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  1. :D welcome home azearaalalslslslslllaaaaa


    options: Defend: bane, gohan, krillin and yamcha.

    defend bane? resulting in krillin getting owned while gohan freezes and stares at stuff while Yamcha gets blown up?


    ignore Gohan and resulting in bane to using dodge first? while krillin uses a shiny ball to distract people.


    :D yamcha is a npc.....not quest related........so either way he gonna dieeeeeeeeeeee

  3. luci chaos venum vs: grand master nightfalls

    troloololol....we win

  4. Happy birthday Luci!!!!!

  5. So, weekend comedy routine BS post for the revamp Trials of Osiris for the day. Started this Session at about 4pm this afternoon....at time of typing it was 8:40pm...with a staggering 21 games having been played....Lol should this count as progress to my flawless carries seal? Since I Kept on being lobbied against 6-0 flawless passage cards?

    ........and this was the stats after 9:30pm when i went to work....

    Trials Games played-/-Games won-/-LOST : 

    Titan: GAME PLAYED: 25-----GAME WIN: 1

    PS, Hunters are still the cheapest class in the game :) because ya'll get the the majority of the broken Content items for class abilities and exotics ;) HUNTER FIST OF PANIC <<need more crayons for them Jotun Jumpers :P

  6. dun dun dun........a dramatic pause

  7. Have you watched my hero academia yet

    1. Awoken Lucifer

      Awoken Lucifer

      never heard of it.....sounds like a nerd



      I love your avatar pic 

  8. i made u look broski.

    :) i win.

  9. :D I GOT THE ANARCHY.....woot.
    now i just have to save up 240 spoils to get ahold of the last few exotic weapons lol.....including one that should be discounted....the Terrible Terrabahhhhhhhhhh

  10. How are you doing today homie

    1. Awoken Lucifer

      Awoken Lucifer

      getting told off for having my dads work ethic...lol becuase im refusing to take 3 days grieving....




      I'm sorry for your loss dude if you ever need anyone to talk to I'm always down

  11. August 5th 2021

    Lost somebody important......and i swear to god....Im going to be the end of whoever pushes me today.

  12. Dun dun dun.... ^ this guys a good friend

    <_<....ya i went there.....

  13. Destiny 2: Warlock Infinite Stasis Turret build

    Below is needed information for Building this, however i will remind you that this is WARLOCK ONLY, i am still investigating one for Titans and hunters that will compare.


    Exotic: Eyes of another World: Improves ALL Regen rates on abilities (stacks with ALL current stat figures). 

    Class Stats ideals: (example of a basic grouped building of stats at the lower end of the build):

    Mobility: 30

    Resilience: 50-60 (Take the hits)

    Recovery: 100+ (Allows for the Fast rifts)

    Discipline: 60-70 (Keep grenades coming)

    Intellect: 50-60 (moderate speed to supers, while higher is good, survival is priority)

    Strength: 30-40 (Not as important)


    (=====It is infact possible to wind up with 3 stats at 100+ if you have HIGH stat roll armors already from raids or seasonal or just good luck and farming====)


    Bleak watcher: charge your grenade to turn it into a turret

    Iceflare Bolts: frozen targets generate a seeker bolt that targets new targets when broken.


    Whisper of Fissures: Bigger blast explosions from destroying a frozen target.

    Whisper of Shards: Breaking Stasis Crystals boosts grenade recharge speed () shatter more crystals to increase effect.

    Whisper of Chains: Reduces damage taken while near frozen targets or friendly stasis crystals.

    Whisper of Durance: Increases the Slowing effects of abilities.


    PERKS USED: (most used on fire type armors)

    Bomber: Reduces grenade cooldown time when using your class ability (effect stacks too.)

    Charged up: Allows another 1 stack of charged with light.

    Firepower: While charged with light, regain grenade energy when using a grenade while charged with light, uses 1 stack of charged with light. (Mod does stack effects with more than 1 being used)

    Taking Charge: Become charged with light by picking up orbs of light.


    Useful perks for Champs: (works good on nightfalls)

    Class item -

    Sundering Blast: stunning ANY champion creates a Explosive Blast wave (highly usefull for add clearing lol)

    Energy Accelerant: dragonfly, chain reaction, firefly (the explosions are more powerful)

  14. okay so.....had sick bout in april and may.......its now june 27th.........last attack was late 25th-/-early 26th

    Being epileptic sucks ass

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