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  1. I have personally never talked to Greenday or been in a party with her,but I can attest that she is deserving of OS 2. So of course this goes without saying,this is my complete and unbiased opinion presenting the evidence at hand for this award. Simply from a standpoint of a bistander's point of view,she has more awards than anyone else in KSI. She has donated a significant amount towards KSI,earning multiple donation and bits awards,most of those...you have to donate quite a bit to receive. She has been a Squad splitter at one point in time,whether she was a general or just part of the officer staff,the fact of the matter is that she helped make it happen. She was Dept Member of the year. I don't know about you,but thinking about how huge of a deal that is....well it definitely is. There's quite a few members in all the departments,run by truly amazing individuals. She was handpicked out of everyone,she made strides and put forth effort to earn that right. She has earned divisional hall of fame and the mentor awards. When you look at all of our leaders in past and present,you can clearly see that not everybody made that cut. You have directors and past board members who didn't make it. She clearly made a significant impact on her division as a leader and to her friends alike. She is the Co-head of HSI. This department was made with her help. That is a crowning achievement in itself. Building a whole entire department from the ground up,and making it successful is the dream. With everything they are having to keep up with,the department as a whole is doing a fantastic job. Everything is organized and efficient. She is a forums moderator. She earned her own award,making her mark on KSI history. I don't know about you,but very few people are selected to take on this important job....so I'm jealous lol. This is a position that you are hand selected to do,a job that is very important and keeps us getting on here safe and sound. Earning this right is something I strive to achieve one day,so she has my respect. Again,I do not know Greenday. The whole point of Outstanding Service Awards is to award the individuals who set an example amongst other people at their rank or position. I believe she has gone above and beyond those requirements. She is an example of what commitment to this community is. You deserve this award Greenday. Thanks for making this community a better place to be in.
  2. So back in 2012 I was the general of a battlefield 3 squad in DM called Raptor. While it was severely difficult to recruit off of,gamenights were easy to do because we could easily get 32 people in a custom lobby and have an all out warfare on it...was lots of fun. I'm now a general of an open game type squad,but I think my dream squad would of been back when Destiny 1 was at it's prime. Myself and countless others had so much fun on that game,and made some awesome memories. I think if I had to pick a specific squad type now,it would be either Halo or Destiny 2..just because they are flexible games with a pretty diverse playerbase and both games I enjoy playing myself.
  3. Maybe awards in between times for the commited,dedicated,and devoted awards just to give people more of an incentive to stay with us. So 6 months, 2 years, and 4 years awards.
  4. Name: KSI Siggy Link to Forums Account: @KSI Siggy Award-/-Achievement: Basic and FTW Reason-/-Evidence: I have participated 4 consecutive months in the Twitter Blitz event,starting with April through this months. Edit: Please Archive,didn't know it starts this month.
  5. Name: KSI Siggy Link to Forums Account: @KSI Siggy Award-/-Achievement: Forums Newb and Three Cheers Reason-/-Evidence: I currently have 385 posts as of right now,and have 30 awards. Staff Award: Garyetta
  6. I would just like to put that King apparently thinks he will retire and die at the ripe old age of 25 as seen in my evidence: http://imgur.com/gallery/HhT45Cz
  7. I apologize that I haven't really gotten to know you over the past few months,but I will say you have my utmost respect. Best of luck to you and all your future endeavors!
  8. I'm honestly not too sure what my family will be doing today. The wife works most of the day,so will probably just play some xbox. Anyways,Happy 4th everyone!
  9. Gamertag: KSI Siggy Forums: @KSI Siggy Award: Jack of All Trades Evidence: I have: Basic Training, New Member, Train the Trainer, Squad Leadership and Divisional Leadership, LEAD 101
  10. Gamertag / Forums Name: KSI Nezu Award: Squad Leadership Any evidence if required (Pictures are great too): Hosted by myself Profile Link if possible: @KSI Nezu
  11. So I'll throw my witness statement out there for the heck of it. When I first rejoined KSI back in February, Fadez was actually the Join Moderator who did my application. He was polite,professional,and got my application done in a timely manner. With that said,he was the inspiration of why I wanted to become a Join Moderator myself. He has done countless applications besides mine,and helped in making this a community become a better place because of the work he has put in. He has been a huge help with us newer moderators to make sure we are doing the applications correctly and giving us useful information along the way. I have not worked with Fadez on a clan-ops level,but from what I've heard...there's a reason he's earned that 7 in his name. Also just looking at his awards,there is some dedication to this community dating back to 2012 when I first came in. Props to him for sticking it out throughout the years! From a department ops perspective, I can say he has done an amazing job as the head of HSI and as a member of the News department. He has done some amazing articles in his time in News and keeps HSI running smoothly. I haven't really gotten to know him on a personal level yet,but let's go over some facts that we know of: He has been a leader in this community eventually reaching KSI Divisional Hall of Fame. He has been a mentor to many..not just in the form of an award here on the forums,but I'm sure you can ask quite a few people that he played a role in their KSI career. He is a friend,the people who he has chosen to let get to know him talk nothing but great things about him. Many people consider him family,which is something we strive to achieve in this community. Building bonds with others only helps better this community as a whole. I'm sure there are more people who could give a much better explanation as to why he deserves this award,but this is my little way of giving back to you. You helped me get me back in this community,and I can't thank you enough for that.
  12. Much appreciated sir! @Airborne
  13. How do you go about getting access to the VIP part of the forums if we have the donor award? I received the award a month or 2 ago,but I'm still not seeing the Vip section.
  14. Alright lets do this, EEEEEESSSSSS Or for you common folk,ES.....woooohoooo! Psssst we're awESomer...
  15. So I only know Uppish from my Lead 101 class really,but I will drop in a tiny bit of support here. Uppish is one of those people I can see going far in his KSI career. He had some amazing ideas for his squad when we had discussions,and truly believe he is implamating them now...and I say that because the simple nomination for this award goes to show that he is taking care of his people in DM. Every night I'm on,I take a quick look at my friends list to see what everyone's doing. This guy is always in a party,so rest assured that he is doing his job correctly as a Captain. I'll let everyone else give their detailed knowledge of this guy,but he definitely deserves this award in my books.
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