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  1. Yes.. I know. I can never be away from my family for too long. It's been about a year and a half I believe. May not currently be apart of KSI. But you will all always be my family. Forever. 

  2. I may no longer be part of KSI, but just wanted to let EVERYONE know I love and miss ya'll. Hope spirit week kicks off wonderful and everyone has a fun time making memories. It was the most fun I had ever had. 

  3. Going to be a BIG week for Trocity!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. KSI Iron Lord Meta 7

      KSI Iron Lord Meta 7

      Oh I see, what's going on in trocity this week ? :)

    3. KSI DarkRaven
    4. KSI Iron Lord Meta 7

      KSI Iron Lord Meta 7

      Awesome :D , it's great to see hard working members moving up

  4. I think I love Black Ops. Wait.. What? I think someones pulling me to the dark side. O.o

  5. Sleep is for the weak. It's destiny and new member time!!!

    1. KSI Iron Lord Meta 7

      KSI Iron Lord Meta 7

      Do the best u can and be the best, don't ware yourself out raven :) eventually everyone needs rest to recover and be 100% again

  6. got a promotion!(: lol

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    2. Lafayette 7

      Lafayette 7

      Congratulations, Raven. One step closer to General!

    3. KSI DarkRaven

      KSI DarkRaven

      Thank you! I am so ready to take my spot in helping to improve Trocity and LS. <3

    4. KSI Iron Lord Meta 7

      KSI Iron Lord Meta 7

      Keep up the great work raven :)

  7. It's time for me to lean on my gaming community. I need you all right now.. More than you know.

    1. KSI Iron Lord Meta 7

      KSI Iron Lord Meta 7

      We love u very much raven and we will always be here for u and I will be too, I'm always open for talk if u need help in anything, love ya honey very much :) and u are a great wife

    2. KSI Dodge Leon

      KSI Dodge Leon

      You know we are here for you. We are here if you need to talk. We all love you and care about you. Stay strong and take as much time as you need

  8. I don't know what I would do without you all

  9. Even with my blood boiling I will be there for my family. I need you all as much as you all need me. Thank you to everyone who's been there for me

  10. This Raven is looking for blood again. Watch out!

    1. KSI Iron Lord Meta 7

      KSI Iron Lord Meta 7

      About time u keep going after your husband's blood lol jk love ya raven :)

  11. Where has my Trocity gone? :'(

    1. KSI Iron Lord Meta 7

      KSI Iron Lord Meta 7

      Awww hugs, I will never leave u

  12. KSI isn't just a gaming community. You guys are my family

    1. KSI Iron Lord Meta 7
    2. Lafayette 7

      Lafayette 7

      Indeed, daughter-in-law, lol.

  13. All I am going to say is thank you to everyone who let me have this chance. I will not let you down. I will make my family pround.

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