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  5. Gamertag: KSI Codyo Division: Knights SL My Beginning: Started as just a lonely Co4 player. Joined royalty looking for loyalty and friendship. I became a newly promoted officer, in a damaged squad. Witnessed progressing toxicity, but still completed my officer duties. It sometimes made communities a bit depressing. Fortunately there were, still some amazing leaders in the ranks above me. Even leaders, not in my squad. I kept training with and observing these leaders, while we tried to hold onto the squad. Eventually our squad fell apart and closed. I transferred into Knights, where I have been welcomed with open arms! Especially by the leaders. This has truly, helped me flourish as an officer. I’ve been able to turn all of this positivity, into productivity and happiness. I believe this, is where my story in KSI is truly beginning.
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    Name: KSI DarkAngei 7 Link to forums Account: @KSI DarkAngeI 7 Award-/-Achievement: Devoted Reason-/-Evidence: I have been in KSI for five consecutive years. Haven’t left once. Joined June 10th 2014. Changed my gamertag in July.
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