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  1. Gametag : KSI Tripped Link to forums : @KSI Tripped Award: helping hand Evidence : I've helped someone with money more than once.
  2. Gamertag : KSI Tripped Link to forums : @KSI Tripped award: gamerscore master evidence: I have over 50,000 gamerscore.
  3. harley has assisted me in many ways since I've been in KSI.
  4. That good ? @Loyalty Paradox sorry forgot it was different format for other awards used to the meta.
  5. Yes @KSI HARLEY 7 has assissted me many times !
  6. Gamertag : KSI Tripped Link to forums account: @KSI Tripped Award: member assistance Evidence: I've assisted 3 members
  7. GT KSI Tripped Account @KSI Tripped Award: round of applause Evidence: have 20 awards . Staff award: tex-isms
  8. Gamertag : KSI Tripped Link to forums account : @KSI Tripped Award : On Point Evidence : I have over 15 awards Staff award requested : executive order 77
  9. @KSI DC 7 definitely is well deserving of this award. I've watched him go way out of his way dealing with a bunch of stuff in WD. Even when we did the fall classic votes and he was handling the rewards and getting everyone to vote even though he had covid and still managed to get out the rewards and killed it. He can juggle many things at once and is definitely a mad max aha.
  10. Gamertag : KSI Tripped Link to forums account : @KSI Tripped Award : Ripple Effect Evidence : I have over 10 awards Staff award requested : The Elite
  11. Gamertag : KSI Tripped Link to forums account : @KSI Tripped Award : legen_ Evidence : I have over five awards. Staff Award Requested : Airborne Legion
  12. Gamertag : KSI DC 7 Forums : @KSI DC 7 Award : OS3 Dc is amazing he helped me at becoming an officer and actually cared and wanted to see me grow . Anytime I ever need him for something he's right there ready to discord call or party up. I've had a few co founders who weren't so easy to get hold of and willing to help. He's an amazing recruiter and showed me so much I still learn from him everyday. Despite what he's going through in real life he keeps time for KSI and is always focused on KSI growing and being an amazing community. His dedication is remarkable in my opinion it
  13. I miss being able to have family parties and stuff.
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