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  1. Its everyone's favorite time of the month! Welcome to the "Of the Month" awards. Here, you can vote for the members you believe have worked the hardest at their respective ranks throughout the month. The nomination period will start on September 16th and be open until September 30th, end of day. Rules 1. You can not nominate a single member for multiple categories. 2. No Favoritism should be posted - Ex. I think they deserve this award because we are friends. 3. No self-nominations 4. List reasoning on why the person deserves the award. 5. Only nominations following
  2. Always remember who your true friends are. Do not let those people walk out your life.

  3. In collaboration with the leaders of Clan Ops, Dept Ops, and Web Ops, the winners for the Departmental/Divisional Of The Months are in. Give a big congratulations to the following. DM Member: Ea9leEYE18 @Ea9leEYE18 SGT: KSI Prophet4735 @KSI Prophet4735 SSGT: KSI xHoots @KSI xHoots LT: KSI Draco @KSI Draco CPT: KSI Slay @slay GEN: KSI Dr.Pepper @KSI Dr.Pepper ES Member: KSI 1ScarySOB @I Am 1ScaryS0B SGT: KSI Tooperf @Tooperf SSGT: KSI Floopy @KSI Floopy LT: KSI Bongmilk @KSI Bongmilk CPT: KSI xGhost21x @KSI xGHOST21x
  4. Sent to me via Facebook post. Human Billboard - Verified, Yes
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