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  1. Going out of town Sunday/Monday. B&B time, yo.
  2. @KSI UppishB592 Not the best image quality but I did what I could with it. Lemme know what ya think.
  3. WAZZUP! In an on-going effort to keep the forums interesting and relevant to the community, we are doing bi-monthly polls for changes to our gaming sections! The poll is multiple choice and it'll be up for 2 weeks. If there's enough interest in a game, a new subforum will be made in the Gaming Area. Happy voting!
  4. I think you posted in the wrong area, my dude.
  5. Harsh. Very harsh.
  6. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @KSI Grifful 7 with the pineapple
  7. So You Think You Can Write - August 2019 ✦ Topic: The Best You Can Be If you could choose something to excel in, what would it be? Big or small, crazy or practical, boring or awesome - the choice is yours. Describe the one thing you'd want to be the best at and tell us why. Submissions will be graded based on quality, creativity and originality. Don't forget - Submissions earn your division points toward the 2019 Div Cup! Encourage your squad mates to post! This topic will close August 27th @ 11:59pm EST. Copy and paste the template below. Good luck! ✦ Gamertag: Division: The one thing I want to be the best at: Why:
  8. Member is Senior News Staff!
  9. Name: KSI December 77 Link to Forums Account: @December Award-/-Achievement: 2019 Donor Reason-/-Evidence: Donated $10 via PayPal
  10. Awesome dude! Closed.
  11. The image you provided wasn't high enough quality. Here's a different concept. Thoughts? @KSIxTHOR
  12. Greenday annoys me. She’s always wanting to do more. Sometimes to the point that there’s literally nothing else for anyone to work on. (I can personally witness to this) Why is this a bad thing, you ask? Well I’ll tell you. Ok it’s not a bad thing. I just wanted to emphasize the fact that this young lady often goes above and beyond. Which is a good thing. Greenday has grown so much this past year and a half. She’s become a Forums Mod, helped split a Department and decisively risen through the ranks in this community. She’s earned more awards than almost any other member of KSI ever. She’s donated her time, money and resources to this community. Whether you know her personally or not, trust me. You have reason to thank the Fox. I’ve known Greenday since late 2014. She actually joined my squad in WI way back when. We worked together for a long time as fellow officers and she eventually became my General. Fast forward to now... Greenday’s contributions to this community - mainly her work in Department and Web Ops - has earned her a reputation for being helpful, knowledgeable and passionate. I’m proud of how much she’s grown and how many members she’s helped. As the Co-Head of HSI, she is instrumental in helping record and preserve the history of our community. It’s not an easy feat, but something she’s well equipped to do given her extensive knowledge of KSI. She has also contributed MUCH to the Marketing Department and to KSI’s Moderator team. I’d say Greenday is a good example of a “KSI poster child”. Chances are, if you’ve been around the community for a few months, you have to know her by now - if only by reputation. I believe KSI Greenday 7 deserves OS2 based on her long-standing dedication to the community and all the ways she continues to show us she cares.
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