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  1. 1/10/21 KSI Tinc @KSI Tinc Award: Train the Trainer Evidence: Participated and attended Train the Trainer workshop with me 1 on 1.
  2. Round 3.. Count me in! Before i dive right into this, id like to also provide links to the other two times this stand up man has been nominated and witnessed for by MULTIPLE high ranking officials of this community, but sadly not given this award. as you can see there is some nearly 30 witness statements here on those two alone. So if possible id like all those to be put into the discussion when it comes that time. As Rogue has not only excelled and exceeded since those statements but has done nothing but persevere time and time again. Now, I believe this award has something to do w
  3. I’ve known DCrunk for sometime now. And I can witness to his remarkable outstanding service he’s provided KSI with. Dc was a stand up general in SL in which even though I wasn’t in his squad I knew of him as a dude who would help anyone at any time. As he grew and became a cofounder he soon was placed over my squad Templar. He was super hands on which some didn’t take well but he truly only meant the best and had the best intent in helping and mentoring making sure every officer knew their duties inside and out and made sure everyone was proficient in there duties as well. Dc was always down t
  4. I can witness to this easily. I remember not to long ago there was some chatter about this superstar new officer who was taking on responsibilities of much higher ranks because they wanted to do so and did so flawlessly. Athena is a recruiting BEAST, nearly all of prestige’s officers core are her recruits or her recruits recruits. She’s mentored and trained nearly all of them as well. Her game nights are a blast, and her workshops are Informative, fun, engaging and filled with energy. She is also an absolute rockstar at member retention. You can find her bouncing all over the place as soon as
  5. What I miss most is not having to wear a diaper on my face everytime I go out lol and what I’ll be doing is plenty of lake days with out the diaper on my face lmao
  6. As his Division Leader I can attest to this man assisting dozens of members one being myself as a new general back in my day. @KSI N3WERA 7 @KSI Wu Tang 7 i know y’all can witness on this
  7. Favorite part is being able to day drink with no one judging lol jk. It’s watching my daughter open her gifts with pure joy and excitement. Never gets old, and is the essence as to why I bust my back all year round.
  8. Name: KSI Slick 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Slick 7 Award-/-Achievement: round of applause Reason-/-Evidence: i have over 20 Forums awards Award-/-Achievement: Jack of All Trades Reason-/-Evidence: All Workshops Completed - Lead 101 Grad Staff award / or valid replacement Award: US Marines
  9. Thankful for my family and friends, my health, our active duty and veteran military personnel, our first responders, and our freedoms as Americans.
  10. Category: Director Gamertag: KSI Swag 77 Forums Account Link / @: @KSI Swag 77 Reasons they deserve this award: Swag is one of those guys who you truly just don’t get. This man is all over everything. Top to bottom left to right Swags on it. Swag has a way of teaching without you knowing your being taught. He works tirelessly for improvements and success. He never gives up and is always willing to help you no matter your stature in KSI. I’ve known swag for about a year now and he’s never stopped. He’s KSI’s energizer bunny realistically. He’s alw
  11. Division Leader Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Rogue 7 - DIV-LEAD - SL Link to forums account - @KSI Rogue 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Rogue has continuously led this division with Knowledge Strength and Integrity every step of his DIV-LEAD career. Hes active with every member and their isnt anyone here that doesnt know him. He continues to push everyone to be there best and is always on top of his 7's staff and Generals. Co-Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI N3WERA 7 - CO-FO - SL Link to forums account - @KSI N3WERA 7 Reasoning why they deserve this
  12. added a staff award. will have a witness shortly @KSI Uppish 7
  13. Gamertag: KSI Slick 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Slick 7 Award: Committed Reason/Evidence: I received my SGT promotion 9/10/19 and have been in KSI over a year now. Award: On Point Staff award: Execute Order 77 Reason/Evidence: I have over 15 forums awards. Award: Forums Newb Reason/ Evidence: I have made over 100 forums posts
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