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  1. Destiny 2 Rough note guide.


    Mods that make life Easier. (with them about to scrap off half the gear that cane take them traditionally.)

    Taken, Hive, Fallen, armaments. (get heavy when you kill the same group it states on mod with a grenade)

    ^ Easily farmed out of the raid chests and such that can be exploited across multiple characters





  2. gonna be one of those nights.......thanks youtube for pulling those strings again


  3. Happy birthday to you, :dance: Happy birthday to you,:dance: Happy birthday dear Luci, :dance:

    Happy birthday to youuuuuu

    (Sorry I'm a day late)

  4. Boo... :76_ghost:

    1. Awoken Lucifer

      Awoken Lucifer

      O.o i have scarier gas than that ghosty emote

  5. How's it going, hun? It's been a while! Still playing Star Trek online?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Awoken Lucifer

      Awoken Lucifer

      means ya not doing it right lol


    3. N7 PINK QUEEN


      Maybe... haha

    4. Awoken Lucifer

      Awoken Lucifer

      <_<...i poke my face at you

  6. LUNA HOWL ACHIEVED MARCH 2 2020---2:15pm

    Final Glory rank: 3516

    Answer: Not worth the time and effort to play comp to literaly have to get about 200 hand gun kills, 200 solar and then more hand gun head shots....to then reach fabled.....to then get another quest

  7. best song to sing when on fire,


  8. i r is bord.............

  9. That moment when you realise there are people who are dumber than a toddler who play Destiny 2 and make you wonder how the hell some people are even allowed to use a console.


    1: "I cant solo the raid because i Die at the opening area everytime the cabal are too hard to kill can anybody tell me how to cheese this?"

    2: "I was a Professional Destiny 2 player.......I have 100% completion of the game. I have Never seen that weapon how did you get it?"

    3: "It takes Alot of skill to use The Colony launcher and The Truth rocket launcher in the Gambit playlist"

    4: "why do i die when i go out of bounds on the map and into a death zone?"

    5: "why did you remove my friend from the clan group? 

    6: "I Just got the ability to message back i got com's banned by m-soft because I messaged somebody who was in the clan group and called them the N-word a couple times because they were in my last lobby and killed me dont get why that deserved being com banned or kicked from the group"

    7: "Have you ever noticed Zavala is blue, is he an awoken or just cold?"


    1* Raid in Question: the original Leviathan Raid, basically....this person was shooting the cabal Gold bar honor guards that dont attack you unless you shoot them first...they literally just stand there

    2* this person hasnt played Destiny2 past the original base content and Has NOT got any of the DLC....and hasnt touched the game since before the Curse of Osiris (December 2017)...and was asking about the Bows.....

    3* The Truth Rocket launcher has Tracking Rockets...The Colony has Tracking grenades...they literally Track you down and blow up......no skill they are point and click.

    4*.....there are no words...just no words to describe the stupidity.

    5* probably because they havent been on the game in 6 months....

    6*....ffs morons.

    7* ......no...he just sleeps in the freezer in the tower so hes just really cold......YES HES A DAMM AWOKEN.

  10. laying in bed awake and nobody about to talk to...bah roll on reading old messages


    1. KSI Eyonia 7

      KSI Eyonia 7

      I am always a message away silly. Never alone there cheshire.

  11. made you look...


    happy thanksgiving shorty

  12. So Purely for my own amusement I decided to find out what the name for a Zanpakuto would be for myself....

    Now the first run I answered honestly with the First answer that came to my head...

    I got as my sword *Go-Ruden Seiyuuki* whichTranslates as "Golden Monkey".....and my Bankai Name came out as *Zetsumei Koorogi*  which Translates to "Death Cricket"

    ...amusing names it gave my attack:

    Shikai attack....nihonzaru: Snow monkey.......

    Bankai attack.....Chinmoku Kami: Silent God-/-God of Silence

    ^ apparently My base stuff says im basicly the damm monkey king....and a bankai for me would make me a Cricket that kills everything

  13. ^^ pretty much my theme song

    ^^ my self destructive mood.


    ^^ ya lucihasfeelings

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