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Join/ Rejoin Section Guide


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  • Chief Operating Officer

This is being created to help returning people wanting to rejoin and people looking into the community for the first time.

Individuals interested in joining KSI for the first time.

If you haven't done so already please make yourself a forums account by clicking the 3 lines in the top right hand corner of your screen or the sign up button. If you can't see the three lines or sign up button please scroll up. Now sign up for your account. Only sections with an asterisk needs to be filled out for now. If it is anything you havent obtained yet please put N/A. Once you have setup your account and confirmed activation through your email you can start filling out your join Application. Please proceed to the section below.

Individuals interested in Re-Joining KSI and first time users:

Click this Link For Join Application: 

Click this Link for Rejoin Application: https://www.ksiforums.org/topic/56545-rejoin-application/

Please copy the Application form, this will be a different procedure depending on the platform you are on. After you copy the Application form scroll up and press where it says KSI Global  (in big letters Top left) Go back to the join KSI area and Scroll down and press the button that says Start New Topic.



Heading of your topic should have your gamertag in it to make it easier to find. Paste your Application and start answering the questions. Make sure you fill out the form completely and be as detailed as possible this will help in making this a smooth experience. After you are done with your Application post it and wait on a join mod to respond to it. At this point you will want to check it daily and respond to any questions or instructions being asked.

Code of Conduct:

1. KSI Members are to always represent KSI as a positive gaming community. Toxic behavior, or actions unbecoming of a KSI member is not permitted at any time, for any reason.

2. Prohibited actions and behaviors include, but are not limited to: harassment, sexual harassment, racism, discrimination, slander, console and gameplay modding, stolen valor, theft, illegal drug use, posting of pornography or any media of an inappropriate nature, blackmail, and piracy.

3. Squad leadership is responsible for the scheduling and hosting of gamenights and workshops, as well as the enforcement of the KSI Code of Conduct. 

4. KSI has an Open Door Policy, any member can go to any leader with any issues or ideas, but it is highly encouraged that members follow the proper chain of command to ensure matters are handled appropriately.

5. KSI is an activity based community. Meaning, if you cannot attend game nights or any other KSI related events for an extended period of time without notifying your chain of command, you could be removed from KSI.

6. A KSI member never leaves another KSI member behind. We ask that you refrain from “rage quitting” in the middle of a game or match. If you sign up to participate in an event, it is your responsibility to notify the appropriate staff/members in a timely manner if you cannot attend.

7. The lowest age allowed to be recruited into KSI is 15, however the divisions within KSI may have higher standards, this policy is in place at the discretion of KSI Senior Leadership.

8. KSI members are not permitted to be a part of any other clan or community other than KSI.


Members who violate any portion of the KSI Code of Conduct may be subject to removal from this community at any time


If you have any questions regarding the join area please contact anyone below:

Chief Administrative Officer:


Join Area Consultants

KSI DarkAngel 7

Senior Join Mods:

Join Mods 

Harley x24 7

KSI Sub 7 

KSI Azrael 7 

KSI Tiger 77

KSI iChief 


KSI D3v1L 7


Join Area Rules, Usage Policies, and Glossary: 


Have a great day everyone and I hope this helps someone.

This Document is Subject to Change at the discretion of the CAO and Head Admin

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