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SYTYCW July 2022

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So You Think You Can Write



  • What is your favorite summer activity, and why?

Everyone within KSI is encouraged to participate in the monthly SYTYCW, as the member's Division that wins earns Div Cup points!

Please be detailed, but don't feel you have to write a novel! A paragraph or two will be sufficient to could as a submission. 


This Topic will be opened until Sunday, July 31st, so make sure you get in your submission!

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My favorite summer activity is finding different lakes my most favorite part is getting to them because on the journey  your having fun the process to get there is always fun plus I love the nature part of it the question why? well I love just the beauty around the lake and how at times the sun can hit it just rite and I just feel so relaxed and zoned in there is no city people there is no cars honking just the water running and the smell of nature and the trees and the little tiny fishes you see from time to time and the water is refreshing it just takes me back to a time where things where much simpler and fun and people weren't to boujie to get dirty and after all of that walking you get there pull out the grill and watch my kids enjoy something that I take as so amazing.

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This topic would have been a hard one to write about, but fortunately, I've had a few fantastic summers with my son and have had the pleasure of enjoying quite a few summer activities. One of my favorite summer activities is finding trash at the beach or what northern call beach glass. My son and I've collected quite a bit; however they are tiny. There is something about how the water hit's the beach that makes it relaxing while we sit there and shuffle through rocks, sand, and oyster shells, looking for this pretty trash. We've found some blue and red beach glass which I've heard is quite rare amongst the other colors are green, brown, and yellow. I enjoy watching my son's face light up when he spots these tiny pieces and places them in our glass jar, waiting for it to fill up for our other adventures. I hope my son and I continue to treasure these precious memories because we only have a handful of summers before he grows up and starts his own life. 
-KSI StarFire

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The Summer Cottage
By: MU5ik M1X3R

Going to the lake,
In summertime is great.
The cottage is here,
While with our peers.
A much relaxing break.

We go fishing and,
Boating and,
Dig in the sand.
We drive boats,
Lay on our floats,
And make castle motes.

We lure and bait,
When we fish out late.
We catch and release,
Unless they appease.

And at night,
 When the sky is pink.
The sailor will say,
Tomorrow won't stink.
The stars in the sky,
And the moon through the clouds.
And the sparkly reflections,
off the lake...
Oh wow!

We play cards till the morn
When the next day has come.
Then we start all over,
We continue the fun.

This lasts for a week,
7 Days at last,
The summer cottage and,
The lake was a blast.


Edited by MU5ik M1X3R
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