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  1. Legen- - Verified, Yes With this you get a staff award as well. Check them out and let us know which one you’d like. https://www.ksiforums.org/awards/
  2. Awarded. Closed. Donor Group @KSI RiiOT 7
  3. Awarded. Closed. Donor Group @KSI RiiOT 7
  4. Thank you for your hard work in the community. Awarded. Closed.
  5. Name: KSI VENUM 7 Link to Forums Account: @VENUM 7 Award-/-Achievement: Drama Queen Reason-/-Evidence: Have you met this man? Homie literally has another persona he pulls out from time to time named “Chad”. He stays doing the most day in and day out being extra. I’m constantly in a party with this man having roast sessions and making a fool of himself and others, in good fun.
  6. We will need detailed witnesses statements attest to how this member has gone above and beyond. Keep them statements rolling in.
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