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  1. copy thank you for that substantive contribution
  2. KSI Uppish 7 @KSI Uppish 7 Only Phans I gotta lotta phans yo ;P
  3. Sr Leader: KSI Swag 77 - Chief of Staff @KSI Swag 77 Swag's unmatched vigilance over Clan Ops has help lessen and avoid numerous disasters over the course of 2022, and bring about some successes as well. Mr. Pickles is a great teacher and leader who has mentored leaders on every level of Clan Ops, never afraid or hesitant to get his hands down & dirty on the squad level. Training, workshops, and building squads has always been something Swag takes immense pride and pleasure in doing. However being CoS is also about knowing when NOT to act as well. Swag has hones this instinct and used it well in 2022 and it's enabled him to setup a LOT of money moves for Clan Ops in 2023. I know Clan Ops has taken some big hits this year and even though it may appear as if Clan Ops is just taking body blow after body blow, 2023 has a lot of promise and I know Swag will use it well. Personally I'm looking forward to seeing where & what else Swag can do with KSI, and I don't think his magic wand will run out of juice anytime soon. Director: KSI Slick 7 - Sr Director @KSI Slick 7 Well he hasn’t been a regular Director for a hot minute. But the first half of the year Slick was a Director over all the Divisions at one point or another. He helped me work on some issues CS had at the time. Slick is rock solid and he is always there when you need him (KSI clichés, ikr I’m sorry lol). He takes his time to understand situations and then deal out punishment, advice, and words of wisdom accordingly. Slick is never afraid to be wrong or change his mind, and most importantly he inspires those above, around, and below him to continue improving. To be better. To contribute in whatever way they can. Slick is often a beacon of guiding light when things go sideways, we lift each other up and move forward together as a team. I have a lot of love and respect for you bro and I don’t say it often enough, so thank you. Here's to a better 2023 amigo! Co-Founder: KSI WldMama7 - Co-Founder @KSI WldMama7 Wild has seen ES through a lot of turmoil and turbulence this year. She’s done a great of job of being a good friend and leader to ES. When I came to ES after the mass exodus of every single other officer & 7 except WildMama. She did not complain, she was understandably worried but sat down & asked me “what’s next?” That’s one of the hallmarks of an A++ KSI leader, unfazed and determined to build ES back better than it was before. Not having worked with her much prior, I was pleasantly surprised that she had that level determination and work ethic. Wild has had my upmost respect from that day on. 2023 is gonna be a good year for and WildMama is #1 reason why. General: KSI Nyquil 7 - Co-Founder @Nyquil 7 As a General, Sleepy had a tougher beginning and had to re-evaluate his squad a bit. However, as he gained traction in the newly rebranded Oblivion, his squad and officer corps grew and flourished. Sleepy grew immensely as a person and leader during his time as General. While his real life issues were consistently plaguing him as a General, he never let them get him down for long. Always coming back to keep pushing forward. Sleepy did a tremendous job setting up the structural foundations in Oblivion and putting leaders in place to execute them. Keep up the good work Sleepy! Sergeant: KSI Pastries 7 - SGT 4th Class @KSI Pastries 7 You would be hard pressed to find a SGT that is more active than Ol’ Man Pastries. Super SGT 4th Class Donut reports for duty almost every day ready to game and have fun. Pastries is consistently active and gaming with members from every squad and all 3 Divs. He’s always down to cohost his favorite games to help keep gamenights fresh and interesting too. He has helped his squad and Div through good times and bad by helping keep members active and engaged when squads are short on officers who can be there. 4SGT Donut is beloved by members from all over KSI and more than deserving of SGT OTY for 2022. Member: KSI Hatter77 - Co-Founder @Hatter 77 Hatter's dedication and ability to get traction with the leaders beneath her is simply unmatched in KSI. She is widely respected throughout WD & KSI for her tough no-nonsense attitude. She's been handed a few pretty cruddy situations and made the best of them. Hatter also holds the medal for the only truly successful squad split this year (I say this with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, but true nonetheless), as both squads are still strong with Generals and officer corps. The whole time she's also been solid in news getting those annual event articles back on track and pushing for more engagement on news stories, trying to really relate them to KSI and what our members care about. Sorry your bandwagon team lost their bowl game tho Hatter, I wanted them to win too . Otherwise keep up the phenomenal work and I'm excited to what a new year holds for you Hatter!! PS It's all love tho MSU sucked lol
  4. hanging out with my Oma and Grandpa at Greenfield Village. Thomas the Tank Engine rides for Christmas cannot be beat js
  5. KSI Uppish 7 @KSI Uppish 7 Nirvana I have finally earned 500+ Forums Rep!! Mac n Cheese & Uno Evidence sent to @Loyalty Paradox, who keeps adding a uuseless "u" is random wourds lol
  6. fine but then we gotta do an award for 420+ awards lol @Loyalty Paradox
  7. KSI Uppish 7 - DM Idk if what date i was added to this "omega" tho.. so idk if i will meet that requirement
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