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  1. Name/Gamertag: KSI Siren82 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Siren82 Award: On Point Evidence: I have at least 15 awards Staff/Meta Supplemental Award Requested: Lady Luck
  2. I want to tag a few people, starting with @KSI WHISKEY82 for his hard work as a captain within Discord moving towards the split and his work in Wrath as General promoting positivity and fun amongst the members and officer staff. He is always coming up with ideas for the betterment of his squad and the KSI community as a whole. I am also loving the articles he has been writing for the news department! On a personal note he is always pushing me to improve myself and participate more than my shyness and insecurities think are a good idea. Who would have thought that getting out of my comfort zone was a good idea? Next, I want to tag my fellow Wrath officers KSI JonahAlex, KSI RezMeIn5 and KSI LadySatan @KSI JonahAlex12 - we brought you in as an officer and *surprise*! We split.You have done amazing work, going above and beyond while learning the ropes and attending any class you could. You rock @KSI RezMeIn5 - You are awesome, funny, and I know that your schedule can be all over the place, but you hop in and respond in officer's chat and communicate with us any issues that arise. @LadySatan - you are brand new and you were nervous, but you jumped right into your officer training and have taken to all of your duties - I can see your confidence growing. Keep it up! @KSIxTHOR, @KSI Zordonand @KSI Uppish I love your enthusiasm and the work you have been putting into keeping our Div forum chat lively, despite your weird and misguided culinary ideas. @KSI CalamityMo You are a fantastic member and exemplify the meaning of KSI. I see you sherpaing multiple raids in a night. That on top of your awesome inclusive gaming and your ability to converse with anyone and make them laugh and feel welcome. You are brilliant.
  3. This weekend is hopefully going to involve a whole lot of Borderlands 3, but I might have to go to the office and do some work too. Fingers crossed I can avoid that.
  4. Name/Gamertag: KSI Siren82 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Siren82 Award: Jack of All Trades Evidence: I have completed the classes and received the following awards: Basic Training Certified Train the Trainer Certified Squad Leadership Certified Division Leadership Certified Education 101 Graduate Forums Certified Award: Forums Newb Evidence: I have over 100 posts on the forums
  5. KSIxROMEo 7 @KSIxROMEO 7 Outstanding Service Lvl 2 Romeo, without a doubt, deserves this award. Holding the position of Div Lead, Co-Fo over 3 squads, and acting General over 2 squads he also managed to hold the role of acting General over Discord while we went through a leadership transition and then helped us with our split. He is upfront, honest and doesn't suffer fools, but handles them politely and with grace. If there is an issue he is quick to respond. When it is clear something needs to be handled he will have you in a meeting within a few hours, speak to the issue, listen to everyone and have solutions in place. He will even hop on through the app at work to handle questions and issues that arise that requires more than a text response. Romeo is happy to give of his time and wisdom to this division and KSI. Romeo is also known for his great capacity for fun with the members. He hops in game nights and parties to either play with the members on the xbox or have a good laugh over the app. Romeo embodies KSI and all it stands for, his dedication is admirable and he is an outstanding mentor and role model to all the leaders of DM.
  6. I love it! Thank you.
  7. Name: KSI Siren82 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Siren82 Award-/-Achievement: Ripple Effect Reason-/-Evidence: I have the10 required awards. Staff Award Requested: Imagine Dragons
  8. You are the worst. Tenses, oxford commas and pineapple!?
  9. Name/Gamertag: KSI Siren82 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Siren82 Award-/-Achievement: Basic Reason-/-Evidence: I have participated in the Twitter Blitz the past 2 months (July & August). Award-/-Achievement: Legen- Reason-/-Evidence: I have the 5 required forums awards. Staff Award Requested: That's So Fetch
  10. Division Leader Gamertag KSIxROMEO 7 (Div Lead - DM) Link to forums account - @KSIxROMEO 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Romeo is a fantastic division leader. He is acting general over a couple of squads and co-fo, on top of his division leader duties but still manages to get back to you quickly if there are issues to be dealt with, hold an impromptu meeting when something needs to be addressed immediately and play with the members. All this while being approachable and a pleasure to chat with. General KSI Trixie (General - DM/Discord) - Link to forums account - @Trixie Reasoning why the deserve this - While very new to the position Trixie is doing a fantastic job. She makes time for any and all of her members, is dedicated to her squad's participation and is advocating for learning opportunities, both for herself to grow as General, and for all of her members. She is both approachable and fun. Members love to hop in a party and hang out, but also feel comfortable enough to bring any issues they have to her. She really cares about her members and what could be more important than that? Captain KSI Whiskey82 (General - DM/Wrath) - Link to forums account - @KSI WHISKEY82 Reasoning why they deserve this - Whiskey works really hard for KSI and is always coming up with ideas for the betterment of the squad and the community overall. He has been a stabilizing force in Discord while shifts in leadership have happened. He helped grow Discord to a point where it was ready to split with his recruiting prowess and created a SSGT training program that leaves new officers feeling more confident going into their first promotions, recruits and gamenight co-hosting duties. He is always striving to learn and cares about the dissemination of knowledge to the ranks below him as well as the member experience over all. He is also someone that all the members love to game with- always the life of the party! He has also branched out into the departments and is encouraging other members to do so as well.
  11. @ZoRDoNoF3LTaR do you usually name your soup after the crackers? Maybe the noodles, never the crackers. Don't you dare suggest the cereal is just scrunchy noodles then.
  12. I hate agreeing with @KSI UppishB592 on food related matters... but if the cereal is the crackers then it cannot be the soup. The milk is the soup in that scenario, and that is just wrong.
  13. Not anymore! It is the worst.
  14. As a Canadian, I worked and I will wish all of my American friends a very happy 4th of July.
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