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  2. Date: 10/05/22 Workshop: Advanced Training Award: Advanced Training Certified Evidence: I @KSI Spice hosted this workshop. Attendance: KSI MUROG @Alyssa Davis
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  5. We are working on a feature with Koins but this is a good idea.
  6. Forums Addict {verified} - yes
  7. Name: KSI DaKeech Link to Forums Account: @KSI DaKeech Award-/-Achievement: Forums Addict Reason-/-Evidence: i have exactly 1000 post!!!!
  8. It's My Birthday - Yes
  9. Halloween Spirit - Yes
  10. It’s my birthday - Yes Happy birthday brother hope you have a fantastic day
  11. Halloween Spirit - Yes
  12. It's my birthday - Yes Happy Birthday
  13. It's my Birthday Award {verified} - yes happy birfday homie!
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