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  2. Gamescore Master {Verified} - Yes Forums Novice {Verified} - Yes Fresh Meat {Verified} - Yes Rising Star {Verified} - Yes Getting Popular {Verified} - Yes Award Hobbyist {Verified} - Yes Highest of Fives {Verified} - Yes Canadian Pride {Verified} - Yes Identity Crisis {Verified} - Yes
  3. Name: KSI Rogue 77 Link to Forums Account: @xRogue 5 Award-/-Achievement: - Gamerscore Master - Forums Novice - Fresh Meat - Rising star - Getting popular - Award hobbyist - Highest of fives Reason-/-Evidence: - Current gamerscore 55,380 - 450 posts on forums - 4,133 views member since 4.9.18 - 52 current awards on forums Screenshots sent to AAP staff member. Staff Award Requested: (Included only with Meta Awards category) - Canadian Pride - Identity Crisis
  4. Sure. The member has been here for more than 36 months CONSECUTIVELY without leaving.
  5. In an attempt to start the year off strong, we are going to be updating our KSI merchandise and store! We are now partnered with Clan Threads. The link to our store is here: https://clanthreads.gg/collections/ksi-global-gaming We now have new types of items in the store including: Mouse Pads Phone Cases Bags Notebooks Blankets As well as still offering Jerseys, Shirts, Hats, etc. Go check it all out and if there are other things you would eventually like to see, reach out to me and we will see what we can do. Make sure to use the code "KSIGLOBAL" to save on your order. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on discord. Airborne 7#8959
  6. Can you clarify that this has been a member for over the minimum requirement of 36 months consecutively @Hatter 77 . Your response said he joined on said date not that he maintained his active status on omega.
  7. I can confirm that shooter did join KSI via the omega july 26 2019
  8. Can you please verify whether this member has been in the community for the minimum of 3 years required for this award. @Hatter 77
  9. Gamertag / Forums Name KSI xShooter @KSI xShooter Award: Dedicated Any evidence if required: I’ve been in KSI since 07/26/19
  10. Gamertag/Forums name:StonedWafflesYT/KSI 5g dab Award:New member certified Evidence:N/A Person(s) who ran the workshop:KSI Azrael 7
  11. Gamertag / Forums Name KSI xShooter @KSI xShooter Award: LegionDary Giveaway, Award Hobbyist, Anniversary Subscriber, Enduring Subscriber Supplemental award: Mr. Color Code Any evidence if required: I have over 40 awards,I hosted and streamed the Giveaway for the “LegionDary Giveaway “ Award, (Pictures are great too) Profile Link if possible
  12. Gamertag / Forums Name KSI xShooter @KSI xShooter Award: 2022 Donor,May The 4th With You, Out For Summer, 'Merica, Summertime Scorcher, United We Stand, Halloween Spirit, Thankful For You, Naughty Or Nice?,Fresh Start Any evidence if required: (Pictures are great too) Profile Link if possible
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  14. 2023 Donor (Verified) - Yes Fresh Start (Verified) - Yes
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