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  1. Gamertag / Forums Name KSI HEFNER 7 Award: Committed, Dedicated (Member has been apart of KSI since APR 5 2021) Friendly, Approachable ( member has 6 days won on profile) Legen, Ripple Effect, On Point, Round of Applause, Three Cheers, Award Hobbyist (Member has atleast 40 awards on Forums) Novice Recruiter, Pro Recruiter, Master Recruiter ( Member has RCTed and also Assisted in the RCTing of over 150 Members into KSI Gamerscore Master ( Member has over 50k Gamerscore SS in AAP) Squad Splitter ( The squad Fallen Split and made the newest Squad Odyssey and This member was the General at the Time of the split and became a Co Founder shortly after) Twitch (SS in AAP) Server Booster (SS in AAP) Staff Awards: All Hail the Pickle King, The Covert Shinobi, Lucis Side, Samurai Savages, The Double Agent, We All Fit Together, Apex Legends Any evidence- All Screenshots posted in AAP Chat, And I KSIPROPHECY7 vouche for all awards that need a Co Founder or above witness Profile Link if possible @KSI HEFNER 7
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  2. Gamertag: KSI HEFNER 7 Forums Account @KSI HEFNER 7 Award: Thankful for you Evidence: screenshot sent to aap chat on discord and myself and KSIPROPHECY7 in discord dms
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