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  1. Team captain: KSI DeMoNk1NG DM Team member: KSI BigMack92 WD
  2. Team Captain: KSIBIGMACK92 Division: WD Teammate: KSIBane7 Division: WD Teammate: KSIxSNOOPxDOGG Division: WD Teammate:KSIClone7567 Division: WD
  3. I feel like dc should be notation because of the fact that he teaches the recruiting workshop did an amazing job for that than taught a lead 201 class and I was like dc for for there to be 10 people and for you to do that well was amazing and he did refresh my memory regarding the squad leadership workshop
  4. I feel like blitz has helped me a lot as an officer in recruiting people and stuff like that so I feel like he should get the award
  5. @Scarface 77 I feel like you should get this award I barely met you however you have gone out of your way twice to help me become a gsm and for that I thank you sir
  6. My shout out goes to @xKami 77 for being a part of dw and helping out other people that are not in the same squad and suggesting other information and ideas and stuff like that
  7. Go wd hopefully everyone has fun and stuff like that
  8. Gamertag/Forums name: Big Mack 92 Award: New member Evidence: attend and partipacted Person(s) who ran the workshop: KSI PHILOSOPHY7
  9. PHILOSOPHy http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/41248-phil0s0phy/ Helped me join your guys youtube page and stuff like that .He has also mentored me as well
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