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  1. KSI Uppish 7

    DC Die Hard

    KSI DC 7 @KSI DC 7 Die Hard Honestly it's about time someone said it. But I think it's more than fair to say that the Crunk-Man over there is 100% deserving of this one. He's been around the block time and time again. He built squad his squad in SL, then transferred to a different squad, shortly afterwards his home squad split. After transferring, he built up his new home and became General, then came a squad split, then a well-earned promotion to Co-Founder. After constantly butting heads with some around him, over a variety of issues and conflicts, DC transferred to help WD af
  2. KSI Uppish 7 @KSI Uppish 7 -Dary & Excelsior Staff Awards: Grand Theft Auto & Halo I have over 120 forums awards GamerScore Rookie I already have GS Hoarder. Influencer I've won the day 23 times. Double Trouble I've been the Head of the News Team as well as a CS Co-Founder. Forums Novice & Obsessed I have over 3,000 posts on the Forums. Server Booster I boosted the KSI Community Server. Evidence in the AAP Chat
  3. KSI Aether Yes to both KSI CalmMars Yes to both
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