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  1. I put new games.. but I think it's more the new laughs and memories goofing around with people in the new games.
  2. Type of Image: Global Article Header Image Title of Article: Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Author of Article: KSI JonahAlex12 Release Date: Sunday, January 19, 2020 at 11am Additional Comments: I know there are copyright issues at stake, but if there is a Star Wars-ish font that would be awesome. @December @Huntr X @Anatomy ❤ Image:
  3. Having worked retail for years, some of my Christmas joy has been stripped from me. The Christmas songs I used to enjoy now grate a little on my nerves, and if I have to hear one more rendition of “Last Christmas” I might go a wee bit postal. However, it has always been one of my favourite times of year. It is about sharing traditions, family coming together, food and staying cozy and the snow hasn’t lost its charm yet, turning to slushy despair. It was the one holiday that guaranteed my dad would be home and not working. We’d play board games and do puzzles and yes there was always some joy in the presents, but that’s not the stuff that has endured as I’ve gotten older. It’s the days in pyjamas and baking the cookie recipe my grandfather used to sell in his bakery; watching the movies that we could all agree on (The Christmas Story and Die Hard); pulling out all of the ornaments, remembering who made what which year or where they came from; and arguing over who got to finish the stuffing or lick the bowl. The winter holidays are also a time for sharing traditions. I went to a school that had a huge international contingent. Long before the arguments about whether it should be a Christmas concert or a Holiday concert were mainstream my school very much celebrated the Winter Holidays. Our concert was a colourful display of everyone’s traditions and the library would be set up for a week with different stations highlighting all the winter holiday traditions of the diverse school population. It was always my favourite time of year. The thing you always came away with was that none of the holidays were all that different. They were about light and warmth in the winter months, sharing food, love, memories and charity towards others. Happy Holidays KSI!
  4. Its alliiive! Go write your paper @KSI Uppish.
  5. I wanted to take a moment to recognize @KSI LadySatan and all of her awesome work. She is one hell of a recruiter, is amazing at getting those new members integrated into the squad and happy to hop in any game with the members. I am so happy to have her on my team and want her to know that I see all of the work she does. I really appreciate you.
  6. It was great! Not going to lie, kind of sad to be home.
  7. @KSI Uppish rofl, we will see.. definitely not for the forums!
  8. @KSI WHISKEY82 @KSI Uppish Challenge accepted.
  9. I am going to literally be spending this weekend *with Whiskey* and Trixie of course for that much needed vacation. Really looking forward to it!
  10. When does a joke become a dad joke? When the punchline is apparent.
  11. Gamer tag- KSI Trixie Forums link - @KSI Trixie Award: Outstanding Service Level 1 Reasoning: KSI Trixie is very deserving of this award. She worries and cares for her Squad and Division. She wants the very best and goes above and beyind to provide it. Trixie is committed to learning and passing on that knowledge. The week after completing her Train the Trainer course and the Forums Certified class she was turning around and teaching the course herself. When she wanted to take Lead 101 and the numbers were dwindling she reached out and made sure the class happened. Even when facing irl challenges she puts things aside to hop into KSI business and help out our members, whether it is in a game, finding something on the forums or helping with any other problem or concern. Trixie is always a positive force in a party with her bubbly, contagious laughter and sense of humor. She doesn't take herself too seriously and is willing to try anything: participating in Spring Break, auditioning for Karaoke for Fall Classic (volunteered to go first when everyone was too nervous), jumping into her role in productions and streaming some really fun content. Trixie's fairly recent promotion to General I think speaks volumes and she was also an integral part of growing Discord squad towards its split, as well as being the driving force behind its current growth. When we were having problems with our recruiting method, she shared tips and tricks from her sales experience to help the squad refine our messaging and chats with potential recruits. In her first month as General she was awarded General of the month. She has also won Lieutenant of the Month. Trixie truly is an outstanding member.
  12. It is pretty fun and there are so many non-sushi options.
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