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  1. Name: KSI Kalakoi 77 Link to Forums Account: @Kalakoi Award-/-Achievement: Jack Of All Trades Reason-/-Evidence: member has all required awards to qualify for this award
  2. Spending time with daughter and hubby until hubby goes to work then gaming with KSI family
  3. So this is my witness statement for Fadez, I don't really know him in the clan up area but I do know he will help out any member he is able to. Now let's talk on the area I do know him at and that is the department level. He is the head of HSI and I work with him in that department. I see he works extremely hard at making HSI a successful department. He tries different thing to see what works in the department but he doesn't do it alone he ask for the opinion of the members inside the departnent. He gets everyone involved in doing the interviews and make sure you are comfortable when it is your turn to do the interview. At any time you have a question He is there for you. He is also in the news department he is always getting out those articles for the community to read and enjoy. He is also a join mod so this makes him very busy but not to busy to help out any member in need he is there if you need him. He is a very hard worker and deserves this award.
  4. WD Spirit Week 2019 participants EvilKingGanon17 UNO @EvilKingGanon17 BirdDog Gage Uno @BirdDog Gage KSI Sir Eagle Uno @KSI Sir Eagle KSI Kalakoi 77 Halo5 @Kalakoi KSI Jamcam Halo5 @KSI JAM ComicInk67 Halo5 @Comicink67 KSI x Itachi Halo5 @KSI x Itachi KSI Drow13 Halo5 @KSI Drow13 KSI Knowleddge Halo5 @KSI knowleddge KSI Angels Halo5 @KSI_Angelz KSI SKY 14 Halo5 @KSI_SKY_14 Dual Hadouken Brawhalla @Dual Hadoukens KSI Countryman Rocket League @KSI Countryman KSI k1LlJoY Rocket League @KSI k1llJoY KSI Atom Gen search and destroy @KSI AtomXGen KSI Xenois Search and Destroy @Ksi Xenois KSI Slingblade Karaoke @KSI xSlingblade KSI Athydian Karaoke @KSI Athydian KSI Hypes Search and Destroy @KSI x Hypes KSI VlNDlCATOR Search and Destroy @KSI VlNDlCATOR KSI Zelus Search and Destroy @Bio Zhi KSI x Rogue Search and Destroy @KSI x Rogue Crispea Search and Destroy @Crispea KSI Tiger 77 Search and Destroy @KSI Tiger 77 KSI LEGION R6 Secure @KSI LEGION KSI Joker40 Knives only @HHT JOKER Alusean Dom @ALUSEAN KSI Crybaby Dom @CryBaby909 XGOONxSQUADx22x Dom @jacob paquin KSI folkstyle Dom @KSI Folkstyle Blackdeath1521 Dom @BlackDeath1521 llOoZiEll Dom @KSI_OOZIE KSI Sabby R6 Secure @KSI Sabby KSI Anti Legion R6 Secure @KSI Anti Legion ZPIB R6 Secure @ZPIB Ryan0219 Search and Destroy @Ryan0219 KSI Juggernaut R6 Bomb @KSIXJuggernautx KSI ZombieSlaya R6 Bomb @KSI ZombieSlaya outrunracer7175 R6 Bomb @OutrunRacer7175 HarmonicAxis888 overwatch @HarmonicAxis888 bearclawthekill overwatch @bearclawthekill KSI Statue minecraft @KSI STATUE KSI Brunan 7 Pokers 7’s @KSI BRUNAN 7
  5. Division:WD 1. Team Captain:KSI CountryMan 2. Gamertag of Rep:KSI Xenois 3. Gamertag of Rep:KSI k1LlJoY alternate: KSI Hypes
  6. KSI x R3JEcT3D played he has the HH award and wasn't part of the final game.
  7. Division:WD Team 1: 1. Team Captain: KSI x Itachi 2. Gamertag of Rep: ComicInk67 3. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Jamcam 4. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Kalakoi 77 Alternate: KSI Joker 40 Team 2: 1. Team Captain: KSI Knowleddge 2. Gamertag of Rep: Dim Mok 3. Gamertag of Rep: Vader Player 4. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Drow 13 Alternate:
  8. Division:WD Team 1: 1. Team Captain:KSI Jamcam 2. Gamertag of Rep:SentryArchangel 3. Gamertag of Rep:Ryan0219 Alternate: KoolerThanU77 Team 2: 1. Team Captain: KSI xJuggernautx 2. Gamertag of Rep: Outrunracer7175 3. Gamertag of Rep:KSI SuNGoD Alternate:KSI ZombieSlaya
  9. Division:WD Team 1: 1. Team Captain:KSI Legion 2. Gamertag of Rep:KSI Anti Legion 3. Gamertag of Rep:KSI Bby Legion Alternate:Zpid Team 2: 1. Team Captain:KSI Sabby 2. Gamertag of Rep:KSI Xenois 3. Gamertag of Rep:ComicInk67 Alternate:bearclawtheclaw
  10. Division:WD 1. Team Captain:HarmonicAxis888 2. Gamertag of Rep:bearclawthekill 3. Gamertag of Rep:KSI CryBaby Alternate:SlickPullerHer
  11. Division:WD 1. Gamertag of Rep:KSI Joker 40 2. Gamertag of Rep:KSI Legion 3. Gamertag of Rep:KSI Anti Legion Alternate:JKN3Rulz
  12. Division:WD Team 1: 1. Team Captain:KSI Jamcam 2. Gamertag of Rep:KSI CryBaby 3. Gamertag of Rep:ALUSEAN 4. Gamertag of Rep:Not14Gigs Alternate:xGOONxSQUADx22x Team 2: 1. Team Captain:KSI Folkstyle 2. Gamertag of Rep:KSI xSlingblade 3. Gamertag of Rep:KSI Zero Reaper 4. Gamertag of Rep:BlackDeath1521 Alternat: IIOoZiEII
  13. Division:WD Team 1: 1. Team Captain:KSI AtomxGen 2. Gamertag of Rep:KSI Zelus 3. Gamertag of Rep:KSI Hypes 4. Gamertag of Rep:KSI VlNDlCATOR Alternate: Team 2: 1. Team Captain:KSI x Rogue 2. Gamertag of Rep:KSI Sweat 3. Gamertag of Rep:Ryan0219 4. Gamertag of Rep:KSI Tiger 77 Alternate:Crispea
  14. Division:WD 1. Gamertag of Rep:KSI xSlingBlade 2. Gamertag of Rep:KSI Athydian Alternate:KSI Sabby
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