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  1. So at the end of every year Spotify breaks down your year in music and makes a playlist for you. Here's mine: What does your 2019 look like?
  2. My why is very simple really; over all the years ive been in KSI its always been a safe, fun place to meet people and play games. It was always there in hard times in my life and Ive always wanted to offer that to our members. What drives me to do what I do in KSI is being able to contribute the most I can to bring to others what KSI has done for me.
  3. Alive with The Glory of Love - Say Anything Theyve always been a huge part of my life, Ill listen to them when im happy or sad or angry etc and theyll never fail to lift my mood. Max Bemis is a personal hero of mine and has been a source of inspiration for me many times in my life. I challenge yall to listen to this song and not be put in an instant good mood.
  4. Always nice to see stuff like this! you are most welcome, glad to have you on the mod team!
  5. KSI RiiOT 7


    Hahaha well then its a fine Halo. Yeah I get it man im trash at text too, never got it right. Im looking forward to seeing more in this style, id love to see a psd sometime.
  6. KSI RiiOT 7


    I really like this piece, some god tier smudge. I think the text placement is a bit distracting and the hat on your focal looks kinda strange, blurry compared to the rest of your focal. But overall sexy piece.
  7. Ive had the privilege of working with Dntask on the AAP. What stood out for me when Id recommend she joined the AAP was just how much she cares for not her fellow Div mates in DM but eveyone in KSI, so what better place than a dept for awarding our members. During her time in AAP Dntask would often ask me questions about awards/how to get the awards which, for me, challenged how I looked at awards and the dept in general. Every now and again when we talk Its usually after Ive received a really nice message checking in and encouragement and I think that embodies what a KSI member should and what we're all here for. But also let us not forget - she won LT of the year.
  8. Psychostick are a favourite of mine
  9. Suppose Id better put my 2 cents in King joined my team as a fresh faced Mini mod eager to learn about Web ops and the forums, at the time I had no Idea what an asset I was bringing in to the fold. His time as a mini Mod didnt start smoothly, as we couldnt sort his permissions out (We know what we're doing all the time, always) so for a while he was our SB warrior. This didnt discourage him, seeing all the other new mods with their full powers, instead he took it very seriously and guarded and kept the shoutbox in order until we worked out the problems. Once he had full powers King was ready to go, he kept on top of spam management and keeping our members safe via banning people who would sign up to do cause trouble, I cant remember the last time Ive really had to ban anyone. The whole time he was doing this he was always THE guy to go to in the rejoin section (remains the GOAT of that section to this day) These key skills, keen interest in Web ops and the eagerness to progress helped him achieve something not many have in this community and become a Senior Forums Mods. Whatever I need help with King is ready and willing to step up to the plate from bringing me fresh ideas or helping me work out the kinks in some ideas I have or helping implement. My attention is spread over various aspects of Web ops, so I trust King to take a leading role in rejoin which he does flawlessly, hes trained so many of our senior rejoin mods who in turn have trained our newer hires all to the same standard. I think it takes a lot to prove yourself as a leader to where someone can say, yep I knows hes got it so Ill leave him to it. King and December are like my left and right hands, Web ops wouldnt be what it is right now without their support, keep it up brother and youll go far. Just not into my job, youll have to kill me first
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