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  1. Rip , I miss you so much 

    You truly were an amazing friend to have and I'm so sad to have found out what happened 

    Love you my old friend 


  2. Rest easy my brother, i found out much longer than I should have about your passing. Thank you for the many nights we had about the constant laughter and jibberish nonsense. Till we meet again my friend, keep those sky’s clear and the oceans safe!

  3. I was shocked to hear the news mate and I know it's been a few weeks since you have left us but I wish you knew how much I appreciate all of the time we spent in parties and discord calls just chilling or talking AAP business and we had genuine respect for each other as ex service men. I miss you Ron and I think we all miss seeing your outlandishly quirky and colourful posts on the forums lol. Rest Easy my Brother.

  4. Gamer Tag: KSIxRONL67x7 Award: Excelsior Link: @KSIxRONL67x7 Evidence: with this post (I have 120) Gamer Tag: KSIxRonl67x7 Award: Supplemental "Lady Luck" Link: @KSIxRONL67x7 Evidence: with this post
  5. Gamer Tag: xRONL67x7 Award: Enduring Subscriber Link: @xRONL67x7 Evidence: Sent to Loyalty Paradox Gamer Tag: xRONL67x7 Award: With the Fur (already have Naughty or Nice) Link: @xRONL67x7 Evidence: Sent to Loyalty Paradox
  6. Hey everyone, AAP is getting bored not having anything to do. So let's get those nominations in and get them back to work.

    There are many different awards you can self nominate for such as gamer score to meta awards, there are more but it has to be a co-fo or higher to do so. but before nominating read the qualifications for that award.

    Show your appreciation for a member by nominating them, to see all the awards go to the awards section on the forums and see if you or someone qualifies, this is the link to get you there:https://www.ksiforums.org/awards/. Good luck.

  7. GT: xRONL67x7 Award: Gang Beasts Link: @xRONL67x7 Evidence: Sent to Loyalty Paradox
  8. KSI DC 77 Achievement Noob - Yes Achievement Hunter - Yes Achievement Fanatic - Yes
  9. KSIxAsuma 77 Dary - Yes Madden - Yes
  10. KSI Sanji Noob - Yes Hunter - Yes Fanatic - Yes
  11. KSI Bane 7 Halloween Spirit (verified) - Yes
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