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  1. Co-Founder @KSI Shatner7 Shatner has always been the complete package as an officer, he's smart, knowledgeable, easy to understand, good planner, flexible, and he has that charisma factor that is so difficult to master. This month as a Co-Founder, he worked with multiple squads despite only being assigned to just one, diversifying their knowledge and training to strengthen CS as a division. For Spirit Week, he was awesome helping to get tryouts rolling and politely yet consistently pushing out information for tryouts, signups, team updates, and even the forums poll. He did all this in the month of June, WHILE MOVING. That's right, mans was moving across the country and never once slacked on his duties as a Co-Founder or otherwise. What a bonafide legend. General @KSI Sungazer 7 Sungazer has done an excellent job at corralling his officer staff and keeping Rebellion focused on the future instead of dwelling in the past. No squad is perfect and his is no exception, but he's done a great job at trying to navigate the rough terrain towards sensible solutions. Rebellion has been active and engaged in Spirit Week events, tryouts, and the poll thanks to him and his staff. June has been a good month for him overall, keep up the hard work and game on! Captain @KSI Nezuko Nezuko has SERIOUSLY stepped up in June, and his squad knows it too. While Sleepy had some irl stuff going on Nez didn't miss a beat helping to maintain activity, host Spirit Week Tryouts, and continue working on the promotions list. Nezuko also took on the POs and pushed a few who had been on the list for a while to step up and finish off their training. Hopefully we'll see those efforts come to fruition by the start of July! Nez keep up the good fam, hard work doesn't (always) go unnoticed. SGT @KSI Swanny Swanny has made a big impact on the energy in Calamity since transferring in, he's been a noisemaker and party gatherer. He's been working his way around Calamity parties and introducing himself, doing a great job pushing out the Forums Challenge, and engaging members with a fresh face and fresh attitude. Keep up the good work and reinvigorate your squad bro. Looking forward to seeing you flourish here in CS!
  2. Let’s go! God I love Spirit Week!!
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