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  4. Gamerscore Rookie (verified) - Yes Gamerscore Hoarder (Verified) - Yes Legen (Verified) - Yes Ripple Effect (Verified) - Yes R6 Siege (Verified) - Yes For Honor (Verified) - Yes
  5. Gamertag: KSI Bubbles2 Link to forums account: @KSI Bubbles2 Awards: Gamerscore Rookie Gamerscore Hoarder Legen Ripple Effect Supplemental Meta Award: R6 Siege For honor Evidence: View my profile I have 10 awards. Gamerscore Sent to KSI Wu Tang
  6. Only Divisional Leaders (Co-founder or higher) should post up the team roster below. Please use the following format: Division: ETERNAL SOULS Team 1: 1. Map Holder: TBD 2. Gamertag of Rep: Ker1zma 3. Gamertag of Rep: KSIKilleraugo 4. Gamertag of Rep: KSI CR4ZYWNJ 5. Gamertag of Rep: 6. Gamertag of Rep: 7. Gamertag of Rep: 8. Gamertag of Rep: Map Holder's Discord:
  7. Date: 6/4/2023 Host: KSI Sprinks Award: Recruitment Certification Gamertag: KSImrsparkle KSIThursday Attendance: @Mrsparkles@KSIThursday Evidence: attended workshop hosted by myself
  8. Date Hosted: 6/3/23 Event Host: KSI JaxyBoi Event Hosted: Basic Training Workshop Attendance: KSISepticade @KSI Septicade KSI BULLROCKATA @BULLROCKATA Evidence: I hosted the Workshop
  9. Date: 4/27/23 Host: KSI Akame 77 Award: Basic Training Gamertag: KSI Ghostface KSI DEMON 9 KSI D3v1L 7 KSIThursday Attendance: @KSI GHOSTFACE @KSI DEMON 9 @KSI D3V1L 7 @KSIThursday Evidence: attended workshop hosted by myself
  10. 06/03/23 event host : KSI DEMON 9/KSI AKAME 77 event: recruiting workshop Attendance: @KSI GHOSTFACE Evidence: attended workshop hosted by me
  11. Date Hosted: 6/2/23 Event Host: KSI Akame 77 Event Hosted: Advanced Training Workshop Attendance: @KSI DEMON 9 @KSI Sprinks @KSI ZigZag Evidence: all 3 members attended the advanced training workshop hosted by myself
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