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  6. Gamertag: KSI VIP3R Division: ES
  7. Welcome to the 2019 Of The Year Awards! This is a yearly event which is designed to have members from all over the community recognized for their achievements in the community within the calendar year. To Nominate someone for one of these awards they need to have held a rank prior to today. Before you nominate someone think back throughout this entire year, From January till now, and find the person you can think of that best filled each Rank & Position in this community, from Sgt all the way to Senior Leader. RULES 1) No Favoritism i.e - This person is my friend, as such he should get this award 2) You cannot self Nominate! 3) Be as descriptive as you possibly can be! Tell us absolutely everything you know your nominated person has done within the year of 2019. 4) Fill as many categories as possible! - Dont be shy! 5) You can only nominate one person per category, and you can only nominate one category per person 6) Please only post once and if you are going to add in nominations, please edit your topic. If you make a second post, we won't count it. Please fill in the below template for your nominations to be eligible: Category: Gamertag: Forums Account Link / @: Reasons they deserve this award: Categories For nominating: Senior Leader(Board members, Senior Directors): Director: Division Leader: Founder: Co - Founder: General: Captain: Lieutenant: SGT(Includes Staff Sgt): Member: Forums Staff (Mods, Senior Mods, Admins): Department Head: Department Member: So to sum up, when you are doing your nominations, select a category from the list above. Then fill in the template from below For example: Category: Department Head Gamertag: KSI Airborne 7 Forums Link: @Airborne Reasons they deserve this award: Reasoning with lots of facts, as descriptive as you can be as to why this member deserves this award! This will close on the 13th of December. Good luck and happy voting all! KSI Airborne 7 and the AAP Department
  8. Yess @KSI Uppish Skyrim is life haha. Favorite song (call me cheesy) would have to be "The Dragonborn Comes" but I'll only listen to Luaffyn from Windhelm or Lisette from Solitude sing it.
  9. This has been accepted - member is using content in their forums sig. GG @HuntrX! Closed.
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  11. Gamer Tag: KSI VENUM 7 Link: @VENUM 7 Award: Gold Outstanding (OS Lvl 3 ) reasoning: I have meet Venum earlier this year when I joined the PO staff. He was a senior PO staff member then within two weeks we lost the head of the department and had no coHead, but that didn’t discourage him as a senior he stepped up and ran the department. He has done a lot of changes in the department to make it better. He has taken a failed program and redone it to make it better and doing everything in his power to make it run successfully. Not only does he run a department he is also a Divisional leader and giving all his member the time they need and always there to help with questions or take care of a issue that may come up. He had also got inducted into the hall of fame and got CoFo if the month He definitely has earned this award
  12. Team Captain: KSI Scar1et Division: SL Teammates: KSI Gh0st66 Division:SL
  13. Well I know this might be last minute but I need to drop in my thoughts about KSI Venum 7. This is one of the greatest leaders in the community that I know to date. He is the kind of leader that always makes you feel like you are apart of something greater then KSI. The love that he spreads throughout the community can be felt not only in his division, but throughout KSI because of the hard work and dedication he puts forward in Performance Ops. He makes you feel like family and has a open mind to your all ideas. His ear is always open and not just listening but reacting to the changes that need to be met. New accomplishments this member has made since his last OS level two that stand out are Divisional Hall Of Fame and Founder of the Month. His hard work and dedication just recently got him a spot as a Forums Moderator spot on the web ops side of things and we all know that only the most trusted and hard working members get this spots. I still have the pleasure of working with him in the join area where he still picks up applications and keeps everything on track. My hats off to you for all that you do for the community. Thank You.
  14. Award: Squad and Divisional Leadership Workshop Evidence: Attended and participated in the Squad and Divisional Leadership Workshop on 11/13/19 Host: KSI Rogue 7 Attendance: EpicFlutterBies @EpicFlutterBies Homicida1Bison @Homicida1bison KSI 2ghostly @KSI tooghostlike KSI APPLE P1E19 @APPLE P1E19 KSI BENxDOVER @KSI BENxDOVER KSI IGNITE 24 @KSI Ignite 24 KSI NiKKixDoLL @KSI NiKKixDoLL KSI P PEEPIN @DevilChild0907 KSI Shadowflame @KSI Shadowflame87 KSI Titan614 @KSI Titan614 KSI Trubox 530 @Trubox 530 KSI WacknWabbit @KSI WacknWabbit KSI YANKAMIDGET @Tenkwb20cf KSIGingerZX3 @KSIGingerZX3
  15. Gamertag / Forums Name KSI CheekClappr Award Squad Leadership Any evidence if required (Pictures are great too) KSI xJAM hosted Workshop Profile Link if possible @PvM_Drew Gamertag / Forums Name KSI Vitalz Award Squad Leadership Any evidence if required (Pictures are great too) KSI xJAM hosted workshop Profile Link if possible @Aedenp Gamertag / Forums Name KSI xShyster Award Squad Leadership Any evidence if required (Pictures are great too) KSI xJAM hosted workshop Profile Link if possible @KSI xShyster
  16. KSI VENUM 7 - "Honest, diligent, a dedicated leader and a man of his word." I've had the opportunity to watch VENUM grow and succeed in this community on three fronts. Rising up through the ranks in DW during 2018, he became a Division Leader this year. It was a well-deserved culmination, even though I'm sure not the end of his journey in Clan Ops. Whether it's mentoring, training, recruiting or simply leading by example, VENUM has given more time and energy to his division than most people can fathom. He has emerged as one of the most steadfast and dependable leaders in KSI. "He takes great pride in representing the Division the best he can. He is a hard worker when it comes to the Division, he's always up for teaching the people of DW and making them a better leaders as well as a better people!" (OS2 Nomination, August 2018) This is still true in every way. VENUM is always watching over the members of his division. To him, being a part of a division is just as much about having fun and hanging out as it is about training those around him to be the leaders of tomorrow. "He is extremely dedicated to his members and to DW, doing all that he can to be supportive of them. He's knowledgeable, loyal, and focused on one goal - which is to improve DW." (OS2 Nomination, August 2018) VENUM has been involved in Departments and Web Ops for a long time as well. I've observed him for many months now as he's worked hard to rebuild the Performance Ops branch of the community. It hasn't been an easy road but VENUM has proven himself equal to the task. PO has never had such a passionate and reliable leader as it has in VENUM. He's mentored many PO's, overseen the beginning of a new era of integration of the Department into Clan Ops and has succeeded in establishing a much more positive reputation for PO in KSI. His success as a Department Head is barely outweighed by his commitment to seeing his fellow members prosper and grow. VENUM has been a part of Web Ops too - a former Join Moderator, recently promoted to a Forums Moderator. It's very apparent that this man will stop at nothing to educate himself and get involved in KSI in every way he can. I believe that VENUM has absolutely earned OS3. His contributions to the community are as numerous as they are varied. Whether it's his rock-solid legacy in Clan Ops, his hard work and ingenuity in Departments or his diligence and knowledge in Web Ops, VENUM is an outstanding example of what a leader in KSI SHOULD be. VENUM doesn't change. And neither does his loyalty to his friends and his fellow members. This guy is gonna do great things. (Do MORE great things, I should say.) I'm stoked to see it.
  17. Currently I am starting to watch The Mandalorian, the new Star Wars series that is being premiered on Disney+ currently.
  18. My favorite movie would be a tie between The Lost Boys, and Reign of Fire. The Lost Boys because back in the day when it was released it was more of a revolutionary movie for the Vampire genre, along with a good climaxed story line that kept you guessing as to how the movie would play out. Reign of Fire because it was the first realistic dragon movies I have ever seen and the storyline within it was developed to a point that felt so surreal and exhilarating that it kept me on the edge of my seat of not knowing when or where a dragon would come from or what kind of havoc they would reap at that given time.
  19. I would have to say the boss battle against The Nameless King from Dark Souls 3 is one of the most nostalgic musical sequences in video games for me.
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