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  1. Award: Train the Trainer Attendance: KSI Kjun 77 - @Bacchus Evidence: Member attended the Workshop hosted by myself on 1/23/20
  2. Gamertag - KSI Hatter 77 Link to Forums Account: @Hatter 77 Awards: *First Step *Rolling Streak *Preggo Streak *Anniversary Streak - (Have subbed for more than 12 consecutive months) *Oof Donor - (Have donated over 25K bits) *2020 Donor - (Donated over 10$ in 2020) *Charity Gifter - (Have gifted over 5 Subs to Twitch) Twitch Name is shayhatt All images have been attached in the provided link. Evidence: http://imgur.com/a/JhCwpPj
  3. Award - Train The Trainer Attendance: KSI BLUBOX - @ManWithABluBox KSI Boootz - @Boootz KSI Ekõ Fate - (will get this forums name asap) KSI FRUITY B - @KSI FRUITY B KSI Goon 8 - @KSI Goon 8 KSI psychopath8 - @KSI psychopath8 KSI Refluent - @refluentstorm55 Toxic4Recruit - @KSI KRAT0S Evidence: Members attended WS hosted by myself and KSI HARLEYGIRL on 1/20/20 Some members may already have the award, sorry in advance.
  4. Now I haven't been over in DW for a super long time, maybe a month and a half, BUT I'm sure going to witness here. Harley is one of those few members you come across and never forget, in the not just good way, but the astounding way. My first few days here, I thought things would be shakey... Ya know, transfer, new person, all that jazz. It wasn't like that at all. Harley was exceptionally warm welcoming. She kinda showed me the ropes to Samurai, introduced me to people, gave me the highs and lows if you will. In the short weeks that I've been here working with her, Harley has become a g
  5. General: KSI Barb130 Forums Link: @KSI Barb130 Reason: From day one of Barbs Gen tenure, she's been the poster child of "work hard play later". When she became Gen for the second time this year, she put forth this effort twice as hard. Barbs squad is her life. There is literally nothing she will not do for Succubus. Her time put in to keep her members active and continuing to strive for greatness is astounding. Barb is one of the main reasons that Succubus has continued to stay afloat in ES, and will continue to be like that. The leadership qualities that she expels within herself and her
  6. Host: KSI Hatter 77 Award: Forums Certified Forums workshop 12/1/19 KSI Karisaur @KSI Karisaur Member attended the forums workshop
  7. GOBBLE GOBBLE!!! Hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving!
  8. Gamertag: KSI M3NTALIST 7 Forums: @KSI M3NTALIST 7 Awards: Novice Recruiter / Pro Recruiter / Trainer Evidence: As M3NTALIST's Div Leader in ES, as well as being a Gen with him when we were in LS, I have been able to witness him recruiting/training as well as aiding his staff members in both aspects.
  9. Where do I start with FadeZ? Right in the middle I suppose is a great place. KSI FadeZ 7 is a superstar among the ranks here in KSI. As a former staff member within Clan Ops, FadeZ decided to "Perma SGT" himself to focus more on Departments. Here, I had my first major interaction with him on the News Team. FadeZ was an all around team player, making sure that any staff who had questions were taken care of, while still maintaining the high standards of being Senior Staff. He never hesitated to add extra insight to any article that we had, and always jumped at the opportunity to pull extra
  10. Gamertag: KSI SouthPark Forums Account: @SouthPark Award: Trainer Evidence: KSI SouthPark has trained over 30 members within ES Award: Novice Recruiter Evidence: KSI SouthPark has aided and recruited over 30 members within ES As KSI SouthPark's Division Leader and part of his chain of command for over 6 months, I have personally seen the recruits and trains that he has done.
  11. Member is the General of Angels in Eternal Souls.
  12. KSI Pathfinder @KSI Pathfinder Forums Newb & Forums Rookie Member has over 500 posts on the Forums.
  13. KSI Barb130 @KSI Barb130 Jack of All Trades Member has completed all CEP workshops, as well as Lead 101.
  14. KSI LadyJenny 7 @Lady Jenny Forums Newb Member has over 100 Forums posts
  15. KSI Bacchus @Bacchus Forums Newb Member has over 100 Forums posts
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