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    Being God, I am everywhere
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    KSI Paradox7
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    Jan 1016
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    Chåøs Syñdïçätê
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    SGT~AAP Head~

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  1. Gamertag: KSI Paradox7 Link: @Loyalty Paradox Award: Only Phans Reason/Evidence: on my profile I have 100 followers. Thank you AAP for all your hard work.
  2. Over Achiever- Yes (verified) Dary- Yes (verified) Twitch Sub- Yes (verified) First Step- Yes (verified) Rolling Subscriber- Yes (verified) Fresh Start- Yes (verified) Summertime Scorcher- Yes (verified) United We Stand- Yes (verified) Halloween Spirit- Yes (verified) Thankful For You- Yes (verified) Naughty Or Nice?- Yes (verified) Mumu’s Militia- Yes (verified) Oni’s Puppets- Yes (verified)
  3. Awarded. Closed. @Joker 77 happy belated man!
  4. Halloween Spirit - Already Owned (verified). Supplemental Award - Pokémon In its place - Yes Thankful For You - Already Owned (verified). Supplemental Award - R6 Siege In its place - Yes Naughty or Nice - Already Owned (verified). Supplemental Award - A Rare Find In its place - Yes Fresh Start - Already Owned (verified). Supplemental Award - Unspoken Rizz In its place - Yes Fresh Meat - Yes (verified) Rising Star - Yes (verified) Getting Popular - Yes (verified) Well Known - Yes (verified) Here To Stay - Yes (verified) Good Karma - Yes (verified) Gamerscore Rookie - Yes (verified) Achievement Noob - Yes (verified)
  5. Awarded OTY Attendee as proof was found that member attended the show but the other 2 have not been verified. Awarded. Closed.
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