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  1. Well, since I didn't get a chance to comment on your last OS3 nom, dear Peaky Blinder, I think it's a good time now. Akame is like a grape; it could be sweet and a little sour, but with time, he grows on you like a vine and maybe some wine! All jokes aside, Akame is a great leader. This is a known fact. With a busy life and working at sometimes over 100+ hours a week, he still had time for KSI. I have enjoyed watching Akame grow as a Head of T&E and Clan Ops leader. With his role as Head of T&E, much work has been put in to improve how we do our events. From my own personal experience, Akame is a very patient lad. With events can come, angry members, it comes with the job, however Akame is always professional. He has even sat down at a party with members to discuss their issues. These conversations always end on a positive note. When I was promoted to HDM, Akame treated me respectfully and helped me learn more about his department. He took the time to ensure that, if needed, I could host an event if no one else could. His teaching strategies are noteworthy. Akame has been a driving force ensuring these events go smoothly, even if he was working. With many drastic changes happening all over the community, Akame (and Atom) and his team have been modernizing the department to better the community and its members. Regarding his Clan Ops career, Akame has stepped away from leadership several times, like many older-generation folks. However, when he comes back, he's better than before. I love gaming with the members, and they can be pretty honest when they don't like something. When members come and talk with me I hear nothing but amazing things about Akame in Valkyrie. He has done a fantastic job as a General and now can continue that work as a Cofounder. I can not speak about his past Clan Ops career, but today, this man is dedicated, trustworthy, and embodies all that KSI stands for. You are a fantastic leader; I know you will go farther than I ever did. Congrats on your promotion, you Red Coat!
  2. This year I got to visit my BF in Kentucky! It was really nice and I made, elote, sweet potato pies, and had macaroni and potato salad!
  3. I have been thinking of what to talk about, Asuma. As someone who has worked with him as an equals, and then as a Department head, this man has his heart in the right place. I can't speak about his Clan Ops career, but I can talk about his career in departments. When Asuma was promoted to head, I had a good feeling about him being in the position, and I was not wrong. Since working with him, he has been thinking about innovating the department, from getting KSI on Tiktok to custom panels and adding sounds and emotes in our streams. If a member came to him asking to learn how to stream, he would teach them, explaining the right parts a member might need for their computer. Even how to use OBS and other streaming tools. Asuma has taught me how to stream myself. I had an idea, but he would go into detail, ensuring I understood. Not only can he stream, but he can also edit videos which are always a KSI favorite. His skill is seen through his hard work with KSI and his personal stream. Watching how Asuma talks to his members is a model for other leaders; he is always polite, honest, and understanding. Asuma has been coined for taking members who can be challenging and making them thrive. From my own experience, I have seen those members join and thrive under his leadership. When working with others, he is far better than me at times, haha! Always messages you as soon as he can, is flexible with his time, and is always down for new ideas. I have come to him about several, and I mean several, and he always is excited to work it out with me. I don't think there is anyone else that deserves OS1 and OS2. His dedication to Production has been there since the beginning, and it hasn't left.
  4. As this man’s boss @KSIxAsuma 77 well deserves this award. He has not only trained Darthon BUT several other members and even myself. Asuma is one of those 7s who takes part in training all his members. When it comes to OBs and editing this dude helps teach anyone who will listen. This man is an amazing mentor and has established a very successful department and it shows.
  5. Instead of real eggs my mom and uncle would hide wooden eggs. She did this since one year she herself couldn’t find all the eggs that they hidden and it just made the back yard stink haha
  6. Department:GRAPHICS Gamertag:KSI SHWAY Link to Profile; @KSI Shway Qualifications: Nominee’s Current Rank:GRAPHIC MENTOR Has Nominee been in this department for at least six (6) months?YES Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year? YES What can I say? Shway has a significant influence on the graphics team and deserves the award. Through many months and I mean many, he has stuck with it and has been a strong team player in the department. He was one of the originals who helped make it what it is today. Through several difficult times, he's been able to indeed be there for the members of the Senior staff, and I belive he will continue to do a good job.
  7. What are your plans for the upcoming Spring Break time away from school? Since I am no longer in Highschool or College, I don't get a real spring break. However, I am taking a week off in May from work to clean and get ready to babysit! Who will I be babysitting, you may ask? My sister's cat, of course! His name is Phantom, and he is a beautiful black cat with a pink nose; I will post photos soon. Besides cleaning for my nephew to come, I will also be working on training for work. If I want to make more money, I have to do the training. So if you see me online just watching tv know I am multitasking! Since my adult life is very dull, ill tell a good spring break story from when I was a kid. My folks saved all their extra money once a year so we could return to Wisconsin, where my dad is from. Dad grew up in a tiny town a few minutes from the Dells. The Dells is a party town with several go-kart tracks, waterparks, theme parks, and silly attractions. Since it was the off-season, it was cheaper, and we got to do everything! I remember going to one Theme park called Mount Olympus. It was by far my favorite, with water rides and roller coasters. One particular, Cyclops, was by far the best rollercoaster there. I think me and my sister rode it about 20 times. Our noses were red from it being so cold. Going back has always been my favorite thing to do. Maybe next year, I will take an actual vacation and return.
  8. Swag is like a mighty pomegranate. Grown on a beautiful tree, lots of seeds and will stain your hands and cloths. He like the fruit makes his mark and everyone knows he’s done so with pride. And like said pomegranate everyone loves him, even those who have left this community. Swag is clearly well desvering of this award. He is the most hardworking COS this community has seen in years. He is by far the one of most active board member we have and everyone one in this community has meet him. From my own experience, I had a few issues with leadership when I was a LT. When he was over CS when it was still a fresh Div he listen to me and took care of the situation amazingly. He gave me the chance to start somewhere better. There is not a man more dedicated to his members and his community than Swag. When it came down to this year with some hard issues swag was quick and swift and continues to do what he can to protect the community. Even with last year when this community fell on hard times he still was there to fix things. One think he always says “it happened it’s over, let’s start again” Now I won’t say me and him haven’t argued because we absolutely have. But in the end it always comes to a better conclusion. I didn’t know him during his time before his promotion to the board. But as a board member he has done an amazing job and continues to do so. I am not saying the man is perfect, none of us are, but it’s the fact that he takes the time to learn and grow each day that makes him worth getting this award.
  9. The cold play half time show was my favorite haha
  10. What KSI means to me is honesty my first home. I have had a Poop childhood, not as bad as others, and I don’t have a lot of irl friends. So KSI was always a place I could go to get away from my IRL issues. Now that I am in a position to do something, that’s what I want to do. I want to make KSI a place for those to come and feel like it’s a home.
  11. What more can be said about sub that hasn’t already been said? Off the top of my head I don’t know a single other member who has accomplished what he has accomplished in a short amount of time. From being in 4 or the 5 departments, to being the go to man for LC, to helping rebuild a squad this man has done his due diligence to the fullest. Everyone knows him by name and his positive attitude is so lovely. He is always at events and is always saying “what you need me to do?” I personally can’t think of a mother person more worthy. His dedication to to this community has no bounds and I know he is well deserved of this OS and others.
  12. I really want to make departments the best they can be and get more members voices heard through departments this year
  13. I was a kid and got a talking parrot it was so much fun and my uncle helped me best memory with him
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