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  1. Evidence was also sent to me. Squad Builder - Verified, Yes
  2. I swear people crack me up man. All I gotta say lol

  3. Its everyone's favorite time of the month! Welcome to the "Of the Month" awards. Here, you can vote for the members you believe have worked the hardest at their respective ranks throughout the month. The nomination period will start on July 17th and be open until July 31st, end of day. Rules 1. You can not nominate a single member for multiple categories. 2. No Favoritism should be posted - Ex. I think they deserve this award because we are friends. 3. No self-nominations 4. List reasoning on why the person deserves the award. 5. Only nominations following this templ
  4. The Staff has voted! Here are your June 2021 Of The Month winners. Senior Leader: KSI Swag 77 @KSI Swag 77 Director: KSI Shadow007 @KSI Shadow007 Division Leader: KSI HARLEY 7 @KSI HARLEY 7 Co-Founder: KSI xIrish 7 @KSI xIrish 7 General: KSI Sinon @KSI Dilf Captain: KSI Sleepy @Sleepy Lieutenant: KSI SirBerry @KSI Sir Berry Staff Sergeant: KSI TyraTreXxus @KSI TyraTreXxuS Sergeant: KSI BigMack92 @KSI Big Mack 92 Forums Staff: KSI Kanao 7 @KSI Kanao 7 Department Member: KSI Tripped @KSI Tripped Member: aheartlessbunny @aHeartles
  5. 2021 Donor - Verified, Yes Merica - Verified, Yes
  6. Highest of Fives - Verified, Yes Staff Award Requested: Lady Luck
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