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  1. She just got Gen a couple days ago @Loyalty Paradox
  2. @Loyalty Paradox Date: 10/09/22 Workshop: Recruiting Workshop Award: Recruiting Evidence: I hosted workshop Attendance: KSI Zvuryx @KSI Zvuryx
  3. Senior Leader (SENIOR DIRECTOR through CEO) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Tea 7 Link to forums account - @KSI Tea 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Ms.Tea, this woman has been through WW3 with all the stress and issues this month. She pushed herself through all of it to accomplish this year Fall Classic. She been through a lot in her personal life recently and I’m so proud of the strength that she has to continue to push through and make the best experience for her and the departments that she runs. I appreciate all the hard work she do for her department and can’t wait to see where she goes from here Co-Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) -KSI NyQuil 7 Link to forums account - @Nyquil 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - I’m very proud of the work and passion that my guys sleepy put into the community. He has a lot on his plate , when it come down to being a Co Founder in Clan Ops , but also being Head of Education. He taken on the challenge to continue to better himself and theory crafting the future of Education for the community. I’m very proud of him and he definitely deserves this Months OTM. General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) -KSI Stack Link to forums account - @ Reasoning why the deserve this - Since Stack came to CS , and since I got to know him , he is a lack back guy. He also a strong will guy that wants to get stuff done the right way, and that’s shows a great character of strong leadership in what this community needs. He has been through ups and down with his squad Wrath, and that didn’t stop him in doing what he believes in his squad. His squad has taken a complete 180 for the best and that all due to his great leadership. This month OTM definitely should go to him Captain Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Koda Link to forums account - @KSI Koda Reasoning why they deserve this - Me overlooking clan ops, I have a lot on my plate , but with Koda here, his work shines in my eyes for me to see him and how great he does for his squad. He always dedicating his time for the members that he’s over and he always leading by example with great communication skills, him working along side Stack is the reason why with both of their dedication, is the reason Wrath has made a amazing improvement. SGT Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Baked Link to forums account - @Bakedbeans Reasoning why they deserve this - My man Baked, this man has been a very active member with KSI and Carnage . He always hoping in party and engaging with members and officers, he is currently a potential officer that completed his recruitments and dis it perfectly, and can’t wait to see where my guy Baked goes from here Forum Staff (ADMIN/MODS/DEPARTMENT HEADS) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Venum 7 Link to forums account - @The ChadMin Reasoning why they deserve this - My guy Venum has always been a goat on the forums, me working along side Venum for many years has been smooth sailing. He always been great with his communication and his open mind . He has dedicated a lot of his time to be there for his web ops team and it shows to everyone due to everyone love him. He definitely deserves the recognition for this month’s OTM
  4. Division: Team 1: 1. Map Holder: KSI BLITZ11 2. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Spoon 3. Gamertag of Rep: KSI PandaLeafy 4. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Lobster 5. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Hatter 77 6. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Pathfndr 7. Gamertag of Rep: Dabbasaur 8. Gamertag of Rep: Team Captain's Discord:
  5. Division: WD Team 1: 1. Team Captain:KSI Yødaa 2. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Baxsaa 3. Gamertag of Rep: Ghost of Time44 Team Captain's Discord: Team 2: 1. Team Captain: KSI ANTI LEGION 2. Gamertag of Rep: KSI ANTI JR 3. Gamertag of Rep: KSIxSniipes Team Captain's Discord: KSI ANTI LEGION#0431 Alternates (Up to 3): KSI Zeus XI KSI Baked#9016 KSIxLEGIONx7 KSI Torch096 KSISleepyash KSI Rouge KSI StarFire KSI Celebi BABY ANTI KSI Nugget65 KSI Slumpz
  6. Division: WD 1. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Nugget 65 Rep Discord: 2. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Yodaa Rep Discord: 3. Gamertag of Rep:KSI ANTI Jr Rep Discord: 4. Gamertag of Rep: BABT ANTI Rep Discord: Alternates (Up to 2): KSI ANTI LEGION KSISleepyash
  7. Division: WD 1. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Yoda Rep Discord: 2. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Nugget Rep Discord: 3. Gamertag of Rep: WaviestSnow Rep Discord: 4. Gamertag of Rep:KSIJester Rep Discord: Alternates (Up to 2): KSI Baxsaa KSI StarFire
  8. Division: WD Team 1 KSI Torch KSI Pathfndr KSIJESTER MRMO708 Team 2 KSI Shmur KSI Celebi KSI Anti Legion KSI Anti Jr ALTS Baby ANTI Dabbasaur KSI Hefner
  9. Yes I can attest to this @The ChadMin
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