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  1. KSI Mommabear @KSIMommaBear KSI NightGunner @KSI NightGunner Forums Certified, Advanced Training KSI Zillah @KSI Zillah Rank Structure Certified, Forums Certified, Advanced Training Workshops hosted by @KSI DC 77
  2. Spelled Crunk wrong @KSIxAsuma 77 Yes to all
  3. KSI Infid3l @KSI Infid3l KSI OMARISH KSI Paradox 7 @Loyalty Paradox KSI T Stack G @KSI T StackG KSIShatner 7 @KSIShatner 7 CAPS Certified Workshop hosted by @KSI DC 77
  4. Weekend Warfare Winner: Verified- Yes
  5. I am dropping my vote to witness for @KSI Swag 77. I have known Swag for two years now. I am going to go through every ounce of everything that this member has been through since I have known him, which is only 2 out of the 8 years that he has been in KSI. Swag has battled his way to COS, but the journey there has been full of strife. The first obstacle that he had to overcome was SL as a whole after his division, Last Strike, closed down. Although Swag came in and immediately hit the ground running trying to get to know everyone and help make SL become a better division, he faced extreme back
  6. KSI Harley 7, KSI Fenny 77, KSI ATH3NA 7, KSI Barb 7, KSI Shadow007 @KSI HARLEY 7, @Fennyishere, @KSI ATH3NA 7, @KSI Shadow007 Leadership Mentor Evidence: All of these people are mentors within the education team
  7. KSI DC 77 @KSI DC 77 Triple Threat Evidence: I have earned my 7 in a few areas of the community. I was a co-founder in SL, WD, and now ES @KSI Swag 77can verify this I was co-head of AAP @KSI Starset 7can verify this I was the Head of Education in CDC and am now the Chief Knowledge Officer on the Board @KSI xKing 77can verify this as well as @KSI Swag 77
  8. My favorite movie: A giant outcast by his colleagues decides that he will do whatever it takes to earn his co-workers' love and acceptance. He is hated because of the task he is assigned to complete every day. He explores other areas of the world that he knows, so he can come back with something that will prove that he isn't as bad as he seems. He ends up getting in trouble as he has to go to war. He eventually finds what he is looking for, but before he can go back home he ends up in a new terrain he didn't plan on exploring. He meets an obnoxious girl, and she steals the treasure that h
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