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    I am a wise galactic wizard who fights for the side of good against the forces of evil.
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  1. prrfect fit!!! thank you!!! again, and I mean it this time lol
  2. I really do, but im afraid I gave you the wrong size image.. oops
  3. Thats perfect!! thank you! Very nice response time, much appreciated.
  4. Gamertag: KSI Zordon Link to Forums Account: @KSI Zordon Award(s): On Point, Round of Applause Reasoning/Evidence: I meet the requirements Staff Award Requested: Starset vs. The World & BLING BLING
  5. Xbox Gamerpic (1080x1080) Image: What would you like the main text in the graphic to be? This is generally your name or gamertag. KSI Zordon Subtext (if any): HBDM #ISH squad KSI Logo (yes/no): Absolutley, please. Additional Comments: picture can really be anything black and white with a large area for text. If I could please have the Text and subtext in neon, or a very popping color. Other than that I just need something fresh. Most Recent Graphics Request:
  6. Is it cold in here or are we just chillin?
  7. Oi oi oi!!! Lol. ..Up the Punks!
  8. Category: General of the Year Gamertag: KSI Uppish Forums Account Link / @KSI Uppish Reasons they deserve this award: Uppish took the role of General at the very beginning of my stay in KSI. Not to mention had to act as general before he was promoted to ensure the progress of our squad. Before that time and since, he has been the voice of reason to most around him. Always keeping a level head and solid plan in his back pocket. I have witnessed a major change in attitude, stability, and focus here in hellborn since his reign. Uppish cant stop there, no way. He makes it a point to serve and impact as much of the community as he can, inside and out of his own squad and division. If their is anyone I have met within our community that deserves to be fully recognized for their services it is Mr. Uppish himself. Category: Lt of the year Gamertag: KSI JAK KNIFE 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI JAK KNIFE 7 Reasons they deserve this award: I met Jak before my stay. It was because of his helpful demeanour that I had any interest in KSI. If you need help this is the man to go to. Always willing to teach you a thing or two in game or out. He is always picking up as many game nights as he can and covering for those who have emergencies. I've even been the recipient of one of the many gifts he has given low level players. That's not all there is to Jak. A solid recruiter, always bringing in more quality family members. Jak is always available for training and promotions. Sometimes leaving the other officers a couple bones. Lol. Jak should in no way be under estimated.
  9. Thank you. @December. How are you @HuntrX. If you need the informatio. I sent december just let me know over discord KSI Zordon #8008
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