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  1. Have an amazing spirit week, KSI.
  2. Very nicely said man, appreciate you.
  3. image0.png

    1. KSI RiiOT 7

      KSI RiiOT 7

      Oh god I've only just seen this hahaha

    2. KSI Starset 7

      KSI Starset 7

      I saw this and immediately was like “I gotta show this to RiiOT” lmao

  4. Not too long ago Kam joined my Web ops team as a Rejoin mod, since then he has continued to go strengh to strengh in web ops earning himself a position very few have - Senior Forums Mod. This in itself shows his true dedication to web ops and to KSI. Kam often hits me up to riff on some ideas or ask questions, if theres something he isnt sure of he will make sure he knows it for the future and can use that knowledge to help all of our members. Kam can be often seen around the forums helping anyone he sees who are posting in the SB who are unsure of stuff. They ask the question and moments later he'll have hit them a DM to explain it . I'm proud to have Kam as a key part of the web ops team and in KSI as a whole. Keep it up man.
  5. Thank You for all of your support. It’s not everyday someone stands by your side through anything you are feeling or going through. A true leader and not a boss even tho you are the Big Boss. :mellow: I appreciate you taking the time out of your days to talk.

    1. KSI RiiOT 7

      KSI RiiOT 7

      Thanks you for the kind words my dude! of course man anytime you need! 

  6. So at the end of every year Spotify breaks down your year in music and makes a playlist for you. Here's mine: What does your 2019 look like?
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