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  1. Legen- (Verified): Yes Staff Award: Bacon
  2. Legen- (Verified): Yes @KSI Sniper4895 please select a Staff Award or Supplemental Meta Award to accompany your Meta Award. The full list of awards can found here: https://www.ksiforums.org/awards/
  3. Type of Image/Size: Fall Classic Recap Images (2) Image: https://imgur.com/gallery/F5cP24Y Main Text: Pic1: Fall Classic 2020 Recap Pic2: Fall Classic 2020 Subtext (if any): None. KSI Logo (yes/no): YES FOR BOTH Deadline: Completed on or before Thursday 9/24/2020. Additional Comments: These are for the Fall Classic Recap Article. With the goal for it to be published shortly following the FC Closing Ceremonies on Sunday 9/27. @Huntr X Huntex
  4. 2020 Donor (Verified): Yes United We Stand (Verified): Yes Summertime Scorcher (Verified): Yes Twitch Sub Club (Verified): Yes Legen- (Verified): Yes Staff Award: Navy Support
  5. We will need a multitude of statements attesting to this member's dedication and contributions to KSI. Keep these statements coming!
  6. Updated my post. Thank you @KSI Rogue 7 & @KSI Slick 7!
  7. I feel you. Every time I get exhausted from Clan Ops I just take a few days to game with my members. We hangout and chillax, 3-4 days later I feel totally refreshed and ready to hit the grind again. Friends are what make being a leader here worth it. Every sacrifice is for them and making KSI just a tiny bit better than it was before. Totally agree on that front. Tbh idk if I could leave them tho, they'd kick my butt
  8. Forums Newb (Verified): Yes On Point (Verified): Yes Staff Award: Execute Order 77 Committed (Verified): Yes @KSI Slick 7 Please select a Staff Award / Supplemental Mets Award to accompany On Point. (Resolved). The AAP also requires a different person to verify that you’ve been in KSI for 12 months with a KSI GT. Please call a witness to attest to that statement.
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