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    I am a wise galactic wizard who fights for the side of good against the forces of evil.
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  1. Name: KSI Zordon Link to Forums Account: @KSI Zordon Award-/-Achievement: Ripple Affect Reason-/-Evidence: All criteria for this award met per the AAP standards Staff Award Requested: (Included only with Meta Awards category) Winter is Coming
  2. I am going to stand behind Movie night. I think it is a solid idea to have an event that is none competitive and also fun for everyone. Which can bring more people from different divisions together.
  3. I love the sound of music from the 50's and early 60s, right at the brink of rock and roll. 70s started punk rock, so they must receive their due credit. 80s music of most genres are fun, especially to sing with friends at the top of your lungs. The 90s had that whole melancholy thing going for it and the BEST female singer song writers like Tori Amos. Don't forget the great R&B that came from. The late 90s and the early 00s. If held by gunpoint I would have to say 90s. Jam bands, female singer songwriters, R&B, Alternative, and more. Just so many great styles came from a time where everyone was trying to get over the "rock lobster" lifestyle.
  4. This weekend, im going to be doing a lot of apartment searching. My dads birthday was yesterday. So, we are going to do a little grilling. Maybe, just maybe, I might clean his garage for him. Sunday I'm hoping to make a fairly lazy day until heist tryouts, squad meeting, and my Minecraft game night.
  5. KSI Uppish @KSI Uppish Member Assistance He has personally helped me more times than I can count and in various ways. I can also account first hand that he has helped many others.
  6. Gamertag KSI Dr. Pepper Award Legen- Account @KSI Dr.Pepper KSI Dr.Pepper has the appropriate amount of awards.
  7. I was having trouble signing into the forum on my phone. I brought the issue up to Thor whom I was already discussing another topic. Thor stopped what he was doing to help. We figured out that I in fact accidently made a second account while originally joining KSI. Thor referred me to the appropriate mod to help resolve the problem.
  8. KSI Zordon @KSI Zordon Legen-, and Imagine Dragons I have received five awards and an eligible for my meta award.
  9. Gamer tag: KSI Zordon Squad/Division: HELLBORN/DM Rank: SSGT
  10. Thank you, @KSI xKamikaze
  11. Could I add the nominations Friendly, Imagine Dragons, and Legen- to this post or should I start a new Nom?
  12. @KSIGinObiwan grits is grits, oatmeal is oatmeal, and cream of wheat is just plain nasty.
  13. Night @KSIxTHOR. Well lite it up again same bat time, same bat channel
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