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  1. Suppose Id better put my 2 cents in King joined my team as a fresh faced Mini mod eager to learn about Web ops and the forums, at the time I had no Idea what an asset I was bringing in to the fold. His time as a mini Mod didnt start smoothly, as we couldnt sort his permissions out (We know what we're doing all the time, always) so for a while he was our SB warrior. This didnt discourage him, seeing all the other new mods with their full powers, instead he took it very seriously and guarded and kept the shoutbox in order until we worked out the problems. Once he had full powers King was ready to go, he kept on top of spam management and keeping our members safe via banning people who would sign up to do cause trouble, I cant remember the last time Ive really had to ban anyone. The whole time he was doing this he was always THE guy to go to in the rejoin section (remains the GOAT of that section to this day) These key skills, keen interest in Web ops and the eagerness to progress helped him achieve something not many have in this community and become a Senior Forums Mods. Whatever I need help with King is ready and willing to step up to the plate from bringing me fresh ideas or helping me work out the kinks in some ideas I have or helping implement. My attention is spread over various aspects of Web ops, so I trust King to take a leading role in rejoin which he does flawlessly, hes trained so many of our senior rejoin mods who in turn have trained our newer hires all to the same standard. I think it takes a lot to prove yourself as a leader to where someone can say, yep I knows hes got it so Ill leave him to it. King and December are like my left and right hands, Web ops wouldnt be what it is right now without their support, keep it up brother and youll go far. Just not into my job, youll have to kill me first
  2. All those who voted yes on pineapple on pizza I'm banning from the forums. Jk But really
  3. Im on the fence, both legendary Pokemon look dope
  4. Enjoy SW guys! Dropped a sly vote for DM
  5. It had Pokemon and FF7, All the things I need in life so the rest is just added bonus
  6. Looking good guys, love the collab action
  7. Pleasure working with you good sir
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