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Weekend Warfare: Modern Warfare 2v2 Fight Club

KSI Atom 7

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On Saturday August 6th, Tournaments & Events will be hosting a 2v2 Fight Club tournament on Modern Warfare (2019). The tournament will begin promptly at 8pm EST, with sign-ups closing 2 hours prior to the event. (6:00pm EST)

General Rules and Regs:

  • All weekend warfares are open to everyone regardless of whether they are in the community or not.
  • Late sign-ups will not be admitted.
  • Proxy posts must be approved before hand by department heads/Senior Staff. (KSI Akame 77, KSI Atom 7 / KSI SubZero, KSI LeviMOFB)
  • Tardiness will be grounds for disqualification.
  • Any individual disqualification will automatically result in the entire team disqualification for any specific event..
  • Team Captains will be responsible for any and all communication with T&E staff (Staff member through Department Head) during and following matches and events.
  • T&E rulings are final unless the Co-Head, Head or CDM feel a ruling should be changed or new information/evidence is presented to rightfully alter the ruling.
  • An event bracket may be adjusted up to 15 minutes prior to the match/event start time at the discretion of the Head or Co-Head. 
  • All KSI Events must be played with a controller and not keyboard and mouse.
  • The event will have a meeting 30 minutes prior to the event, all members who sign up must be available for the meeting to go over the event rules.

Tournament Rules and Regs:

  • TBA


Team Captain's GT:
Activision ID:


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