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  1. It’s the game series on PC that created the stories and lore behind WoW!
  2. Calling all Warcraft 3 gamers! I am calling you all out, we have discovered a new way of playing this long server devoid game online again! Myself, KSI Pathfinder and KSI Airborne 7 have the key! Comment below if you want to play with us too! Drop me your Discord info too so I can reach out!
  3. Team Captain: KSI Scotland 7 Division: BoD Teammate: KSI December 77 Division: News Teammate: KSI Hatter 77 @Hatter 77 Division: Eternal Souls
  4. HSI was the brainchild of December and Greenday. Fadez moved to History prior to the departments creation to support the departments development and took the reins post conception. December and Greenday would be the applicable parties for the award.
  5. Name: KSI joe 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Joe 7 Award-/-Achievement: Devoted Reason-/-Evidence: Been in KSI for more than 5 years straight.
  6. Hi, Can verify the above. Airborne rejoined 3 years ago yesterday, and has been here ever since!
  7. Being the person that had the idea bounced off them for Development, I can witness that this idea was created by Airborne.
  8. Member is in both departments
  9. @KSI Nevermore That award is retired, choose another please
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