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  1. I have a few mentors, and it would be a shame if I did not mention them all and what each one has taught me. My first ever mentor in KSI was KSI Sasuke08 (@Sasuke08). Sasuke was the first officer to take me under his wing. Although Sasuke is an active duty marine stationed in Japan, he taught me the two skills that have highlighted my career while being in KSI; he taught me the recruitment process and how to successfully do member retention. He trained me on how to master the recruiting pitch by critiquing everything I said while doing my mock recruit, which is the same method I have adopted
  2. KSI ShiniXD7 @KSI ShiniXD7 KSI BEASTSOUL @KSIBeastSoul KSI JIFMAGA @JIFDRAGONWIZARD KSI Velocity @KSI VELOCITY Recruiting Certified Hosted by @KSI DC 77
  3. I can verify that Drastic has HD his GT for a year.. since I did his join app recruitment Committed: Verified- Yes Server Booster- Yes
  4. KSI Sungazer 7 @KSI Sungazer 7 Recruiting Certified Hosted by @KSI DC 77
  5. KSI Pinkie @Pinkie Wolf Basic Training Hosted by @KSI DC 77 KSI Rome @KSI Rome Basic Training and Recruiting Certified Hosted by @KSI DC 77
  6. KSI iqz @KSI iqz KSI UwU2756 @Oof2756 KSIBronyFilm @KSI BronyFilm Basic Training Hosted by @KSI DC 7
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