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  1. What you going to do when es mania runs wild
  2. I'll see you when I get there baby Lou Ross My first my last my everything Barry White Stand by me by Ben e King Rockstar by post Malone Lose yourself by Eminem I am not afraid by Eminem
  3. Thank you for always pushing me towards my goals and being an awesome friend



      I sent the double post without realizing it

  4. Thank you for always pushing me towards my goals and being an awesome friend

  5. Hey what is your favorite anime?

    1. KSI Nagisa

      KSI Nagisa

      oof thas a really hard choice to be made.. i can give you like my top 5..

      1. Assasstion Classroom
      2 Tokyo ghoul
      3 Demon Slayer
      4 The Seven Deadly Sins
      5 The Never ending promised land



      Have you watched the seven deadly sins movie yet it's phenomenal both of them are

    3. KSI Nagisa

      KSI Nagisa

      i havent yet but ive heard good things about it

  6. It's time for me to go plus ultra

  7. First song it's not unusual to be loved by anyone by Tom Jones
  8. I enjoy playing fortnite and pubg however I like pubg it's a little bit more realistic
  9. I can't decide I love both both are equally awesome to me plus I love all kinds of food
  10. One instrument I wish to learn how to play is the cello one day
  11. Eminem Tupac biggie smalls NF Lecrae andino I think post Malone is considered a rapper but I could be wrong TobyMac the rep
  12. This is extremely hard for me to do cuz I know so many good movies that are my favorites Forrest Gump is it shows you all the historical things that he went through in his life it shows that any person can do anything if they put their mind to it The best parts when he get shot in the butt it was one of my favorite movies to watch with my dad
  13. The seven deadly sins movie it's really good so far I'm watching the second one but I can't remember the title of it
  14. Please write down all your favorite bands and songs that you guys like to listen to I'm trying to build a very Giant playlist on Spotify I'm trying to listen to over a billion songs
  15. Mine is the theme song from Skyrim dovahking please forgive me guys if I got this wrong or the spelling It would always give me hype playing Skyrim They're both epic
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