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  1. Gamertag: KSIxAsuma 77 Forums Link: @KSIxAsuma 77 Award: People Magnet Evidence: I have won Of The Day 10 times.
  2. Gamertag: KSIxAsuma 77 Forums Link: @KSIxAsuma 77 Award: OTY Attendee
  3. Gamertag: KSIxAsuma 77 Link to Forums Account: @KSIxAsuma 77 Award: Series Regular Reason/Evidence: The following are a list of links to all the YouTube clips I have submitted and have been put into the Monthly Clip Montage (Since I cannot verify my own nomination ) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj3QtHTiNRE&list=PL0ftZ-ca4UNHYNehN0aIoLrAx_dLt5VN_&index=20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTmQABBlf4g&list=PL0ftZ-ca4UNHYNehN0aIoLrAx_dLt5VN_&index=24 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNLWcb74e-o&list=PL0ftZ-ca4UNHYNehN0aIoLrAx_dLt5VN_&index=23 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v90K24l1erk&list=PL0ftZ-ca4UNHYNehN0aIoLrAx_dLt5VN_&index=22 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Z5iGS0dB_M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqucRKKzg48
  4. Gamertag: KSIxAsuma 77 Link to Forums Account: @KSIxAsuma 77 Award: Eloquent Extraordinair Reason/Evidence: https://www.ksiglobal.org/ksi-speaks-holiday-traditions/ My story was featured in the Christmas memories post by the KSI news team that got featured on the KSIGlobal site.
  5. Name: KSIxAsuma 77 Link to Forums Account: @KSIxAsuma 77 Award-/-Achievement: Naughty or Nice(Already have), Samurai Savages Reason-/-Evidence: Screenshot of donation to Paradox
  6. As the Head of The Productions Department. I verify for this award. @Loyalty Paradox
  7. As the Head of the Productions Department, I verify for this award. @KSI LeviMOFB
  8. Welcome to the Productions Social Media Suggestions Box! Please post here to make any suggestions to the Productions Team in regard to our social media outlets. These include: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ksiglobalgaming Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ksi_global_gaming/ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ksi_global_gaming?lang=en We would like you input on what we can do to catch your eye and make them meaningful for you. We appreciate app ideas! Please remember that we will do what we can to accommodate your suggestions. Thank you for you time! - The Productions Department
  9. It's time to look through your gameclips and submit them into the Monthly Clip Submission. This thread will be open from: January 6th - January 27th Important items of note: All clips will be compiled into a Monthly Clip Compilation and posted on the KSI YouTube Channel! You can submit up to 2 clips. Please make sure the links work prior to submission. If the links do not work at the end of the month the clip(s) will not be used! Have fun with it! There are no prizes involved, just pride, and getting your gameplay (one clip at a time) broadcast through our Social Media! Get your clip(s) from https://gamerdvr.com/ or https://gameclips.io/ and fill out the following form. --- Template: Gamertag: Division: Game: Link to Clip: Description: Game: Link to Clip: Description: Please ensure you use the correct format when posting a submission. any questions please message @KSIxAsuma 77 or @KSI Soap 7
  10. This thread will be open from JANUARY 6th - JANUARY 27th, Voting will be open to the community. Reply below and adhere to the following format: Gamertag: Squad/Division: Link to Montage: Short Description of the Montage: A few ground rules: Any editing programs (free or paid) can be used for this competition. Copyrighted music is permitted. You can submit the montage using any method of your choosing (i.e. YouTube link or OneDrive). You must use your own game clips. It can be any game, any game type, any theme. All montages must be longer than 45 seconds to be eligible to place in the top 3. Thank you and good. any questions feel free to message @KSIxAsuma 77 or @KSI Soap 7
  11. What a day! It was full of spending time with family. My best gift I got was overall the Darth Vader Canvas picture. Merry Christmas y’all!
  12. Category: Director Gamertag: KSI Slick 7 Forums Account Link / @: @KSI Slick 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Where do I even begin with this guy? I have had the privilege to work along side this beautiful man for over 2 years now. He is the reason I decided to become an officer the second time around. Since then, I have seen him rise to the occasion and make SL amazing! He now provides his experience and love to other divisions. Slick is the the best man when it comes to analogies and knows when to use them. I remember many times when he has come up with a great analogy that spoke the truth about what we needed to hear as a division. If there is any person in this community that cares more about the members he interacts with. Slick is well deserving of being recognized for his achievements. AWARDS: Director OTM Oct 2021 SL DHoF Division Leader OTM Jan 2021 Leadership Mentor Category: Division Leader Gamertag: KSI WuTang Forums Account Link / @: @KSI Wu Tang 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Nana-nana! Oh Mr. WuTang, it has been great to get to know you more this last year as my Division Leader. To see what you had to offer the division when SL was falling into shambles was a great site to see. Instead of giving up on the division and KSI overall, you stuck in it and worked towards helping rebuild the division. We aren't quite there yet, but we are making strides. You have taught me some great lessons about time management and being true to yourself. When times have been rough, you has stuck it out and showed myself and the rest of the division that hard work pays off. It takes a lot out of a man to do what you have done for SL and for me. I know that you are well deserving of the recognition and to be seen as the top division leader of KSI for the year of 2021. AWARDS: Divisional HOF Gen OTM: Divisional Pro Recruiter Category: General Gamertag: KSI NoBe Forums Account Link / @: @KSI NoBe Reasons they deserve this award: It has been a great year for NoBe. I have had the chance to see this man grow an officer core that has flourished and a squad that was already in a great spot, become the strongest it has been since I was the General of it myself. I am so grateful for the work that he has put in to lead the charge for what has been most important in KSI, the members. He constantly is spending time with members when he can with the busy schedule that he has. He is a hard worker and a hell of a great COD player. The two go hand in hand when you attend his gamenights and see him go to work. He is that good as a General as well. Constantly working to help his officers grow and learn new ways to help their squad become stronger. I am very proud of him and what he has accomplished. #strongside AWARD: Captain OTM: Divisional Category: Captain Gamertag: KSI Eslin Forums Account Link / @: @KSI Eslin024 Reasons they deserve this award: Eslin is one of the hardest working members in SL. She has shown me and the other 7s staff that she understands how to do member retention and be there for the members. Elsin is constantly trying to find new ways to get the members in her squad involved with gamenights, squad meetings, and gaming with each other. She continues to grow and learn how to be a better leader by seeking insights from those above her to better herself. There is still growing room for her, but he has come a long way this last year to be the best she can be. I am very proud of what she has done this year and I look forward to what she has to offer SL this next year! AWARDS: EDUCATION 101 GRADUATE CAPS FALL CLASSIC TURKEY BOWL ADVANCED TRAINING CERTIFICATION Category: Lieutenant Gamertag: KSI Lucifer Forums Account Link / @: @KSI_Lucifer Reasons they deserve this award: Since Lucifer has come to SL he has been a powerhouse. He is constantly spending time with the members and doing everything in his power to make sure that each member in his squad and even the division are having a good time and their needs are met. Lucifer has a great attitude and desire to be better as a leader in return to help his squad and division. There is so much potential with Lucifer and what he can offer the community. I am looking forward to see what he can do. Well deserved and earned. Category: SGT Gamertag: KSI Sasuke08 Forums Account Link / @: @Sasuke08 Reasons they deserve this award: I have had the privilege to get to know Sasuke well for a few now. This last year he has continued to a great help to the future/current officers of SL. He always offers his assistance with training new and potential officers. Even as a SGT, he takes his role as SL's Officer Trainer very seriously. Sasuke does not shy away from being there for the members of the division. He is always making himself available as much as he can to spend time, game, and train any member. There is not a soul in SL that does not know who Sasuke is. He is out there putting in the work, but due to his real life constraints in the Marines, he is not able to be a full fledge officer. He is well deserving of this award yet again for the two years in a row! AWARDS: 2021 donor KSI mentor Member assistance Trainer Pro Recruiter KSI Hall of Fame SGT of the year (2020) Divisional Hall of Fame: SL 2020 Donor Category: Department Member Gamertag: KSI Legion Forums Account Link / @: @KSI LEGION Reasons they deserve this award: Legion my man, I have so many things I could say about what he has brought to the Productions Department, but I will keep it short. Since one of being on the Productions, he has opened his mind to learning. Over time, he has become a vital part of the team and has made it to Senior Staff of the team. This was made possible by his determination to help his fellow team members by teaching them the ins and outs of how everything operates. Not to mention the streams that he puts up are exciting to watch and eventful. He streams 4-5 times a month each month even with his busy schedule of real life and being a CPT in WD. Every time that I have had a chat with Legion, he is always looking to find ways to help grow the team and the quality that we produce. He is well deserving of this award and recognition. AWARDS: Devoted Divisional HOF LT OTM: Divsional Master Recruiter Graduate Leader Hall of Fame SSGT OTM: Divisional Category: Member (Overall best member of the community for the year) Gamertag: KSIBenTeague Forums Account Link / @: @BenTeague10 Reasons they deserve this award: Ben is the most active member I have seen in KSI in a long time. Yes, he may not attend a bunch of gamenights, but he does take the time to jump around and meet a lot of people. On discord, he is always chatting it up with anyone and does well with getting to know people and making sure that they are having a good time. I have had the opportunity to get to know Ben more these last few months and he is a genuine guy that is just looking to game and have a good time.
  13. As the Head of Productions, I verify this award.
  14. As the Head of Productions, I verify this nomination.
  15. Name: KSI Sasuke08 Link to Forums Account: @Sasuke08 Award-/-Achievement: KSI Mentor Reason-/-Evidence: As a Co-Founder in SL, I witness that of my years of in KSI...KSI Sasuke08 has taught me a few things about how to be a great recruiter. Things that I have never thought about before and I have utilized still to this day. I really appriecate all that Sasuke has done with helping multiple members of SL Witnesses wanted!!!!
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