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  1. 4th of July to me is a day I can relax and celebrate our country. Hope everyone has an awesome 4th!
  2. Results: 1st: SL-KSI Nobe 2nd: CS-KSI Uppish 7 3rd: BOD- KSI Kakashii 77 Attendance: KSI Nobe KSI Uppish 7 KSI Kakashii 77 KSI Venum 7 KSI Paradox 7 KSI T StackG KSI Food 7 KSI Swag 77 KSI Bane 7
  3. Results/Attendance: 1st: WD-KSI xLittio 2nd: CS-KSI DC 77 3rd: ES-KSI MU5IKMXR
  4. Results/Attendance: 1st: SL KSI Nobe KSI ATH3NA 7 KSIxMitsuki Comfy Speedo 2nd: SL KSI WuTang 7 KSI Khosec KSI Drastic KSI Aaronson 3rd: WD KSI Kara 7 KSI BabyTank KSI Pinkie KSI xD34THx 4th: WD KSI Shadow007 KSI xIrish 7 KSI xLittio KSI Boootz 7 5th: ES KSI DEATHSTR0K3 KSI MONKEYSEE KSI ENDO KSI Mfninja
  5. Results/Attendance: 1st: WD KSI ANTI Jr KSI ANTI LEGION Ghost Of Time44 2nd: ES KSI Inked 7 KSI DEATHSTR0K3 KSI x SCORPIO 3rd: SL x Beaches x KSI Erebus 7 KSI Dalmeia 4th:CS KSI ShiniXD7 SI DarkW0lf KSI ZeRoyal 5th: ES KSI SirBerry LessPositive KSI RICE
  6. Results: 1st: CS KSI Food 7 KSI Fat McGee KSI Sinon KSI MrCheese 2nd: SL KSI NoBe KSI BruceLee KSIxMitsuki KSI EGGY 3rd: CS KSI Pastries 7 KSI WinterMoth vv FLAW vv KSI Uppish 7 Attendance: KSI Pastries 7 KSI WinterMoth vv FLAW vv KSI Uppish 7 KSI NoBe KSI BruceLee KSIxMitsuki KSI EGGY KSI Food 7 KSI Fat McGee KSI Sinon KSI MrCheese KSI Akame 7 Redamancy x KSI xIrish 7 KSI BadFoxx KSI Barb 7KSI MU5ikMXRKSIB
  7. Results: 1st: SL KSI Nobe KSI ATH3NA 7 KSIxMitsuki KSI Khosec 2nd: WD KSI HARLEY 7 KSI Sassy KSI Akame 7 KSI Littio 3rd: CS KSI MrCheese KSI Stablest KSI OMARISH KSI Food 7 Attendance: KSI HARLEY 7 KSI Sassy KSI Akame 7 KSI Littio KSI Pinkie KSI LEGION KSI ANTI LEGION KJGaming KSI MrCheese KSI OMARISH KSI Stablest RenegadeJacks KSI Bane 7 KSI Drake KSI DC 77 KSI Drastic KSI McBoon KSIxPoohBear KSI
  8. Results/Attedndance: 1st: WD KSI AtomXGen CoD Lycan KSI Cloudcdl Fires3790 2nd: CS KSI Sleepy KSI Anarchy WildflowerDove KSI Nezuko 3rd: CS KSI T StackG KSIDeMoNk1NG KSI Dvddy KSI Infid3l 4th: WD KSI BabyTank KSI Joker216 KSI Outcast KSI xD34THx 5th: ES KSI xKing 77KSIDemonWolf KSI SirberryKSI Starset 7
  9. Results: 1st: ES- KSI Barb 7 2nd: CS-KSI Paradox 7 3rd: WD-KSI xLittio Attendance: KSI Barb 7 KSI Paradox 7 KSI xLittio KSI Food 7 KSI Bane 7 KSI Mfninja KSI xKing 77
  10. Results/Attendanace: 1st: CS KSI Uppish 7 KSI Soap 7 KSI Draconic KSI Sleepy 2nd: ES KSI SirBerry KSI DEATHSTR0K3 KSI Starset 7 DemonicDragon00 3rd: CS KSI T StackG KSI Tonic I Am Wicked7 KSI Tripped 4th: WD KSI Pinkie KSI Mutant KSIxSnoopxDOGG
  11. Results/Attendance: 1st: CS KSI Fenny KSI Tuggy SammyFastFinger 2nd: SL KSI Nobe KSI Tec KSI Dirty 3rd: SL KSIGAARA2405 KSIBenTeague ImAZoot 4th: ES KSIMONKEYSEE KSI x SCORPIO KSI RageFire 5th: ES KSI xKami 77 KSI DEATHSTR0K3 KSI Mfninja 6th: WD KSI Velocity KSI DaMouth KSI DROW
  12. Results/Attendance: 1st: SL KSI Star5528 Esco Frosty KSI RENGOKU 2nd: WD KSI Sassy KSIChewbacca#189 Diegoat69 3rd: SL KSI Drastic KSI Dalmaia KSI McBoone 4th: CS KSI Kanao 7 KSI blade KSI Tangle 5th: CS KSI Devil KSI angst KSI DarkW0lf 6th: WD KSI Pinkie KSI Big Mack 92 KSI Spartan#181
  13. They do, and in direct competition such as Halo, COD, etc controller is required. Rocket League it isn't, because playing on Mouse and Keyboard gives you a disadvantage if anything. In games such as apex and warzone, M&K is allowed since its not direct competition against fellow members and with required cross-platform you are forced to go against players with both inputs. Modern Warfare was the biggest game I can think of where playing on PC gave you any sort of advantage, but even then it was miniscule since it was just a refresh rate advantage. Playing on PC do
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