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  1. made you look...


    happy thanksgiving shorty

  2. So Purely for my own amusement I decided to find out what the name for a Zanpakuto would be for myself....

    Now the first run I answered honestly with the First answer that came to my head...

    I got as my sword *Go-Ruden Seiyuuki* whichTranslates as "Golden Monkey".....and my Bankai Name came out as *Zetsumei Koorogi*  which Translates to "Death Cricket"

    ...amusing names it gave my attack:

    Shikai attack....nihonzaru: Snow monkey.......

    Bankai attack.....Chinmoku Kami: Silent God-/-God of Silence

    ^ apparently My base stuff says im basicly the damm monkey king....and a bankai for me would make me a Cricket that kills everything

  3. ^^ pretty much my theme song

    ^^ my self destructive mood.


    ^^ ya lucihasfeelings

  4. 70+ years later. This speech sadly is still relevant to the world

  5. O.o sooo saterday the 14th september 2019 marks 9 years in KSI

    1. Hatter 77
    2. Awoken Lucifer

      Awoken Lucifer

      well nine years woot! <_<....another 5 and i beat fuzzy i think

  6. O.o.....if you were food....youd be a fillet minion........cause you tasty ;)

    1. Chairman Impy

      Chairman Impy

      i'd rather be a smores pop tart.

    2. Awoken Lucifer

      Awoken Lucifer

      so you can burn the crap out of people?

  7. Good evening Forums users, I would like to take this oppertunity to pass this information out towards KSI as a whole In relation to KSI Brummy x and his friends activity.

    Recently you will have probably seen or heard alot of drama in relation to a member who was recently removed from KSI for their Actions and conduct as a whole. This member in Particular Was somebody who as already on a 1 strike policy from coming from a BL community.

    Now this member was given every oppertunity to join KSI again and to make something better of themselves. Instead this member Chose to "bear poke" said BL community....drawing their attention and their anger by personally attacking people with personal information not only directed at key members of the BL community but also bringing their family members into it.

    This member Also Chose to Declare themself the "DEFENDER OF KSI" "THE SECURITY TEAM LEADER" without ANY form of authorisation or Consent from KSI leadership in any form or fashion.

    Now here is where it gets entertaining.

    This individual then Chose to continue this line of "Self appointed" defense by then leading to claim that he was set up and that these people were acting as spies and snitches for a BL community........and is still trying to convince people he didnt do anything or bring about his removal from KSI, while also still harrassing people and trying to push the blame to others by saying he never made threats and bringing his own brother into it to try to make himself less of the bad guy.

    Now strictly speaking, While I might not like some people who are in other communities on xbox....and everywhere else. I would NEVER sink low enough to put somebodies Children's safety at stake by posting up their home address and the names of their family members. (This isnt even taking into account the legal issues if somebody infact turned up to their home did something to hurt those people or their children.)

    ^ is this somebody who you would want to have around or to trust, somebody who see's no issues with putting peoples safety at risk, who thinks its okay because the people they targeted with release of their public information live in a different country?

    So, do yourself a favor....Don't believe the grand conspiracy of somebody who knowingly drew the attention of BL people to target their division and then cried about being removed from KSI.



    Sincerly: KSI Lucifer 7, former clan ops leader over LS, LB.

  8. lord chubbington :P

    1. Bacchus


      All Hail the Lord of Chubs! Bow down to me!


    2. Awoken Lucifer

      Awoken Lucifer

      you the mightybutt

    3. Bacchus


      Dayum straight, boiiii.  Lol

  9. With regards to Forums accounts and their usage: (includes Access Denied)

    Your account is yours and yours alone.

    You do Not need more than one account.

    You do Not pass your login details to other people.

    You do Not allow other people onto your account.

    IF you are banned from these forums, then it is due to the conduct of your account or personal interactions with these forums.

    IF you are banned from the forums, that also means you will most likely permanently be disqualified from attaining the rank of general since a general must be able to use both Access Denied and the forums

    You are held personally responsible for Any-/-All content it publishes on these forums.

    You are held personally responsible for any violations of the terms of service and the Code of Conduct.

    It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your forums account is kept secure.

    You are NOT allowed to sign into other peoples accounts on the forums to "help" them.

    You are NOT allowed to create forums accounts for other people to use.

    Any issues with forums or Access Denied accounts MUST BE DIRECTED TOWARDS THE ADMIN TEAM FOR THE FORUMS


    Validating an account

    Sounds simple but is a surprisingly tricky thing for some people, the trick is stay calm and go slowly and to run through the following steps.

    Step 1: When you make your forum account make a note of what E-mail you used to register on the forums and that the email is correct and no errors in it which could lock your account as permanently validating.

    Step 2: After you create your account you will need to validate it. There is a button in the top right of the forums for account validation.

    *Activate by clicking a validation link that will be sent in an email to the email address used to create the account*

    Step 3: IF you cannot see the validation email in your inbox check that

    A: You are on the right email address.

    B: Check the spam folder on the email address and other emails just to be safe

    C: If the Email from the forums to validate is not in any of them, use the resend validation email button located on the top right.

    D: Do not make another account to see if it will work.

    Step 4: Try to have someone you know who has a working forums account to get an Admin made aware of the issue at hand so that an admin can look into the issue and hopefully resolve it, and get you back on track for being able to use your forums account.


    Added Note: Some members have issues actually validating their account with the E-mail that is sent. If you can't validate your account using your device that you registered on, meaning you can't click the link, or copy/paste the link to validate your account, then go to a different device to do so. If that does not work, then refer to step 4 that is above.


    -Logging in issue

    This is a list of issues we find that occur fairly often and are fairly simple to correct or avoid entirely.

    - Losing your login details

    Answer: Write them down somewhere safe and list any changes you make to these.

    Answer: An admin can change your password or login information in the case of your account being locked out, but they will only do so if you answer security questions to confirm its your account.

    - Members who used to use Facebook login system to log into the forums being unable to do so now

    Answer: You can still log in, you just have to manually enter the same login information as you would to sign into Facebook*

    - Forums telling you your username or password is incorrect.

    Answer:Check your spelling on both the username and password to ensure no issue is being made from a badly placed typo.

  10. ^ shes mean

    1. KSI Widow 7

      KSI Widow 7

      :O woooooowww.  I don’t mean too... my phone just has mediocre storage XD

    2. Awoken Lucifer

      Awoken Lucifer

      haahahahahaha dork

  11. if youre happy and you know it clap your hands

  12. trolol you looked :)....

  13. dogs go bark

    cats go meow...

    the window licker goes: slurp.

  14. made you look lololol :P i win

  15. itsaaalive


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    2. Awoken Lucifer

      Awoken Lucifer

      <_<....answer yo dusckesorrrd

    3. KSI Widow 7

      KSI Widow 7

      Ooofta.... deleted that a while ago hahahah

    4. Awoken Lucifer

      Awoken Lucifer

      butt how you we meant to do meme wars

  16. so today at work.....

    "oh you're gonna have fun today. i need you to go check if the Icecream on the offer is full or not"

    > goes over to check the stock.....Entire 4 section cabinet....4 shelfs each...EMPTY.

    So.... I spent from 2:30pm-10:55pm TRYING to keep the 4 cabinets Stocked.

    Roughly 3 Pallets of icecream later I come to the realisation...whoever Decided to put tubs of icecream on a 0.99cent coupon deal where you can use one coupon to buy up to 5 tubs in ONE transaction....deserves to be Punched in the Junk.

    (Each of the pallets are about a meter by meter square give or take, stacked roughly 6-8 foot high)

    (Each pack of the icecream contains 6 tubs, 10 packs per layer of the stack)

    While i Was working I also Was doing Math in the back of my head without Fully thinking about it

    60 Tubs Per layer, 10 layers average height....means i Worked thru about 600 Tubs of Icecream.....wtf....


  17. happy early birthday....getting close to that quarter of a century

    1. Greenday 7

      Greenday 7

      Love you luci <3

    2. Awoken Lucifer

      Awoken Lucifer

      ^ midget


  18. So...after much thaught I have realized....the true identity of Batman...is Ross geller from friends....cause he’s always shouting Rachel

  19. made you look beautyfull man

  20. ;) made you look broskiiiii :P you now owe a Red Bull 

  21. made you look

    2. Awoken Lucifer

      Awoken Lucifer

      ;) told you id get ya. lol


  22. you have looked....that means you looked and now must make somebody look in turn

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