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  1. Gamertag / Forums Name: KSI Sleepy @Sleepy KSI Omarish @KSI GradOmar Award: Leadership Aspects Any evidence if required: I hosted the workshop.
  2. Gamertag: KSI Sinon Division: Chaos Syndicate
  3. Senior Leader (SENIOR DIRECTOR through CEO) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Swag 77 Chief of Staff Link to forums account - @KSI Swag 77 Reasoning why they deserve this - The Pickle King, the Chief of Staff, the single most knowledgeable person on KSI matters I know. This guy has been on point consistently and he doesn't shy away from challenges. I believe that KSI would be a totally different place from the great place it is now without him. Without the prep work he has done for not just my division, but all the divisions, that makes important changes happen we as a community wo
  4. 04/08/2021 Gamertag/ Forums Account KSI Ike @IkeKnight35 KSI Mite @WardedMite66054 Award: Recruiting Workshop Evidence: KSI Sinon hosted the workshop
  5. KSI Cupcake @Cupcake https://www.ksiforums.org/profile/51699-cupcake/ KSI Rugby @KSI Rugbyhttps://www.ksiforums.org/profile/44807-ksi-rugby/ KSI ZeRoyal @ZeWarGasBombhttps://www.ksiforums.org/profile/51347-zewargasbomb/?csrfKey=e67f83e2de1246b6c21aa4d4314a7d7a Forums Certified Workshop Workshop hosted by @KSI Dilf I hosted the workshop.
  6. Gamertag / Forums Name - KSI Fenny @Fennyishere Award - Mentor Any evidence if required (Pictures are great too) - KSI Fenny is an excellent mentor, she is the General of Doom Squad in Chaos Syndicate. This lady has done everything in her power to mentor those under her and it shows in her officer corps. Her officer corps went from Herself, KSI Gosuko, KSI iChief, and KSI Devil to a fully loaded officer corps in just a little over a month. I was recruited on February 10th and I made LT on March 15th under her guidance, that's 33 days! She takes time out of her busy schedule to e
  7. Senior Leader (SENIOR DIRECTOR through CEO) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI DC 7 Head of Education Link to forums account - @KSI DC 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - DC Deserves this because he has single handedly lead the Education department to a new era of thoughtful and constructive workshops and a new way to train other members. Everyone I have met in KSI has been trained by DC in one way or another and I look up to him as a mentor and educator like I did my favorite teachers in school. He is great at his job and takes on the most difficult challenges in clan ops
  8. Gamertag / Forums Name KSI MrCheese @KSI MrCheese KSI Specks @KSI Speckiles KSI Spitfire @SpitFire0400 KSI Square @KSI Squareplayer KSIJERGINOV @KSIJERGINOV Award: Basic Training CEP Workshop Evidence: I hosted the workshop.
  9. Gamer Tag: KSI Sinon Award: 2021 Donor and Luck of the Irish Link @KSI Dilf Evidence: Sent Evidence to KSI Fenny via Discord DM.
  10. @KSI DC 7 I know what ya mean about this being a dying sport but to be completely honest, what sport didn't suffer during Covid? I'm expecting a much higher turn out for fans this season, especially baseball. There are some new and emerging power house teams this season, your Mets included! I am a White Sox fan to the end and no matter the outcome. I really hope that we see yall in the World Series!
  11. Gamertag/Forums name: KSI Sinon3810 @KSI Dilf Award: new member certified Evidence: attended New member workshop. Person(s) who ran the workshop: @KSI DC 7
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