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  1. Dodge, How are you??!

    1. KSI Dodge Leon

      KSI Dodge Leon

      I"m good. Finally was able to hop on after awhile


  2. Hey Flaw. So I have been trying to get a hold of Doctor 7 and also someone who is in charge for the store here on the website. I want to get a sticker from the store but I keep getting a message that something went wrong. I have tried it on my phone and on the computer. Same message comes up. Do you know of any way I cant get a sticker?

  3. Changed my name to KSI Dodge Leon. Im proud to be part of this great community

    1. KSI DarkRaven

      KSI DarkRaven

      <3 I am so proud of you!!

    2. KSI Dodge Leon

      KSI Dodge Leon

      Thanks Raven. Ive been wanting to for awhile now. Just couldnt

  4. Welcome to the forums Dodge Leon :)

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