  If at anytime you are having issues with substantial lag, or you witnessed any rule violations, please contact your Judge AFTER completing your game with VIDEO EVIDENCE. Teams who quit a match will be disqualified. ALL T&E events must be played on Controller even if you are playing on PC.

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