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    Bonding having fun and making this place special in my heart.
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  1. KSI jynxie is an amazing person not only in personality but as a KSI officers... she has assisted plenty of member with the technicality of warframes to help name changes through Trocity...
  2. Gamertag: KSI Blackheart (FORIMS ACCOUNT NAME @KSI Crucian Award: New Member Evidence : none Person who ran the workshop: KSI M3NTALIST 7
  3. made you look okay :) <<<<Akame told me to do it

  4. What to say what to say. I speak for most of his Squad when I say use an exemplary leader and a great person to be around. He's also a very kind person and cherished deeply by his peers constantly on his p's and q's with almost everything
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRUCIAN!!!!!:ahappy:

  6. Crushie!!!!<3 hiiiiii!! Hehe. You are awesome (>^.^<) just thought I'd tell you that and we needa get back to gaming on Titanfall or happy wars or MAYBE you could just get black ops 2!>.<

    1. KSI Crucian

      KSI Crucian

      most definitely madam i would appreciate that sincerely

    2. KSI ApBlis 7
  7. Yo it's LS it's very simple show who bout that!!! Let em battle for second e already know who is first..
  8. I appreciate the love guys  lets keep trocity moving in a better direction.and keep the ball rolling.

    1. Loyalty Paradox

      Loyalty Paradox

      Young crucian, you are the person along with all other officers to make this happen!


  9. Positive reputation for the profile song!!

  10. ScrubLord all hail the mighty scrublord... MY page is more awesome

  11. bruh you need a different pic how you mugshot yaself... hehe hope you alright bruh

  12. Bruh not with gangsta caillou so done...

    1. Loyalty Paradox

      Loyalty Paradox

      This remix is the Poop Crucian, Whatb are you talking about hahaha

  13. saw you was stalking my profile felt i should return the favor odin

  14. saw you stalking my profile thought i should do the same

  15. I'm so sorry guys but LS rules hands down... so I'm just gonna put this LS Flag right here and umm walk away....
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