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  1. I can verify that this member was recruited on November 15th, 2018. Ill pm you evidence @Darth Airborne Member had his name changed to a KSI tag on November 18th 2018 to KSI Assassin187 to KSI Scotty to Currently KSI Shinobi6041
  2. Gamertag - KSI Skarzx 77 Forums link - @Scarface 77 Award - Big Kahuna Reason - i currently have exactly 80 awards Staff Award - U.S. Army if possible fallelse The Oneiroi Collective
  3. Gamertag - KSI Skarzx 77 Link to Forums - @Scarface 77 Award - Extrovert Reasons - AAP - Of the Months, Of the Years - https://www.ksiforums.org/topic/46337-august-2019-otm-awards/ **Not sure if there was one for September** News - So You Think You Can Write Reps from News can witness T&E - At least (1) Weekend Warfare during the month https://www.ksiforums.org/topic/46602-weekend-warfare-pubg-duos-92119/ https://www.ksiforums.org/topic/46044-weekend-warfare-rainbow-six-siege-3v3-bomb-82419/ Productions - Montage Competition Productions Dept Rep can witness for this **Cannot access the archives** Graphics - Vote in at least (1) Signature of the Week https://www.ksiforums.org/topic/46482-sotw-week-6-voting/ https://www.ksiforums.org/topic/46802-sotw-week-7-voting/ Performance Operations - Discussion of the Month https://www.ksiforums.org/topic/46903-discussion-of-the-month-cap/ **August discussion can be witnessed by a member of PO ** HSI - Member Spotlights (These run every other month, will not count against members) https://www.ksiforums.org/topic/46861-spotlight-awards-september-2019/ https://www.ksiforums.org/topic/43291-spotlight-awards-july-2019/
  4. @KSI Azrael5509 @KSI Nagisa @KSI byonicszn Lead 101 Graduates Completed all 6 weeks of Lead 101 classes hosted by KSI Skarzx 77
  5. Gamer tag - KSI AJ1 Forum - @KSI NARUT0 Award - Novice Recruiter Reasoning - I have personally witness this member recruit well over 20 people by himself not including the ones he assisted in. Former Divisional 7's staff member and Current Director over him. This member has over 30 member recruitment between being the recruiter and assisting i.e helping train new recruiters.
  6. Gamertag - KSI Rogue 7 Forum Account - @KSI Rogue 7 Award - Pro Recruiter Reason : This member has recruited or assisted in over 60+ recruits. I can witness for this as his former Acting General, Divisional Leader and Current Director. Additionally he is SL top 3 recruiter last 4 months running to help support this fact. Major role in regrowing a dieing squad to a squad split and regrowing it post split to 70 members currently.
  7. Gamertag: KSI Rogue 7 @KSI Rogue 7 (Gen) KSI AJ1 @KSI NARUT0 (CPT) KSI Oof @KSI Ursidae (CPT) KSI Tha Don @KSI Tha Don (CPT) KSI Boondock1776 @Boondoxthecrow (LT) KSI Bmack42 @KSI Bmack42 (LT) KSI Punisher69 @KSI Punisher69 (LT) Award - Squad Splitter Reasoning : Imperial Split into Prestige on 8/16/19 (Split Finished on 8/26/19 @ 27 Members) As of 10/10/19 Omega Reads 57 Members. which is a growth of 30 members in under 60 days. Can Provide APP with additional Information if needed.
  8. Crunk is the example I would use for any up and coming officers as who they should strive to be like or be better than. This man is always putting in work for his squad and his division with his effort and leadership. This man is a 2x top recruiter for SL in the last 4 months, as well as being one of the strongest officers that have ever been in the division since it's incarnation. Promoting, Training, Recruiting, Hosting Events, Member Retention, Problem Solving are things this man does and he does it well which is why he rose the ranks in a relatively short time from SGT to CPT. He gets better and better every day and I always catch him trying to learn more in conversations with myself or grifful to continue to make his KSI knowledge greater. Well respected throughout SL and the foundation for Knights as it grew exponentially in the few weeks he has been there is just a testament to what this man brings to the table. He no doubt deserves OUTSTANDING service level 1 because he personifies what the award means.
  9. Leadership Development 101 - Week 3: Squad Development Your Mentor is: KSI Skarzx 77 Welcome! Leadership Development 101 is a development course with the goal of increasing not only one's knowledge, but also your ability to think critically. Below you will find the sign up for this round of classes. This is a 6 week commitment, and unless otherwise specified by the Education Mentor in charge of the class, the class will take place on the same day, at the same time very week. As KSI operates in EST that will be the format given for the times listed. To enroll in these classes, you will Sign up on Week 1. You will then stay with the same mentor throughout their 6 weeks of classes. Should you miss a class, it is your responsibility to talk to your mentor about the options available to you. You will be added to an Xbox Group Message, with your fellow classmates. Please do not leave this message otherwise you may miss your invite to the class! You can not sign up mid way through a set of classes, you must enroll at the start of week 1. MENTOR: KSI Skarzx 77 DAY: 9/23/19 (7 p.m est) Time: 7:00 p.m est - 8:15 p.m est (We will start inviting at 6:55 p.m est to 7:05 p.m est) To receive credit for completing this course you must attend all six classes for completion as well as participating in each class. It is at the discretion of the mentor if your participation was sufficient enough to receive credit. Below is the template to sign up, please copy and paste it in a reply to this post. Gamer tag: Squad/Division: Rank: Schedule for this Mentor; Week 1: Leadership on 9/9/19 (finished) Week 2: Code of Conduct and the Open Door Policy on 9/16/19 (Finished) Week 3: Squad Development on 9/23/19 Week 4: Sustainable Growth on 9/30/19 Week 5: Recognizing Burnout & Motivation on 10/7/19 Week 6: Conflict resolution & Court Case on 10/14/19 Current Class: KSI Sassy (1,2) KSI LeviMOFB (1,2) KSI Godlevel (1,2) KSI byonicszn (1,2) KSI Azrael5509 (1,2) KSI Nagisa (1,2) KSI TheZohan (1,2) KSI Crybaby (1,2) Available Available Available 3 Spots Available (*FIRST COME FIRST SERVE and Sign up must be IN the APPROPRIATE FORMAT*) **PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU AREN'T CONFIDENT YOU CAN MAKE THE CLASSES EACH WEEK**
  10. @ThaHomieRonin - This guy has been my mentor since the 1st day I joined KSI back in EO. People will never know the amount of time this man spends coming up with plans, speaking with individuals, gaming with members, etc. He earned his role as the current Chief of Staff in KSI and is without a doubt the main person I go to for everything. He one of the main people who consistently asked me how my daughter is doing and how I am doing on both a KSI level and on a personal note. I cannot thank this man enough for helping me grow in this community and making a name for myself. @KSI RogueLSG88 & @KSI DCRUNK - Y'all may not know these two gentleman so let me tell you who they are; These 2 make up the foundation for the future of Sovereign Legacy. As members, they are well respected and spoken very highly of; As officers they are wonderful role models and some of the best officers I have ever seen in terms of knowledge, activity , and so much more; As individuals who love this community, you will always know they do what they do for KSI and give it everything they have. I'd like to consider myself a mentor of sorts for these boys and while I may be wishful thinking, im just proud to see the next leaders running SL , putting in work day in and day out. The list can go on so ill add more later. Love the thread idea man thank you @KSI WHISKEY82
  11. Gamertag: KSI Dcrunk Link - @KSI DCRUNK Award: Novice Recruiter Reason: As his former Divisional leader/Director for his entire clan ops career, I can personally vouch that this member has recruited or aided in the recruitment of over 30 members. He was SL Top recruiter in both July and August which should help justify the award.
  12. I have personally watch this man go from a general all the way to leading KSI newest division SL (merged FI/CD). In this time he had to overcome adversity at every corner, from poaching to underhanded tactics by those who wanted to see him fail. In spite of all the hardships and struggles he outlasted all the naysayers and became the guy in SL when i handed him the reigns. Since then he has worked with his 3 squads to produce 2 splits, kept the division as consistent recruiting machines, established pubg as a viable gametype along with members of his imperial/prestige officer staff. As a div leader he runs his recruit tag, shows up and hosts every meeting, plays every game with any member, and is always trying to improve the division. Ive watched him host workshops to improve leadership within his officers, watched him inspire some of the best officers in SL. If you don't know Grifful thats okay, his work speaks for it self and if you know SL that work speaks volumes. You cannot ask for more than what this man brings day in and day out.
  13. Gamertag - KSI RogueLSG88 Forums - @KSI RogueLSG88 Award - OS Level 1 Reasoning - Since his initial joining of KSI , Rogue has been phenomenal as not just a member of KSI but as an officer and general. During this period he has grown a squad that was decimated from poaching to a squad split, while earning the Top Recruiter award for SL with 18+ recruits in June 2019. He has always did what was best for his squad and his members and even help introduce PUBG as a viable game type and succeeded in doing so with the aforementioned squad split. Recruiting, Training, Promoting, Event Hosting, Retention , etc are all strengths this man possess and his knowledge of KSI while already impressive is ever expanding as he always asks questions and applies any and all tips to his work style. You can even go back and read some of the OTM nominations I posted about this man to help support my claim as to why he deserves OS level 1. He was doing the work of a Captain at SSGT, doing General work as a LT/CPT and has mentored a good handful of members that have grown to be prominent officers within SL like newly promoted General KSI Narut0. He leads by example and will never force his officer staff to do all the work, hell you would find him in the trenches more often then not trying to grow his squad. Hands down one of the best officers I have had the pleasure of meeting in my time within KSI and fully expect him to be taking my spot one day, sooner im sure then most would believe.
  14. @HHT JOKER @KSI RogueLSG88 @KSI Codyo @KSI DCRUNK @KSI Barb130 @KSI x Rogue Have all completed the required 6 classes of Lead 101 for their Education award "Lead 101 Graduate". Classes 1-6 were all hosted by KSI Skarzx 77
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