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    I am a wise galactic wizard who fights for the side of good against the forces of evil.
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  1. I'm thankful for the health of all my friends and family
  2. Name: KSI Zordon Link to Forums Account: @KSI Zordon Award-/-Achievments: Forum's Rookie Reason-/-Evidence: i have posted 500+ times on the forums
  3. I am constantly seeking new music and would like to share here my Spotify Profile. If anyone wants to add me and join the expedition, feel free. Don't be shy, no music shaming. https://open.spotify.com/user/qv7kpajvy15y6oxfm21mbsurs
  4. My vote is for cherry cheese! Do you think cereal can be called a soup? Lol
  5. I LOVE THIS!! but there's no love reaction. So here's my love!!!
  6. I overdid spicy food growing up and unfortunately its mild usually for me. Boy Dobie miss hot.
  7. Gamertag: KSI Zordish Link to Forums Account: @KSI Zordon Award: Human Billboard Reason/Evidence: Has been sent to @KSI Uppish 7
  8. Category: General Gamertag: KSI Uppish 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Uppish 7 I have been in KSI over a year. During this year I have personally went threw trials and tribulations that were both in and out of my control. During a short absent period one person was always there to check in on me and assure me that threw it all I am still a member of a team and have a home in this virtual world. Anything you throw at this guy he takes it. Always striving to be the best, I have personally watched him achieve his short term goals. I am honored to call him a role model, a rock for th
  9. Is it still cool, uppish. lol
  10. 1. What are you thankful for? This year, I have much to be thankful for. First, I must give thanks for the health and safety of all of my friends and family. I am also very grateful to have the those friends and family in my life, they have been a great support for me threw the past year. I am also grateful to have found a great deal on a reliable car as it has been two years since I've had the luxury of not biking or walking in the winter. Finally, I'll mention my appreciation for the new beginnings and start of a new division here in KSI. Let this be a year of greatness!
  11. prrfect fit!!! thank you!!! again, and I mean it this time lol
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