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    licking, poking, face ownage. Being retired and loving it.
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  1. GLORY Rank: feb 1st 2021: started fabled 2: 2420

    defeat, defeat.

    DOWN> F1: 2300 (80 needed for F2)

    F1: 2360  (Win) > UP TO F2

    F:2 >2460 (Win) > 2580 (WIN)> 2688 (WIN)   MIDA CATALYST!!!!!


    All this BS....for a damm catalyst...YAY....:D NOW I NEVER NEED TO PLAY COMP!

    1. Awoken Lucifer

      Awoken Lucifer

      Lol....the peace of mind...is real

  2. <_<....SCREW COVID...

    jan 16th early today lost one of my co-workers to it....

    F you COVID!

  3. 8:08pm...

    in 1 hour 51 minutes i start my 3 day shift....

    sooooo i end the year unloading at work....and start 2021 at work trying to clear up a messy as hell order.....

    1. Awoken Lucifer

      Awoken Lucifer

      ^ called it lol.
      5 collapsed pallets and 1 that broke in half lololol with total of 30.......

      ^ Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallled it.

  4. well....that happened...

    ^ points out working 10pm>8 leaving the house at 1pm for a 2 hour drive.....a 15 minute apointment then another 2 hour drive home and then a 4 hour nap to then be back at work for 10pm till 7am...

    I have officially spent more time at work in the last 24 hours than i have at home (19 hours)

    1. KSI Airborne 7

      KSI Airborne 7

      That's about how it goes anymore here too. Hope it gets better 


  5. wound up being a fat kid.... i made starberry cheesecake and a apple pie lol.....cause then i could have icecream with the pie
  6. lol depends how much milk lol
  7. Awoken Lucifer


    pudding.....cant decide what to make for tonight should i make a cheesecake (strawberry, cherry or plain) or should i make a cheery pie or apple pie?
  8. epilepsy is a pain in the ass.....

  9. .....Im a licker....omnomnom

  10. Epilepsy sucks...............this last week has been driving me insane

  11. When somebody tells you your Titan on Destiny looks fat.....and that the Almighty will Destroy earth what do you do?


    Answer......you remind them how heavy a titan is by sitting on them and scream Titan smash....and then you load a Cannon with Titans and fire them......Because Titans are what the Warmind used to Squish the Almighty ;)



    This stunning plan brought to you by........Warlocks

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