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  1. Would you be down to play some Halo 5 sometime?

  2. I miss you man hope you and he family are well and Im glad everything worked out for you!

  3. Thanks for contributions to CT 201 man.

  4. Miss You man. Hope you are doing well!!

  5. made you look beautyfull man

  6. I miss you.



      I would like to catch up with you some time, I ran across your KSI History we did years ago on my computer, hit me up if you can. Same number or on Xbox. Miss ya Brother. 


  7. Def more then three years here (feels like a life time)
  8. @KSIdontask @KSI Havoc 7 @Nebula 7 @King Bane @KSIxPapi77 @KSIfiremomma7 @KSI FluffyPup 7 @KSI Ace 7 @Mr. North Forward @KSI xKing 77 Category: Sgt/SSGT Gamertag: KSI DntaskimAwfl Reason: Don’t ask I’m a waffle ( ) is one hell of a member. She joined this community and really took to it. She has encompassed what it is to be a community member at first and with in a few months a community leader. Her rank may not represent the highest of positions in this community but the amount of people that seek her out to have a talk or get advice is proof enough, she def does that job befo
  9. Swag is an incredibly charismatic and knowledge for leader his time over forced induction really established why was a Powerhouse division for its time. There was definitely some turmoil during the time of his involvement but that never caused him to cease working towards an eventual split and also be coming director. What speaks out most but his tenure is his dedication to the members in his ability to create a fun environment wherever he goes. fi reigned supreme under swag and his fingerprints are left on this community because of it
  10. Luci and Riiot These two gentlemen were both seasoned vets by the times 2012 rolled around (Riiot here for 7 years off and on and luci for 2, but those two years involved restructuring and rebuilding the entire community). During the year of 2012 it was becoming apparent that many of people were trying to come into the community from the other KSI's and other communities alike, also some within the community who didnt fully grasp how we were trying to evolve and become a newer better version of ourselves. So we had to do something in order to build up those members to the level of
  11. Riot has been apart of this community, off andon since 2005, in that time he has both been in and ran several depts (Gfx, AAP) been a senior mod and newpy promoted wicked active admin, through out all the ranks of clan ops including opening out "reeducation" division Light bringer with luci (and he didnt kill him) through his times out of ksi hehas always come back with a bang when ever life and powers that be allowed it. In just the last 2 years he went from being hired as a senior mod, earning forums staff of the year, taking over the aap, redoing the core rules and structure of
  12. Day 3 Standings 1st Place WD with 19 2nd Place EO with 18 3rd Place DM with 17 Karaoke 1st EO 2nd DM 3rd WD Rocket League 1st FI 2nd DW 3rd WD
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