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  1. i shall watch the madness whiten ES to rain supreme and victory
  2. happy new year 2020 part 2 the MOST thing ill ever miss will be hanging with my dad i just hope 21 is better
  3. The best memories i have was with my dad for sure but i spend time with family mostly now
  4. What's Meant to be will come..
    Smile i'm proud of you
    You're doing the best you can do don't stress so much c:

  5. Award: Train the Trainer Evidence: Attended and participated in the Train the Trainer Workshop hosted by KSI Nagisa on 3/2/20 Host: KSI Nagisa Attendance: KSI BloodKing KSI xLittio KSI xRelicx @BloodKing5OH @KSI xLittio @KSI xRELICx
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