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  1. I’ll be working on these tonight. @Airborne
  2. Assuming this is for a game review, yeah? @KSI Siren82
  3. @KSI DREW 7 @KSI DREW 7 - please tag @Anatomy ❤ and @Huntr X from now on as well as myself. Gonna spread some of this work out. They're both artists on our Design Team. Appreciate it sir!
  4. Fantastic! Good pick. Congrats to @Anatomy ❤ for the work. Accepted and closed.
  5. Member is no longer in the community. Closed.
  6. December

    KSI HuntrX Gift

    YES. That's so great.
  7. Hello @KSI xBrownie! We had three different artists work on your request today! Sort of a team-building competition, so to speak. Let us know which one you like most! 1. 2. 3.
  8. Any progress on this gentlemen? @Huntr X @JMRxSHark1978
  9. Member has not responded. @KSI Mando Closed.
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