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TB 2022: Apex Legends Trios Speedrun 12/2/22

KSI Akame 7

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Apex Legends Trios Speedrun


This event is a part of KSI's Turkey Bowl 2022! The event will begin at 7:00 PM EST on the dot. Late arrivals will not be permitted entry into the tournament. Please be certain that all participants have read and understood the rules and regulations listed below!



Tournament Rules & Regulations:

  • As there are no private games, this tournament will be an online, time based challenge in which teams will be given 90 minutes to accrue as many points as possible
  • Points will be awarded in the following quantities
  • Top 3 Placement: 1 Point
  • Top 2 Placement: 2 Points
  • Champion of the Arena: 5 points
  • Additionally, 1 point will be awarded for every Kill Each team member gets
  • In order to record results as truthfully possible, Team Captains are required to do the following:
  • All team Captains must have the T&E hosts added as a friend and have their timeline settings set to viewable by all
  • All after match reports that would gain the team points must be screenshot via xbox. This will put it on their timeline with a timestamp for judges to confirm the screenshots authenticity.
  • IF YOU DO NOT SCREEN SHOT YOUR STATS: Tournament Hosts will not award your team points. Period. No "check my stream" or any other excuse. You are liable for your own record keeping. 
  • Whatever team has the most points at the end of the tournament will be the victors.



All proxy signups must be approved by KSI Akame 7 or KSI Atom 7 prior to posting. 


Please use the following format:


Team Captain:






Team Captain's Discord:


KSI cannot control game lag, or any teams connection status.  If at anytime you are having issues with substantial lag, or you witnessed any rule violations, please contact your Judge AFTER completing your game with VIDEO EVIDENCE. Teams who simply quit a match with no evidence will be disqualified.

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  • KSI Akame 7 changed the title to TB 2022: Apex Legends Trios Speedrun 12/2/22
  • 3 weeks later...

Team Captain: KSI MegatoN 


Division: WD


Gamertag: KSIKillerCrock




Gamertag: RapidWorm2576


Division: WD


Team Captain's Discord: KSI MegatoN#2226

Edited by KSI MegatoN
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Apex Speedrun Trios Results

1st place: KSI Starfire - 47 points
2nd place: KSI MegatoN - 39 points
3rd place: KSI Akame 77 - 32 points
4th place: KSI B-HEFNER - 24 points
5th place: KSI BigMack 92 - 13 points


WD: KSI MegatoN
WD: KSIKillerCrock
WD: RapidWorm2576

WD: Sir Kennedy III

WD: KSI BigMack 92
WD: KSI Tiberius_04
WD: GrinchGamer

WD: KSI StarFire
WD: KSI Sasuke08
WD: KSI DarkWolf#281

T&E: KSI Akame 77
CS: KSI SubZero

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