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  1. Positive Comment

    ^ don't know her. But name is funny
  2. HI :)

    Good decision on coming back! Have fun.
  3. Its my birthday today

    Happy birthday
  4. The Meaning Behind Your Gamertag Name

  5. Newbie

    Welcome! And happy easter.
  6. new.

    Thank you! Greatly appreciated. Hope to play.
  7. new.

    Hey guys, I just joined KSI. My gamertag is missQU33N. I wanted to say hello and hope to make some new friends and have fun. I make parts for john deer, Harley davidson, decker, fiskars, honda and many other companies. I do have a strict schedule. here it is One week i work monday, tuesday, have off Wednesday and thursday. Work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 6 pm to 6 am. Next week I have off Monday and tuesday. I work wednesday and thursday. Have off Friday, saturday and sunday. 6 pm to 6 am I usually am not able to play on the days I work because I drive 3 hours a day and get home and have to go straight to bed. But on a day off, once or twice a week, I drive 4 hours total to go to a home I own 2 hours away. I have it for sale and am still packing things up. So bare with me if it seems as if I'm not on as much right now.