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  2. Are you tired, does it seem to you that you keep trying to fit in but you just don't have the right charisma or personality to make it happen...well im here to say that that makes you a part of a big club here in KSI. As a member do you spend time helping others to feel they fit in whether it be by helping them with their game or being a good friend? As an officer do you work hard continuesly just to be overshadowed by those who can talk a good talk? I'm being transparent just to take this opportunity to encourage, even if its just 1 member, YOU. I know it feels like no one sees all you do, bu
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  4. Division: Wicked Destruction Gamertag: KSI Cable (AKA FAL Bot)
  5. 2 1/2 hours of sleep in 43 hours. F*ing insomnia kicking my butt.

  6. Donor's Event: Black Ops 2 FFA(09/27) This event is a part of Fall Classic 2020! The event will begin immediately after the GTA 5 Races concludes. Late arrivals will not be permitted entry into the tournament. NOTE: This event is strictly for Donors only. Donors are those who have donated throughout the year and have the 2020 Donor Award on the Forums. We would like to sincerely thank all of our members who have subscribed, donated, and shown their support to KSI. All Donations go back into funding events such as these creating prizes for our hardworking members! Importa
  7. Everything has an expiration date......


  8. Team Captain: KSI Twistex Division: Eternal Souls Teammate: KSI 1ScaryS0B Division: Eternal Souls
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  10. Gamertag / Forums Name: KSI Fenny @Fennyishere Award: Jack of All Trades Any evidence if required: Check my awards :3 Profile Link if possible: https://www.ksiforums.org/profile/20284-fennyishere/
  11. On the cusp of the GT change. Any last suggestions?

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