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  1. Award: 101 completion Evidence: all took the class and have @KSI DC 77 approval of completion Attendence: @KSI Borgata @KSI Celebi @KSI BIKRQEEN
  2. Kat is an amazing woman who I absolutely love and adore as a general. I have had the pleasure to see her go through the ranks and she is the hardest working person you will ever meet. She is dedicated and knows how to hold her own. She is kind and warm to everyone she meets and I know one day will make an amazing Cofo. I have been able to work with her and she always does what's needs to be done, on time and correct the first time. As a mentor she's patient to her POs and those who arnt even in her squad. There is no one better deserving right now than her for this nomination.
  3. Gamertag / Forums Name: @KSI_Lucifer @KSI Jewels @KSI W1ldCat Award: 201 Completion Any evidence: I was the teacher and held the 5 week class Profile Link if possible
  4. GT: KSI Tea 7 forums: @KSI Tea 7 I <3 awards: I have 62 awards as of right now OTY award 2022 Donor Fresh start Commited: was promoted to SGT 1/18/21 LGBTQ award First step Rolling Subscriber Enduring subscriber charity gifter partrime gifter All evidence has been sent to @KSI Uppish 7
  5. As many of the people above me have stated and shown Shatners achievements I won’t bore you with that. However what I will do is explain how one man can change your outlook. There have been many a time where leadership failed me. Shatner was there to straighten me out and be someone to lean on and trust to fix any issue. If he is your Cofo, best believe he is there for all his members and officers. I don’t know how many times I went to him for a issue, may that be me being harassed by another member or just as a mentor. He is by far the BEST COFO I have ever seen ( sorry uppy). He has done so much for me and others and I know will make a great Div lead and education mentor in the future.
  6. Critical Thinking 201 completion Award Evidence: All students passed the course given By KSI Tea 7 Students who passed: KSI Hatter 77 @Hatter 77 KSI KingdomX @KSI KingdomX KSI SubZero @SubZero KSI T Stack G @KSI T StackG KSI Trippes @KSI Tripped KSI Bacchus @Bacchus
  7. Oh god Sinon is an amazing individual! Not only has he bought me the new Cod vanguard game, but he has also spent money and given away items via the LC as well. He also donated money, and given our name changes!
  8. General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) KSI Sinon GEN CS Calamity Link to forums account - @KSI Dilf Reasoning why the deserve this - There are many reasons why Sinon deserves Gen OTM. He is always there for his members and his officers. With me he has been nothing of understanding with my own situation in IRL and is always willing to work with everyone. Sinon like everyone has his flaws, but he has been diligently working to fix those said flaws and has became a better man than when I first met him when he was a brand new SGT. While he is a busy man with a family he takes time for his members and there is no one like him. Captain Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Sleepy CPT CS Calamity Link to forums account - @Sleepy Reasoning why they deserve this - While he has won CPT OTM before, he again deserves it. When Poop hits the fan he's there, when a member needs help he's there, and when his Gen needs him he's there. His IRL life isn't easy, but he always stays positive and helpful in the community. When there was a significant amount of transfer to be done when I couldn't help he did it by himself with out complaint because that's just the man he is. He is more deserving of this award and several others I know he will go farther than I ever would. Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) KSI WulfPup SGT CS Calamity Link to forums account- @Starlit_lily187 Reasoning why they deserve this WulfPup while having school and dealing with IRL issues always has time to hang out with the squad. She is always kind and generous and there for her friends! After her transfer she has just picked up were she left off and it's a pleasure to have.
  9. Uppish has deserve every single OS he has and this one is like no other. Now a Div lead he has gone above and beyond for his division. With some very big issues being handled he is always on top of it and is always so logical when it comes to his decisions. He understands what went wrong in the past and is doing his best to make those wrong rights again. Uppish understands people have life’s outside of the community and still has the most successful division. There is no other person so deserving of this award. My Statement for OS2 Oh boy, what can I say about Uppish. Uppish was phenomenal as a News Head. Uppish got the team back in order from the bottom it was at. He has had so many ideas and goals that he has met and that I will continue in his honor. He had the idea to help bring back the History part of this community that one day will have its very own comeback. His work in Clan Ops is nothing more than exceptional. As a General over Hellborn, he mentored and helped his squad flourish. He always did his best to be there for his members a voice and continues to do this as a Cofo. As a Cofo everyone knows him, sometimes as dobby by my own doing haha, but never the less he does his very best to help where he can. He is always there to listen to members as well as he's there to make sure everyone is feels welcomed. of course Uppish is Uppish and even with his faults, because trust me he has them... he works on himself and is open to change and positivity. I don't know anyone else who is worthy of this award but him. @KSI Uppish 7
  10. as of recently I have been listening to more of Ice Nine Kills. There album where they have a song for some horror movies fills my little black heart with joy lol.
  11. I have to admit before I give my shout out. I am a difficult person to deal with. I won't even sugar coat it. I can be to honest, a bit aggressive and at times don't think before I speak. With all my flaws there is one induvial who I know at the end of the day, will listen to me vent and talk myself in circles. This person needs more recognition in this community and that would be @Sleepy. When he first joined the community I was able to observe from afar and truly got to see the officer and member he has become. Day after day he does his absolute best to improve this community for the better. I know he will become a great 7 and will surpass me one day. He is a pleasure to work with and I am excited to see what he becomes here.
  12. The KSI Timeline Project KSI’s vast history is illustrious but mostly unknown. After officially starting in 2003 KSI has weathered countless storms and stood strong through many stories. These tales are our history. For better or worse, they comprise the unwritten chronicle of KSI. The News Team would like to begin the process writing down our KSI history for all to see. So everyone can understand the significance of past events and how they’ve shaped who we’ve become as a community. The goal of the timeline will be a comprehensive journal of KSI’s complete history. Like Rome this project will not be finished in a day. This will take a few years to collect and interview past members to get a more in-depth record. If you are interested in helping with this project here are somethings you will need to know: 1. Researchers will be able to search Forums archives and look through each divisional history and squad history. 2. Information wont always be 100% correct, and will need to be validated. A lot of Information wasn't always recorded in detail back in the day. 3. A lot of information has been lost, but we still have members who can help fill in the blanks. Researchers will be interviewing older members. 4. Must have good communication with KSI Tea 7/ KSI Hatter77 and the rest of the team! If this is something that interest you then please put in a News Application! or contact @Hatter 77 @KSI Tea 7 Here is the application!
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